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Good Credit Cards to Have

One of the best credit cards is the airline mile or the frequent flier credit cards. This type of credit card allows the users to accumulate points which could later be redeemed for plane tickets or other airline travel perks. There are cards which are tied to a specific airline, while there are those which can be redeemed with a variety of airlines.

Another type of good credit cards is the credit cards with rewards or points programs. These types of good credit cards allow the clients to earn incentives for each purchase that he makes. Points would accumulate for every dollar spent and the consumer could redeem this via numerous rewards. Often, a rewards credit card would need better than average credit for approval. There are seven major types of credit cards which fall under this category. These are the automobile manufacturer rewards cash, cash back credit cards, gas cards with points or rebates, general rewards point credit cards, home improvement credit cards, hotel or travel points credit cards, and the retail rewards cards.

Standard Credit Cards – Are They Good Credit Cards?

Standard credit cards are generic and often readily obtainable on most banks and financial groups. You can apply for them at Bank of America, Citi Bank, Capital One, Chase and literally hundreds of other banks in the United States. The standard credit card is unsecured, which means that the client needs not to have a security deposit in which he can prove that the money could be reimbursed. Often annual percentage rate (APR) for these types of good credit cards vary.

Among the many types of standard credit cards is the balance transfer credit card and the low interest credit card. Balance transfer credit cards permit the clients to transfer a balance from a high interest credit card into a low interest rate card. Often the balance transfer credit card has a start up of APR of zero percent. Another type is the low interest credit card, which also offers a low APR introductory rate. This type of good credit cards is practical for consumers who have their eyes on purchases that would amount to big money, as this would permit them several months to a year to pay off their balance with low, or even zero interest.

Good Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Another kind of good credit cards is the bad credit or the credit repair card. Often people with good credit scores suffer badly due to poor budgeting and lack of control. There are good credit cards being offered to rebuild bad credit history. Among them is the secured credit card. This type of good credit cards would need collateral for approval. Another type which falls under this category is the prepaid or reloadable credit card. Prepaid cards are not really good credit cards as they are reloaded and not paid monthly, but they are used as such.

Lastly, the specialty credit cards are the type of credit cards which is for unique credit use. This type of card is specially designed to meet the individual’s needs. Among these good credit cards are the business credit cards and the student credit cards.