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Travel Credit Cards Rewards Review

Travel credit cards offer different types of rewards. Some credit cards provide airline services; others give out hotel accommodations.

One of the usual types of travel credit cards is the frequent flyer miles card. This type of credit card can be used in exchange for airline tickets. The credit card user may earn more airline mile credits with each purchase made on the card. Certain credit cards for travel are designed for a specific airline; an example of one of these is the Chase’s Continental MasterCard. These credit cards often allow the credit card holder to earn double points when he buys airplane tickets using the card. Other credit cards offer generic airline tickets. The credit card user can obtain tickets with this type of card via his choice of airline company, travel agency or through an online travel site.

Another type of travel credit cards is the hotel or travel points card. These travel rewards credit cards allow the card holder to earn points from the purchases that he makes. The credit card user may then redeem the collected points for free nights or hotel room upgrades at certain hotels. Some of these credit cards are co-branded with specific hotel groups such as the Marriot Rewards Visa and the Hilton Honors American Express card. Often, the card user may earn additional points by extra purchases with these cards.

There are travel credit cards which are more generic. The points incurred by the credit card user can be redeemed not only for hotel accommodations but also for car rental use, theme park admissions and cruises. These travel credit cards, however, come with annual fees.

Handling Your Travel Credit Cards

Before considering any credit card company, make sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Ask about interest rates, annual fees and other charges that may apply. Another suggestion is to verify the number of points needed to claim rewards such as airline tickets and to check for expiration dates.

Going International With Your Travel Credit Cards

If you often travel outside the country, make sure that your travel credit cards are accepted in the country to which you are traveling.

Try to choose credit cards which are provided by Visa, MasterCard, or another widely used credit card company. Notify your credit card company that you will be going on a trip and that your credit card will be in use in order to avoid unnecessary fraud alerts.

Credit card companies charge for overseas transactions; for example, MasterCard and Visa usually charge a one percent transaction fee. Transaction fees may differ from country to country, so be aware of this fact when using your travel credit cards.