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Answers to your credit repair questions.

Credit restoration can raise many questions for consumers. The term is thrown around often and therefore their may be a lot of unanswered questions in your mind. For you, our customers, we have listed below a few questions and corresponding answers about the process that you are ready to embark on.

Why should I restore my credit?

Are you planning on making any large purchases that you may need to get a loan for? Even if you aren’t planning a large cost, you could be forced into financial trouble at any time in your life. Having good credit heightens your chances of getting good loans and lower interest rates.

How can I apply for credit restoration?

To restore credit score please refer to our apply now page. We can get you started and walk you through our easy application process.

Why should I choose Credit Restore over other companies?

Ultimately, we understand that it is your choice on which company you will use to help restore your credit. However, we encourage you to explore our company as we are honest, helpful and knowledgeable about restoring credit scores.

How long does credit report take?

Like most financial problems you need to be patient through the process. There is no magical equation that can tell you when you will have perfect credit, however, we will help you speed up the process faster than letter it sort itself out.