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Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Report Repair

There are many common questions regarding credit report repair. Please take a look at the questions presented by clients to help you further understand the process of credit report repair.

How long is the credit report repair process?
In this situation there is never an absolute answer as to how long it will take, but past cases have seen progress within the first 60 days depending on the timeliness of the paperwork process (mailing of credit reports). Each and every case is different so the time period will vary based on the client’s case and the cooperation provided by the credit bureaus.

Do I need to continue paying my bills?
If you have overdue amounts appearing on your credit reports because you validly owed it then please pay these off. If you do not pay the debt, it is possible a creditor will report the item a second time. Credit America will only dispute items that you believe are fully inaccurate or misleading. By removing the credit listing without repaying the debt will not be a substitute your problem; it will merely be a temporarily solution. The only time you should not make any payments is if you believe it is absolutely inaccurate and unverifiable.

Is it possible for me to repair my own credit?
Of course it is! As a consumer you have every right to contact and dispute the credit bureaus yourself.

We are here to do the work for you because dealing with credit agencies, credit grantors, and credit bureaus can be extremely frustrating, confusing, and most of all time consuming. Many of our Credit America staffs have had years of experience, training, and knowledge about credit repairs so they know the ins and outs of what it takes to dispute with such big companies.

We do support consumers in handling their own disputes with creditors if they have the time and knowledgeable information.

May I cancel the services anytime?
Yes, you may cancel the services at any time, but we do ask that you give us adequate time in the repair process to see the results. By participating and providing us with the required credit reports it will speed up the process and hopefully give you the results you’ve been waiting for.

Is it possible to have my bad credit deleted?
Despite what the credit bureaus want and what they tell you, negative items can be deleted from your credit reports and it is being done by the hundreds and thousands everyday. You can be part of many Americans who have restored their credit by working with Credit America.

Are more difficult items such as bankruptcies and foreclosures possible to delete from your credit report?
Just like any other negative item on a credit report, bankruptcies and foreclosures can be removed. It is much more difficult to do so, but it is possible.

Is it true that having enough good credit will offset the bad credit?
This myth is false! Any amount of bad credit can be affect your chances of being approved by a creditor. The smallest amount of negative credit, such as one or two late payments, will cause the interest rate on a loan to skyrocket and ruin your chances of being approved.