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Terms of Service

What are the terms of use?

As you can see, this website is developed to show you rules of its exploiting. In the case of rejection terms of exploiting, we strongly recommend you not to exploit the website. Sarah White – website’s founder, obviously, may change some or all rules of exploiting at any day. After changing, website’s appearance will be modified.

What are hazards of miss?

You should know that information given on aweb page mustn’t be perceived in the form of juridical, bookkeeping, fiscal, taxing, investment or any other vocational consultation on different questions.

You are responsible for hazards and benefits estimation linked to various fiscal solutions you make.

Exploiting the website, you fully accept that any one from service’s participants, including Sarah White, will not be attracted to any liability for harms occurred as a result of decisions you have made on the basement of data placed on this web page.

Are there any relations with customer?

If you are exploiting and use the information from here, it does not mean that there are any relations between you and Sarah White, for instance, in various spheres.

Sending of an email to website’s founder is also not creates any relations between you two.

It is strongly recommended not to give a private data through the Internet requests.

What about outside reference?

When grants an approach to different web pages, its participants do not provide an approval in relation to them.

Is there an information guarantee?

The website’s participants do not guarantee that information provided by is full, precise and well-timed.

What about divisibility?

In case of illegality or invalidity of given terms of exploiting position, this position will be considered separate and not affecting on other positions stated in terms of use.’team understands that your individual information has a great value.On the page you may see data on kinds of information our service gets and gathers, during your session on the and information on data protection provided by the website. Be assured you that your individual data won’t be transferredto other sides.