What is the financial security?

Up to now, the problem of preventing threats to the economic security of an individual as a preventive measure preventing their occurrence and, accordingly, preventing the person from causing economic (material) and moral damage has remained open. In accordance with this, the need has arisen to improve the efficiency of government management of socio-economic processes, as well as the creation of a system of economic security for individuals and society as a whole. The economic security of an individual is characterized by a state in which conditions for the protection of vital interests are guaranteed, a system of social development and social security of the individual is ensured.

State policy to ensure the economic security of the individual is an integral part of the national policy in the field of national economic security. To ensure the economic security of the individual, it is necessary to develop a set of measures in such targeted areas as ecology, food, employment, education, information support, culture, medical care, housing and communal services, real incomes, pensions, personal savings protection. An analysis of the state of the modern economy has shown that, along with positive economic processes that contribute to an increase in welfare and economic security, there are also phenomena that act in the opposite way, destabilizing the economic life of a person. These include the overall criminalization of the economy, a decrease in the main macroeconomic indicators, a decrease in the rate of economic growth. These processes complicate a person’s life and require him to take a more serious and competent approach to planning and implementing their economic life.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to ascertain that an average person inherent in such traits as practically complete economic ignorance and lack of desire to increase their economic knowledge in the conditions of a dynamically developing modern economy. This allows various dangers and threats to be realized and cause irreparable economic damage to a person.

The dangers and threats that are realized in relation to the individual include: low employment and unemployment; inflation; poverty and misery; degradation of the individual and family; criminalization of the economy; commercialization of education, health, science, not regulated by legal norms; decline in education; reduction in the quality of free medical services; decrease in the level and duration of life.