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Customers who purchase their gas at a station owned by Phillips 66 are being offered the chance to win free gas for a whole year by simply taking part in the online survey at On your last visit to Phillips 66 were you satisfied with the level of customer service? Did you agree with the price of gas and other items? Phillips 66 wants to hear your feedback.

About Phillips 66:

Phillips 66 is a natural gas and petrochemical producing multinational company that is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. Phillips 66 is ranked number 6 on the Fortune 500 with over 13,500 employees in 45 different countries worldwide. Ranking in 2nd behind Texaco, Phillips 66 is keen to improve their products and services with the help of your feedback.

How To Win Free Gas For A Year In The Survey

Phillips66 Survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A recent store receipt with an invitation to take part in the survey.


1. Direct your computer to the website
2. Enter the 5 digit zip code of the station you visited then click ‘Start’.
3. Next, enter the date and time of your visit. This is printed on your store receipt.
4. You will be asked how much money you spent on your purchases. Enter this amount in the space provided.
5. Over the following steps you will be asked to reflect back on the day that you visited a Phillips66 outlet. Did the station have a convenience store attached? Did you use the bathrooms? Were they clean?
6. Other questions will include; how did you pay for your items? was there an ATM and did you use the ATM?
7. You will also be asked how often you purchase gas and how often you visit Phillips66.
8. Rate your overall experience and indicate whether you would recommend Phillips66 to your friends and family and why or why not?
9. Finally, enter your personal details such as your name and age and then your contact details so that you can be contacted should you win free gas for a year.

Useful links:

Official survey page:
Phillips66 website:
Contest rules:
Previous winners list:

Prizes on offer:

Free gas for a year from Phillips66.


By providing your feedback to Phillips66 in the customer feedback survey you are giving valuable information so that the next time you make a visit you will have a better experience and tell your friends and family to shop there also.

Rate Your Experience With Phillips66. Leave Your Comments Below

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  1. Joel DeBruycker says:

    I purchased diesel fuel at the Town Pump in Billings, MT on Sunday 3/5/2017. The sign advertised diesel at 2.5490 per gallon but I was charged $3.199 per gallon; which is $0.65 per gallon difference. times the 23.923 gallons that I purchased = $15.55 that was stolen from me. I am not happy at all and need my money refunded please. I talked to the clerk at the store and she said she couldn’t refund money and that this happens every Sunday. Your company has a systematic error that if not corrected soon will be considered fraudulent, dishonest, criminal and a bunch of other bad words.

  2. Leslie Ching says:

    This 7-11 has everything. I love the smiles with great customer service. They’re fast and efficient.

  3. Timmy T says:

    I love a place that’s all about it’s customers.

  4. Yes I love the store and gas station that I put gas in all my vehicles! The gas prices are fair and the store clerk is very nice. It makes me feel comfortable to put gas in my trucks and to buy food and drinks and lotto tickets, and much more. Thank you for having a good convenient store and good gas for all my vehicles, and courteous service!!


  6. jesus montes says:

    I want win gas free


  8. wrost place to go -76 26821 M V B D RD, Maple Valley, WA – the cashier Faalelaina bring her kids to work and will stop helping customer to feed her son – when i asked why it was taking so long to assist me, she said i own this place . poor customer service and lack of mom sence- I should have call CPS- not a safe place for a kid even if the mom own the gas station . I will never go back there and will make sure that no one i know goes there as well.

  9. Interesting. Didn’t know Phillips was so big. I’ll give it try

  10. Green Park 63125 Great place to get gas and my auto repair done. All Employees & owners are Very friendly & helpful

  11. only two stations here in town I use for fuel “LonePine” & “Riverside” both ConocoPhillips owned separately by brothers they proudly stand behind the ‘brand’ both stations are maculate with happy, gracious employees 🙂

  12. john deblase says:

    thay treat me like family

  13. thanks for the chance to win but even if i dont ill still come to your station

  14. john deblase says:

    thay alwas treat me good i could go to speedway but i like it better so i go to joes junction on lynhurst or kentucky av

  15. Love this gas sation the only one I use in town!! Nice employees and good service!!!

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