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Valvoline is inviting customers to answer some very important questions in the brief survey and share their experience. Participants who complete the survey will receive a coupon for $7 off their next oil change. The feedback shared by customers to Valvoline Instant Oil change is pertinent to their ongoing and continued success. Surveys play a vital role in ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products and services being presented to them.

About Valvoline Instant Oil change

Valvoline Instant Oil change has become a very necessary and important service to all the busy motorists who use their service. Beginning over 25 years ago Valvoline has established itself as one of the major suppliers of convenient, time saving oil changes thus helping motorists prevent damage to their vehicles due to lack of maintenance and resulting in costly breakdowns. Valvoline Instant Oil Change is the preferred provider by many customers due to flexible bill payment options, speedy service, extended trading hours, tailored maintenance plans and Valvoline peace of mind.

How To Get $7 Off Next Oil Change

You will need:

1. A survey invitation printed on the bottom of your Valvoline invoice.
2. A pen or pencil to write down the coupon code.
3. Internet availability.
4. A computer or mobile device.


1. Go to the website using your computer or mobile device.
2. Enter the 17 digit survey code printed on the Valvoline invoice.
4. Click on the large red ‘Start’ button to begin.
5. As you progress through the survey questions try to recall back to your recent visit to the Valvoline store and respond based on your thoughts.
6. Once you have completed all the TellValvoline survey questions you will see receive a coupon code. You can choose to  screenshot the code or write it down onto the original invoice.

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Valvoline Instant Oil Change official website:


Grab $7 off your next Valvoline Instant Oil Change by completing the survey. Customers who have recently had an oil change will notice a survey invitation on the bottom of their invoice. The feedback given to Valvoline by customers is important to continuing to provide an excellent service to customers and ensure that customers are pleased with how they are doing things.

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  1. hello how do i complet this survey it give me hart me time how do i completet

  2. Joan Woolard says:

    Your survey is a waste of time. I just spent half an hour filling in the form and at the end it wouldn’t go. What crap!

  3. Megan Harwell says:

    I kiwi loving filling or Surveys

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