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Tractor Supply Co is inviting loyal customers to take part in the and grab a chance to win a $2500 gift card to spend in-store. Tractor Supply Co is looking to meet the demands of their customers by listening to customers needs in the survey. Customer satisfaction survey created by Tractor Supply Co deploys a bridge between customers and the workers. This connection will allow customers to put out their feedback about the company and let workers listen. By listening and analyzing customer’s feedback, the company will start improving a lot of things that people have encountered before. This survey would be beneficial for both customers and the company.

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Although most companies don’t create customer satisfaction survey, Tractor Supply Co did it as they care about customer’s perspective. If a survey isn’t carried out, nor the company or customers can coup up to contribute to something better. The sole reason of any customer satisfaction survey is to bring the change in the company that people are willing to see. No company can provide just the right service to customers before actually recording everyone’s feedback on what they actually want. Customer satisfaction survey allows the company to get insights into every customer’s mind on what they are actually expecting. This help the company to be more specific on customer’s need and invest on only what’s required.

Customer satisfaction surveys are great to establish the most required link between customers and the company. Just like other surveys, this includes questions that you have to answer correctly. Customer satisfaction surveys are based on simple questions that one have to answer. Questions aren’t a part of rocket science and an average person could understand them and answer. Mostly, feedback questions revolve around your experience, service, staff and other things that might actually affect your view about the company. Note that before answering be sure to go through every single question with full attention as a little reading error can make you write irrelevant stuff. Before you start typing in the feedback learn how to answer the questions the right way according to the survey. Most people just start answering without thinking and that makes the feedback of no use.

One must be impartial before attempting the answers on the survey as it’s all about sharing the real experience with the company. Similarly, many aren’t able to convey their actual point as they are being shy. You need to be put your thoughts on the survey form with 100 percent clarity and no prejudice so that the company could actually use the feedback for something good. Just go out there and answer confidently to contribute and make the company better than ever. Don’t wait and fire up the survey link, read the questions and answer them with nothing but your true experience with the company.

About Tractor Supply Co:

Tractor Supply Co is located in many rural towns throughout the United States. Supplying all you will need for farming, livestock and home maintenance Tractor Supply Co’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with your purchases offering new products and services. Did you recently make a purchase at Tractor Supply Co? Were you pleased with the level of service that you received? Was the staff well informed to help you with your needs? Let them know and be in with a chance to win a $2500 Tractor Supply Co gift card.


Who would have known that a mail order tractor parts business would evolve into the United States’ leading retailer in its department? It all started in 1938 when a small business started dreaming big to be known as the top guns. Years of hard work and dedication has made Tractor Supply Co where it stands in the present. After a year of supplying tractor parts through the mail, the first Tractor Supply Co. retail store was built in 1939 in Minot, North Dakota. From tire nuts to engine oil, this store had it all for home, agriculture, livestock, and garden maintenance. George Strait was the company’s spokesman from 1998 to 2002 which lead the company to all new heights of success. Headquarters of Tractor Supply Co is in Brentwood, Tennessee which is a suburb of Nashville.

Tractor Supply Co is renowned by the majority of people and it’s amongst the 100 fastest growing business as per 2004 reports. Addressing more towards this, In 2004 Tractor Supply Co revenue was more than the US $1.7 billion that made Fortune magazine add its name to the list of 100 fastest growing businesses. In 2013, October 10, the company celebrated the 75th anniversary by ringing a bell at NASDAQ stock exchange in New York. As per May 31, 2019, Tractor Supply Co was operating around 1700 stores in 49 states.


Tractor Supply Co deals with five major product categories. As per 2017 sales report, the livestock and pet products category marked 47% of the company’s sale is the highest when compared to other categories. 22% of company’s sale was gained by hardware, tools, truck and towing products. While as lawn and garden equipment, gifts and toys contributed to 19% of sales. Furthermore, 8 percent of sales were marked by clothing and footwear with agricultural products gaining only 4 percent of the total sales.


Tractor Supply Co has been conducting advertising campaigns for a long time to attract customers. The main slogan that pretty much every ad featured was “The Stuff You Need Out Here.” Although this slogan wasn’t catchy, it affected company’s sale. The mission statement of Tractor Supply Co was long but it did make you realize that they are here to conquer the department. It goes as “To work hard, have fun and make money by providing legendary service and great products at every day low prices.” Tractor Supply Co marketed themselves well and saved the day by actually proving that they are worth trusting on.

Sub companies:

Tractor Supply Co acquired a small-box specialty retailer of pet supplies that was located in mid-size communities. Petsense, LLC was the name of the retailer that dealt with the whole pet supplies. Back in 2002, Tractor Supply Co was a part of the group that purchased some leases of Quality Stores as it was bankrupt. Quality stores was a Michigan based company that had around 300 stores once but it all went rogue. Del’s Feed & Farm Supply is a farm retail chain in Pacific Northwest and Hawaii that is also owned by Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co Canada:

Canadian Tractor Supply Co isn’t affiliated with US operation and is purely based and owned in Canada separately. This store retails animal care, tooling, welding products, footwear, toys, outdoor living, power equipment and fencing. Canadian Tractor Supply Co also has an online service to buy things right from your home. This company is based in London, Canada and was founded in 1966.

Tractor Supply Co is amongst the finest to provide you with every single product in their department. Years of hard work, dedication and passion had made Tractor Supply Co the leading US retailer in its department. No matter what you want to buy, from home improvement to agriculture this store has it all under an affordable price range so you don’t have to roam around. Just step inside the store and look what the hype is all about.

Win A $2500 Survey gift Card
Win a $2500 Gift Card

Watch this video for more information on tractor supply survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A purchase receipt from Tractor Supply Co.
3. Be over 21 years of age.
4. Be a legal US resident.


1. Go to to visit the survey website.
2. Enter the Ticket Number, Date and Time that is printed on your receipt.
3. Then enter the store number and the register number which can also be found on the receipt.
4. Click the start button to commence the survey. To complete the survey in Spanish, click on the link.
5. answer each of the survey questions rating them on a scale of Poor to Excellent.
6. When the survey questions have been finished you will be invited to enter the Tractor Supply Co $2500 gift card sweepstakes.
7. Submit your name, postal address, telephone number and email address to enter.

Useful links:

Tractor Supply Co website:
Tractor Supply Co survey website:
Tractor Supply Co survey sweepstakes rules:


The Tractor Supply Co survey is designed to only take a few minutes of loyal customers time. To enter the draw to win a $2500 gift card visit and follow the instructions given above.

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