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Denny’s restaurants are inviting customers who have recently enjoyed their company the opportunity to grab a free validation code by taking part in the customer feedback and satisfaction survey. The survey is a fantastic way for Denny’s to find out what customers like and don’t like about their service and food. By giving feedback customers can know that Denny’s listens to what they have to say and want to provide them with a much better experience on their next visit.

About Denny’s

Denny’s is considered the ‘all american diner’ with the typical traditional diner atmosphere and the idea that the customer always comes first. Denny’s is now located in other countries around the world including France, Brazil & Germany. With more than 1500 branches and store locations, Denny’s serves millions of customers daily in store as well as taking telephone orders and delivery services.

How To Get A Free Validation Code In The Survey

Denny’s Survey

You will require the following:

1. A store recent from a recent visit to Denny’s.
2. A computer with internet access.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Log onto on your computer.
2. You will see the welcome page and a choice of languages from French, Spanish and English. Choose your preferred language. Then click ‘Next’.
3. Next you will be asked if you have a 4 digit code that appears on your store receipt or a code that has more than 4 digits. Then enter the code printed on your store receipt and click ‘Next’.
4. Now you will commence the questions. You will be asked to enter the date and time of your visit as well as the amount of money you spent.
5. The following pages will be asking you many questions about your experience at a Denny’s restaurant. Answer all the questions until you get to the end of the survey.
6. At the surveys end you will see a validation code, write this code onto the back of your old store receipt and present it to the cashier on your next visit to receive free food or discounted products.

Useful Links:

1. Official Survey Page:
2. Denny’s Website:


If you enjoy Denny’s scrumptious pancakes and heart warming coffee and you have a receipt from a recent visit then don’t miss this opportunity to take part in the guest satisfaction survey and let them know how you feel.

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  1. Clarybel says:

    Excelente servicio, buena comida para disfrutar con la familia.

  2. Location-1601 north I-35 Austin,Texas78702.
    Walked in the front door to the smell of sewage. Sat at counter, as hardly anyone there at 7am. Ordered and was told there was no white bread for toast. Besides an obvious management and food ordering problem, the waitress was pleasant and good. The food was quickly served and good.

  3. José Bercián says:

    Excelente servicio.
    excelente atención de gerente, supervisor, meseros y cajera
    alimentos bien presentados y de buen sabor
    precios muy accesibles
    local muy agradable.
    preciosa decoración

  4. Stephanie says:

    Would not recommend the Denny’s in Kalamazoo Michigan. The service was horrible, the order was incomplete and when we called to advise we were laughed at and told we could walk it back. I did not receive the gravy I paid for and upon paying I was asked for a gratuity. Not thinking to check my order I gave a $3 gratuity and left. Once getting back to our room we were unable to eat cold fries and a soggy poorly put together burger. I would have rather donated the 13.26 + 3. 00 to someone in need. Will definitely not be back and would hopeccustomer service training would be prioritized.

  5. Betty Wall says:

    Our food always comes out as is exspected. Very delicous and the help are so kind and attentive. Always wanting to please. Great Restraunt .

  6. If you do a survey, they are NOT PRIVATE, everyone on staff will see who said what and your service on your next visit might suffer? BEWARE

  7. Bill and Donna Marcus says:

    Denny’s is our favorite place to eat. Mr. Ron Ely keeps Denny’s in Neosho, Mo., clean, and workers busy. It is almost always full when we go, no matter what the day. The food is delicious, place is clean as a pin, workers are all friendly, kind, helpful in every way!! Especially: Jennifer, Krista, Addy, Kimberly, Sam, Salina and I’m sure I’ve missed someone so please forgive me. We eat at this Denny’s about twice a day.

  8. Leland Gilbert 3rd says:

    Would like to take the survey, but can’t figure out how to enter!!!???

  9. I have eaten at the Denny’s in South Burlington, VT numerous times, often for breakfast at 5AM. It has always been a pleasant experience, with good service, friendly. efficient staff, well prepared food, and good value. Even when very busy, such as 10AM on Sundays mornings, things still go well. Obviously there are other sites that aren’t so well managed.
    But you could make the survey easier to find and fill out!

  10. Gaetane says:

    We ate at Dennys in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. The food and service was great. We have also eaten at Dennys in Victoria, B.C. Canada and have been very satisfied, However the bathroom in Victoria needs more attention. We are satisfied customers.

  11. I ate at Dennys in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and the service, The food are great. The food are hot, all clean and the service perfect.

  12. We at this place it was a new site in Davenport Ia, we were on our way home to Cedar Rapids, Ia. Horrible service, horrible kitchen service, ridiculous wait staff!!!! We ordered after someone finally came to take our order. The omelet that I ordered was good, my husbands chicken fried steak was good-that is where it ends! I did not get my toast or bacon that I ordered! When another waitress cleaned a table behind us I ask if I could get my toast and order of bacon? As our “waitress” brought our food order somewhat and then said toast will be here in just a minute-yeah, 15minutes later I ask the other gal. She brought back 2 slices of toast that was so burnt that even a starving creature would not or could not eat!!! The bacon was cold, greasy and tasteless!!!!!! It just blew me away that ANYONE let alone a waitress would put it on a table and walk away, let alone a waitress!!! The person at the register did not ask how it was because she stood in behind the counter and watched while we waited, and waited and waited-you get the picture. So when she ask if we would like to put a tip on our bill for “our ” waitress and I said uh NO, she was certainly not surprised. Then she ask us to fill out the survey, which it seems is just as tricky as the food, and service at that restaurant as I have spent the last 35 minutes trying to take the damn survey and cannot get to the so called survey!!! ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used to love Denny’s but between the runaround and in general shitty service and trying to fill out a satisfaction survey-well, let me say that I will drive by the next one and never listen to their spiel about a survey and …. NOPE I’LL PASS FOREVER! I work hard for my money and will not spend $32 again there…
    This is an unhappy customer! my recommendation is don’t try to fill out the survey or go to that restaurant, you’ll regret it! They lost a customer here!!!

  13. Linda Reno says:

    We ate at Denny`s in Burlington Co. on April 6th 2015 around 6:15pm the service was terrible the food was cold, tables around us had dirty dishes that the waitresses did not clean off, they walked past the tables many times without cleaning them. The floor around the tables had food that needed cleaned up. I will never eat at Denny’s in Burlington again.

  14. Helen Kelbert says:

    Breakfast was delicious, good service! Yhanks

  15. Well what can I say but what is going on here. To start the food was ordered it came all looked nice but my veg burger was cold on the in side my topping had been mix up with my partners burger so she got topping she didn’t like my burger got taken away after sometime a new one came still missing the toppings and fresh chips that were under cooked so as I said to our waitress she was the only thing nice about my first and only experience of Denny’s

    Denny’s restaurant in Beatty on HWY 95

  16. Susan Cuthbert says:

    I ate at Denny’s at 1610 S Harbor, Anaheim with my grandson on May 12, 2019. While the food and service were good, it is the washroom that caused much angst. Unfortunately, I did not see it until after we’d eaten, otherwise we would have gone elsewhere. The toilets were full, filthy beyond imagination, as were the sinks and taps and the floor. That kind of filth does not just happen in a couple of hours. Given the state of the washroom, makes me fear for the state of the kitchen and I will not be eating at Denny’s again

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