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Burger King is inviting customers to give their valued feedback in the Burger King Guest Satisfaction survey. The survey allows customers to let Burger King know how they feel about their meals, the staff and the restaurant in which they received their meal.

About Burger King

Burger King is a large multinational fast food chain specializing in mostly hamburgers, fries, beverages and desserts. Some of it’s more well-known menu items are the Whopper Burger and the Whopper Sandwich which is made fresh to order. With more than 13,000 outlets in over 80 countries worldwide, Burger King, is a giant in it’s field and to stay on top of all the other popular fast food chains Burger King needs to know what it takes to keep their customers coming back. Customers who take the time to complete the survey will receive a coupon code to get a free burger or other offer available at the time of redemption.

How To Get A Burger King Coupon Code

Burger King Survey

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A store receipt from Burger King.
3. A BK Survey invitation.


1. Visit the website.
2. Enter the restaurant number (this is printed on the front of your store receipt).
3. Enter the date, time and location of your visit and then start the survey.
4. Rate each question in the BK Experience survey about your visit to Burger King.
5. In the areas provided you may add extra information if you require.
6. When the survey questions have been completed a coupon code will be displayed on the screen.
7. Write the coupon code on your BK Survey invitation card or store receipt.
8. Present the coupon to the cashier on your next visit to receive special offers.

Useful links:

Burger King website:
Burger King survey page:
Burger King survey privacy policy:


The Burger King Guest Satisfaction Survey allows customers to give their feedback directly to Burger King. As a reward for their time, a coupon code is awarded and is redeemable for a free burger or other offer available at the time.

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  1. STEVEN GARNER says:

    I visited store 13273 ordered 2 original chicken sandwiches and fries on coupon waited 10 min. was told second sandwich would be done in 1 min. first sandwich had been waiting for 4 min.when asked for my money back manager argued with me.I asked how old first sandwich could be he told me up to 30 min.old.I came home and felled out survey asked for a call back.No response second time have had problems at this store no response. Luckily HARDEE’S just came to town great $5.00 menu also

  2. I went to a Burger King in Eau Claire, WI, wonderful service, food everything, very satisfied. Then, I went home and filled out the survey online, no problems, received the code, no problems except why would you use orange ink? I for one had a very difficult time reading anything that was written on the back of the receipt where the code was to be written and surely did not see anything anywhere that said that you must purchase fries and drink to get your free whopper! Well, went to Menomonie WI store and was given a very hard time….they tried to give me a soft drink with ice melted to nothing in other words watered down and were very condescending during the whole episode telling me that I needed to purchase their fries and drink in order to receive the whopper that I filled out the survey for, what a waste of my time!! Needless to say, I am done with Burger King! Also, this comment box with the letters in gray is very hard to see, I’m guessing that there is a purpose to that too, just like the orange ink on your receipt!

    • Michael S Garvin says:

      You look cute enough to be a Burger King mascot.

    • Lonny Amthor says:

      I went to store 6375 Brockport Ny.. I have found the food to be very good and the staff very professional. I also filled out the survey for a free whopper. No problems at all went back the next day to redeem the coupon ordered a small coke and fries and received a free whopper with no questions asked. I would recommend this Burger King to anyone in the area. I will be back next week.

  3. Angelica says:

    So I got this receipt for a free whooper and I never do any surveys as many times it is just a waste of time, I did it this time and I filled out survey after survey but never got a free anything except lots of junk e-mails

    Store number 9479 Oklahoma City, OK

    they are ok here, every time I go they are quick to serve

  4. Maretta says:


  5. Nancy Staffen says:

    Not a fan of Fox “so called” News. The store I go to, has it on all the time. Obviously owned by a Republican. Will go somewhere else, where they don’t have Fox on!


  7. Would like to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to Burger King at 600 Gap Farm Road in Arcadia, LA 71001. Not only was the business very clean and neat the people were extremely nice and helpful. Our food was delicious. The best burger we have EVER had. And the fries were great too. I just had to let you know about your chain store because we have been to many Burger Kings in our life but none were every like this one. We enjoyed our experience so much. GREAT JOB FOLKS!!!!!!!

    • That was store # 17101

    • Sharalyn Baker says:

      I live in the neighborhood where the local burger king restaurant is located. The food is always fresh, hot and served with the best customer service. I have never had a bad experience. At times the customer experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you 😊

  8. Roger Jones says:

    I went to store # 21575 n golden state blvd and keyes road in Turlock Ca I order’d two classic dogs with only Heavy May and Heavy Onion’s and repeated my self two times when ordering and still got it wrong they put everything on my dogs as it was order’d that way and was told to pull around and wait for my food with no others cars waiting behind me at the drive through .
    WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THAT BK OR ANY OTHER BK SERVICE IS A 0 OUT of 10 to expensive to have your food messed up

  9. On May 22, 2019 I went to Burger King #16854, 330 A W. Little York Houston Texas 77076. I ordered 2 WHOP Jr. with 2 small fries. My order number was #94. I noticed they was on order number 88. The service was extremely slow . I put my order in at 2:20 PM and got it at 2::40 PM. On top of that the restaurant was filthy. There was trash on the floor, the counter top was dirty and they had a number of dirty tables. I took several pictures with my cell phone to verify the condition of the place. I will post them when I can. This is no joke. Have you ever experience a dirty Burger King?

  10. I took the survey and brought the code to my local BK. The receipt said free Whopper with a food purchase. I ordered 2 onion rings. The cashier said you have to order a fry and a drink. I told her it does not say that on the receipt. She finally called a manager and he said “We will do it this time because you didn’t know”. You will do it next time because there is nothing that states you have to purchase a fry and drink. I am sure it is a large drink too that costs $2.50. I am very disappointed !!!!

  11. Susan K. says:

    went to the BK in Woodstock, IL. on 11/20/2016 store number 0009181 and my husband asked to up grade the drink on our order we were charged .60 cents for the large but, when my husband went to put the cap cover on it only the medium size fit so we were charged for a large drink and got a medium. Not a way to treat your customers.

  12. Went to burger king #15526, drive thru, order #49, 11-10-2016, Lexington, SC, not busy, we were the only car in line, fella at window, didn’t speak, didn’t say how much my change was when he gave it back, very impersonal, tried to do the bk experience survey but there isn’t any code at the bottom of my receipt, no I didn’t want a freebie because I’m definitely not going back, every bk is the same, rude individuals.

  13. Went to take survey and can’t read the numbers they blurry or so light I can’t make it out. So I lose out on my freebie. Very upsetting


    According to your website you had already completed all the data collection needed by your Corporation…. Most unfortunate…. Hope your clients were satisfied with the service they got from you. happy New Year!!!! God Bless!!!!

  15. joe wall says:

    Always go to B>K> on wed: for their specials and fast service.

  16. The window for the bkexperience would not take my store No. # to start the survey

  17. On 11/3/2015 we went to Burger King for lunch. We got there early. Only three employees on hand. We waited a good ten minutes for some one to take our order. They were frantically working in the kitchen and the man with headset was trying to take and deliver items at the drive up winsow. He came to take our order and apologized for making us wait. Our order was taken and filled. The French fries looked like garbage. They were cold and wrinkled. The whopper was cold!!! The area behind the cash register was littered with trash. The ice cream machine was leaking. It looked horrible. Clearly the few employees present were overwhelmed. The food awful. This fst food has been our favorite, but will be re thinking that. pLEASE HELP THIS BUSINESS BEFORE IT GOES UNDER.

  18. no code on every receipts which I did try several times.
    the survey means nothing

  19. I visited the BK in Modesto, CA with my wife and grandson. My grandson got the kid’s meal and my wife got the salad. She thought the salad dressing was very delicious. At 21 months old my grandson wasn’t thrilled with the little gifts that were included in the meal but it was a nice try. I had the wopper with bacon and was not that thrilled. I was a bit dry. Overall the experience is what you get when you go to a fast food restaurant. Not much different than other fast food places.

  20. Like others here they got my drive thru order wrong, if I was on the highway I would have been screwed but as a local I took it back, no one seemed to care got my sandwich which was sitting in the back since I ordered it, not good. Don’t you pay enough to get good people or does corporate treat them so bad that they just give up. I hope it closes and they build a Wendy’s

  21. Todd Ryan says:

    The service was good and so was the food.

  22. Entered all information and was not given a code.
    Now what do you do???????

    • Why do you bother to have a web site to fill out a survey which doesn’t allow you to continue? The service was ok on this visit. The server messed up my order, but I didn’t have to wait 10 mins. or so for a burger and fries, which I ordered Inside!! store #6159.

  23. mike anderson says:

    went to b.k. store in munster,in. ordered 2 shakes waited 10 min. in drive-through payed bill . then told to park and wait for order another 15 min. .order came out .the shakes were liquid. some one not doing their job!!!!!! will never go back. not happy. when i pay for things i expect to get resonable service.i did not. and i think many others who visits this store if they took the time to respond feel the same.maybe the whole crew needs some time off.they are mot thing about the people who keep you in business .

  24. Walter Reese says:


  25. Limiting FOOD rewards, which amount to less than 50 cents when the required purchase is factored in, is just greedy. I wont be going to bk anymore. Had you done like McD’s and had unlimited rewards I would have changed my allegiance. But due to your greed I won’t. Ruled by economics McD’s rules.

  26. Connie Dyer says:

    Survey code 10547-77021-55211-051112

    All was as ordered and hot Good food good value

  27. I was not please with the serval and the two whopper and fries was cold and I ask for whopper off broiler with cheese the whopper did not have cheese on it so she add cheese on the whopper and give it to me just let

  28. Malcolm Maiden says:

    We regularly shop at Tesco especially for the rolls & baps always fresh even if you freeze them plus other goods we are always very happy with the products and service

  29. Wasn’t happy with my experience at BK#447 on West Canton Ohio. On 6/5/15 at 5;55p.m. went to drive thruREG.4 ORDER NO. 239844 And ordered 2 chicken sandwiches with 2 fries using a coupon for 4.99 plus 2 value size drinks at 1.00 each and the girl said my bill was 9.70.Oh plus 13 cents tax, of course. I tried telling her the cost wasn’t right and she said well that’s what the receipt said and I rang it in right. I just asked for my receipt . I was holding up the line and wasn’t feeling well anyways.

  30. I tried to complete my bkexperience but your site was so very confusing with too many sites and after trying several times with no results and no way to complete the survey. Unfortunately I was very dissatisfied with my visit.

  31. eva davis says:

    took my grandson to bk and had to wait 20 minutes because 2 managers didn’t get the customer in front of me order right after the 2nd time finally on the 3rd time they got it right store #05312 thank u

  32. Reuben Scott says:

    The Burger King I visited was terrible. They forgot about my order, even when I asked them about it they said it was comming. I came in before 4 customers but I was the last to be served. Even with that thegot the order wrong and I was served 2 single bacon cheesbergers even though I had a couponn for 2 double bacon cheeseburgers. I will never go another Bugerking again, I am thoroughly disgusted with them.

  33. Norma Dial says:

    Apr.26, 15 5:22pm, I was at your BK in Eustis, FL. The two fish sandwiches were barely warm, had sat too long. The table tops were a mess. The manager asked the cashier to wipe tables. She did a 1/2 way job. She never looked at the seats and many needed wiped. The floor was sticky. The condiment area was a mess. This is store 1837. That cashier was sitting in the front lounge area using her smartphone when we left. Her heart is not in her job…

  34. no code on the bottom of my receipt. survey not worth anything

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