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Hungry Jack’s is asking their loyal customers to give their valued feedback in the Customer Satisfaction survey. The Hungry Jack’s survey is a fantastic way for customers who have made a purchase at a Hungry Jack’s restaurant to be able to share their experience with the fast food giant and grab the opportunity to receive a free Cheeseburger.

About The Hungry Jack’s Survey

Hungry Jacks is a fast food franchise owned by the Burger King Corporation. Created when the Burger King Name was already trademarked in Adelaide, Australia, Hungry Jacks was founded in 1971. Hungry Jacks now has over 390 locations nationwide machining it one of Australia’s biggest burger joints in Australia. In order to keep their customers happy, Hungry Jack’s has created the Customer Experience survey so they can find out first hand what their customers like and don’t like about the food they serve, their customer service and their restaurants.

How to Get A Free Hungry Jack’s Cheeseburger

You will need:

  1. A computer with internet connection.
  2. If you don’t have a computer a mobile device will be needed with internet capabilities.
  3. A current receipt with survey invitation printed on it.


  1. Go to to enter the survey page.
  2. Agree to the use of cookies and data collection.
  3. Key in your survey code and the time of your last visit at Hungry Jacks.
  4. Answer a series of questions, rating your responses as you go.
  5. Submit the survey taking note of the validation code coupon that can be used on your next visit to Hungry jacks.


 Useful links:

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Hungry Jack’s Official Site Link –



Give yourself a voice. Complete our Hungry Jacks Customer Satisfaction Survey and let us know exactly what you think. It is a quick survey that will take you only a couple minutes to complete. Greatness has to be earned, through our commitment to you our valued customers and our need to strive for perfection. We will provide you with a coupon code upon completion of your survey submission. This coupon must be used within 30 days of completed survey. This is how we at Hungry Jacks say THANKS. Thanks for your time, thanks for your insight but most importantly, Thanks for your patronage!

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