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Zaxby’s is offering customers the chance to give their feedback in the Guest Satisfaction survey. The survey is for customers who wish to let Zaxby’s know about their recent visit to one of their restaurants. Feedback given can be either positive or negative and the type of feedback given does not affect whether you win the $1000 cash prize or not.

About Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is a family style restaurant serving up a delicious variety of good food. Choices and favorites include the Chicken Finger Plate and the Wings & Things. Team this up with a Dr Pepper and it’s sure to satisfy even the meanest appetite. Zaxby’s wants to hear customers suggestions and ideas about how to improve their restaurants and keep their customers coming back. The Zaxby’s survey lets people express their opinions and gives them the opportunity to win $1000 cash.

How To Win $1000 Cash

Zaxby’s Win $1000 Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A Zaxby’s restaurant receipt.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. An email address.


1. Open the Zaxby’s survey page on your computer.
2. Enter the time of your visit, the purchase amount and the survey code that is printed on your store receipt.
3. Begin by answering how many people visited Zaxby’s the day you had your meal.
4. Answer the remaining survey questions on a scale of Very satisfied to Not very satisfied.
5. On completion you may enter the Zaxby’s $1000 sweepstakes by entering your contact details including your email address.

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Zaxby’s website:
Zaxby’s survey website:
Zaxbys sweepstakes previous winners:


Zaxby’s wants to hear from customers who have dined in their restaurant. The feedback and suggestions offered by customers in the survey are used to better improve Zaxby’s restaurants and gives the customer the opportunity to win great instant prizes like an Apple iPod or a chance at the $1000 cash sweepstakes.

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  2. Really disappointed .What’s the deal with having specials of buy a meal and get one free ?Everyone doesn’t have smart phones or a printer for coupons . Kind of like being discriminated against for not having either one . Plus it is to expensive for no more than you get .

  3. Annette Moore says:

    Love Zaxbys!

  4. I’m not sure why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?
    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  5. Great food. Love this place.

  6. Walter Ashby Rhame says:

    Years ago my son introduced me to Zaxby’s here in Sumter, SC. Have been hooked ever since. They have a great menu and and very spicy food I love going there. As retired Army, I noticed that I was not the only military going there, so my wife a Navy Chief Ret. and I asked if we could buy gift cards for the desk to give to only those in uniform. I was told yes by the manager at that time. We have been doing that now for years by buying $200-$300 at a time. Also at times when I see a group of soldiers or airmen come through the door, I will go to the counter and slip a CC to the server or manager to pay for the military’s meals. They always RAT me out LOL. It is great to give back to those who are currently serving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My wife and I dine at Zaxbys nearly every week and whether we eat in or get an order to go we always have a pleasant dining experience.

  8. Samantha McLendon says:

    This is one of the best places to eat. The wimpy wings are the greatest.

  9. Samantha McLendon says:

    Zaxbys is the greatest restaraunt in our small town.

  10. i love eating here.the food is great.

  11. lydia gurganus says:

    i love this place the people there are always great and very helpful and the food is wonderful

  12. LaVerne Heath says:

    My experience at Zaxby’s in Warner Robins, Ga. was very nice. We just went thru the drive – thru today, but the girl was very patient waiting for us to get our order together. The food was very good once we got back to the office. I can’t remember a bad experience with Zaxby’s in Warner Robins or Macon which is closest to my home. Very pleased with them, Decor could be brightened up but that’s just my opinion. Thanks, LaVerne

  13. Christa Jones says:

    I just left your restaurant with my family in Batesburg, SC. I was not pleased. First off you took the pickles away that went with the sandwich. Not a good idea at all. The pickle made the sandwich pop. Anyway, The sandwich that I ordered was so greasy I could not eat it. It was not the chicken but the bread. I am feeling pretty awful right now from the grease. Second of all I ordered a shake for my child and I had to wait 15 mins before we actually got it. After going back to the counter 4 times I was able to get it. This was the best Zaxby’s when it first opened it and now there is sorry help and they are only there to get a check and definitely not for the customer service. When we asked to speak to a manager there was not one available. I will not be visiting that establishment again and considering the next nearest Zaxby’s to me is 45 minutes away, I think it is safe to say you will never get my money again.

  14. Marcia Sanders says:

    Dear Zaxby’s,
    I was inquiring to tell you about my recent trip to Zaxby’s with my niece. It was on a Sunday after church and it wasn’t good. The meals were too high and we got our meal with no ice for our drinks. So if you got tea it was hot tea with no ice. I was really disappointed upon my first time coming to Zaxby’s. It would really take a lot to make me come back again. Sincerely,
    Marcia Sanders

  15. My visit to Zaxby’s on Hwy.290 in Duncan, SC today,6/9/15, was not good. I made a mistake ordering the new “Gameday Filet Meal”. I don’t know when I have had a worse chicken sandwich. It was over cooked and the ratio of chicken to breading was definitely weighted heavy on the breading. There were also no condiments on the sandwich either. This is not a winning menu item! Chic-Fil-La is still the place to go for a chicken sandwich. If it is not near, choose McDonald’s over Zaxby’s!

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