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Panda Express is offering customers a free entree when they successfully complete the feedback survey. The survey is designed to give customers the opportunity to share their experience about a recent visit to a Panda Express restaurant. The information gathered in the survey is used to create a better atmosphere as well as improve customer service and food.

About Panda Express:

Panda Express is one of the largest casual, fast food restaurant chains in the United States. Panda Express serves delicious dishes like Mandarin Chicken, Beijing Beef, Eggplant Tofu as well as old favorites such as Chow Mein and Fried Rice. Beginning in Pasadena, California, Panda Express opened in 1973 and is still growing today in 2015.

How To Get A Free Entree In The Survey

Panda Express Survey

You will need:

1. A device capable of browsing the internet.
2. A recent purchase receipt from Panda Express with a survey invitation printed on it.
3. A pen or pencil.
4. An email account that you can access.


1. Go to the survey website at: and enter the store number. You will find this printed at the top of the store receipt. Then click ‘Next’.
2. Next, enter the order number printed on your receipt. Then click ‘Next’.
3. Over the next few pages you will be asked a variety of questions requiring you to reflect back to the day you visited Panda Express.
4. You will be asked questions about the size of your portions, the freshness and quality of the food served to you.
5. Rate each question on a scale of Highly Satisfied to Highly Unsatisfied.
6. At the end of the survey you will see a redemption code displayed on your screen. Write this code down on your store receipt so that you may redeem it on your next visit.
7. You may also submit your email address so that you will be notified of further offers and discounts.

Useful links:

Official survey website:
Panda Express website:
Survey privacy policy:

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  1. Shari Mosier says:

    I tried for 5 days to login to Panda Express survey without success. Finally I called & was able to do survey. There is something wrong with your website

  2. Jo-Ann Collingwood says:

    I visited store at #2665 Mentor Ohio I have had trouble before and I will never go back to your store. I had a coupon and I ordered half noodles and half fried rice with chicken broccoli. The menu says a bowl is $6.00 – I paid $5.50 when asked why he said my coupon was worth $1.50 and I had an extra item so he added $1.00 for the extra chicken and took off the $1.50 for the coupon – that made no sense at all. When I got home and started to eat I found 7 pieces of very hard under cooked broccoli and NO CHICKEN – NOT EVEN ONE LITTLE PIECE. The bowl was not full – I believe I was not charged enough money and no chicken. I will not be returning to your store – I like the taste of the food but out of my last 3 visits two were not presented correctly – what is your training schedule – are people retrained every so often?

  3. mayra salas says:

    kool good food and good employrees

  4. Panda Express has been my Favorite fast food for 3 years now. Great food and service is great too!

  5. Even if Panda Express is busy, we get served almost immediately. Sometimes, we just have to wait our turn, but the staff is congenial, offering tastes of food. There are some people who feel they must be life’s number one priority. Take it easy, give the people a chance to wait on you with smiles, not being nagged for not getting them first. Rudeness never gets you anywhere! Cool your jets!

  6. We wish you would build one in Marion Indiana area Grant County. We have 2 nice sized private colleges and few options for quality fast food.

  7. There are only two places that satisfy me in life; the 1st being church and the second was Panda Express. That being said, you must’ve noticed the keyword in that last sentence being “WAS”. I’ve been to panda in the past 2 weeks 4 times and each time I tell myself “it will get better…”! And now I am telling you it has NOT gotten better. My last visit I was told that Kevin was transferred!! Why on earth would you people do such a thing; BIG Mistake on your part. Since his being gone all I see is chaos and no leadership. Example my plate had the wrong entree in it, another example, the store was sticky and dirty and there were no napkins available and lastly I asked for chicken egg rolls and was told 2 minutes when I first ordered and when I reached the cashier it had been more than 2 minutes and still NO egg rolls. I am not knocking the workers because they can only do so much, the girls serving I will say have great customer service but there is another issue you all have about credit cards. The cashier that day was a kind young lady with what I think was the manager, a small petite in height woman, and I believe what she did was not the best to handle such a situation. A woman in front of me in line had 4 children with her and after the cashier helped her and rung up her orders, and told her that the order was over 25 dollars so i.d was needed.. The woman had no i.d on her and was forced to take all her children with her just to get her i.d .. ridiculous!
    I am disappointed and frankly upset that this store has turned into an everyday fast food chain. I have taken my time to write this because I believe your management and those in charge have truly done yourselves a disservice getting rid of the tall man Kevin, I will not be coming to this panda again.
    And as I am writing this and trying to send this message, you all are demanding what I write be 400 characters!!
    This is a joke right, what is it… if I don’t have 400 characters worth to write, then my complaint doesn’t deserve nor carry any merit??!

  8. Don Jones says:

    fodd was very good and service was excellant

  9. My comment has been erased 2 times. More and More Frustrated. We had to wait 20-30 minutes to receive our order but no warning that there would be a wait.. Due to this we were late to work. I love your food but will give other drive – thru s a serious consideration next time

  10. i like the food ben eating there alot

  11. Sherri myner-almanza says:

    Took the free entree survey but was not given a redemption code.Is there a way to fix this issue?I noticed other survey takers had the same problem.

    • Jiminy Cricket says:

      Yeah they make you take the whole survey at the end and then they hang up on you. Here is what I do. I just write in my own code. The last time I got a legit code it always started with an L. Then 4 number. So I just write in L4287 or whatever number. Got my free entree TAKE THAT PANDA FOR TRYING TO STIFF ME FOR MY FREE ENTREE BEAAATTTCCHHHH!

  12. Really!!!! I Did the phone survey, got to the question, which should have been the end, at least 5-10 questions earlier, regarding my age group and how often I go to Panda Express, I had hit the #2 and then I got disconnected.
    Now I’ve had to type this response, a second time because when filling out the bottom portion here to send my response, there was nothing but “scribble” in the freakin’ “CAPTCHA” section. So of course, it kicked my response out. Bottom line, the spur of the moment trip to Panda Express, #0509, was great, the services was great, this survey and time wasted zero score: terrible!!

  13. I just did the whole survey process and did not get a code for the free entree item!

  14. The food is always good at Panda Express in Florence, Kentucky. However on Dec 23, 2015 the floor was very sticky. I am assuming that it was because it was just after the lunch crowd and they had not had the opportunity to clean it.
    thanks – sw

  15. The food was okay, but the fried rice was wet and saggyed, it didn’t tasted like orential fried rice.

  16. Pauline Miller says:

    I enjoyed the food, my only concern was the fried rice, it was wet and saggy, to me I didn’t feel like I was eating orintial food!

  17. I like food

  18. Chris Loewen says:

    Food is usually really good, but on 8/7/15, the orange chicken was all dried out and no taste.

  19. Victoria Robillard says:

    Always have good food and service!!

  20. I love panda express it’s alway more than enough food. I could never eat it all with what i get. There’s always good food and service. I just love the atmosphere. My favorite is thee orange chicken,begjin beef with half and half meaning rice & noodle with a chicken egg roll nd if I get a free entree I get the shrimp or beef and broccoli. Omg everything is just good lol I sound so greedy

  21. linda mabry says:


  22. linda mabry says:



  23. Robinson says:

    Tried to take the phone survey, but was told I had taken it recently, so had to take it
    online. How inconvenient!!!

  24. Rich Dee says:

    The Panda Express in The Tulsa Hills is excellent.

  25. Dennis Gitell says:

    I called the phone number to take the survey. I got a recording that said I have taken the survey recently which is true and call back later. How much time must pass from taking one survey to another one?

  26. herschel arms says:

    Im sure stores want to be the same as are the taste of the food, but then it comes down to the people, and at store 731 on beach blvd in Huntington beach you have a GREAT crew there you might have to wait a little longer but its it always worth it . Thats just because they are very busy

  27. Went to Panda Express at Utep, man…the food wasn’t good like been seating for a long time, I ordered steam rice the rice not even cook properly you can even tell still because rice is hard and still uncooked,so went to replace foe a fried rice instead, the fried rice still the same it’s hard and still can feel the grain, I’m Asian and I know if the rice is cook or.not, not going there anymore

  28. william says:

    there food is good

  29. Regina Meigel says:

    Panda Express on Dyer ST. in El Paso, TX is very good. Some of the staff needs more training in professionalism.

  30. barbara Althoff says:

    I always get nice hot fresh food when I go in to Panda Express.
    The store is always clean.

  31. Leon Ferebee says:

    Worst food ever could not eat it. Waiter had to scrape the bottom of every bowl of what I ordered. Ordered Surefire chicken got one peice of chicken. Order was for two. Not even enough for one. Told him was for two he said it was more than enough. Don’t want your free entree. Will never go there again will also tell friends. No use to even write this you will not post. Leon Ferebee Lebanon,Tenn.

    • Nanachar says:

      OMG! Where are you located, Leon? So sorry you had such a terrible experience because here in Hawaii, Panda Express is wonderful. I do hope Panda Express followed up with the location because that store should have not done what they did. While at peak times their pans may only be half full, it’s usually during peak times, and if a pan has only one portion left they are supposed to ask you if you want that last portion or if you’re willing to wait for a fresh batch. I’m in no way affiliated with Panda Express, but just love their food.

  32. cheryl ross says:

    My new favorite…..Panda Express!!!

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