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Smashburger is asking loyal customers for their valued and candid feedback in the Customer Experience Survey. The survey allows customers to reflect back on their recent visit to Smashburger and let them know what they liked and didn’t like about their meal. Was the store clean and easy to get around? Were the staff friendly and welcoming? Let them know in the win $1000 survey.

About Smashburger

Smashburger is a very fast growing and popluar hamburger fast food chain in the United States. Originating in Denver, Colorado, Smashburger aims to be every cities’ favorite burger shop. With generous beef burgers such as the Baja Burger and the Avocado Club Chicken Burger as well as fries, drinks and a popular hand spun shakes menu they are sure to appease any appetite. Was your burger served fresh and promptly? Was the cleanliness of the restaurant up to your standard? were you impressed by the staff?

Smashburger Win $1000 Daily Survey

Smashburger Win $1000 Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A Smashburger purchase receipt.
3. Be over 21 years of age.
4. Be a legal US resident.
5. A pen or pencil.


1. Go to the survey website at
2. Enter the Store Number as printed on your receipt.
3. Enter the date and time of your visit. If you don’t recall you can also find this information printed on your receipt.
4. Enter the Ticket Number and the total amount of money your spent. Then Enter the survey.
5. Each of the questions asked will ask you to rate Smashburger on a scale of Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied. Answer each question adding any additional comments that you’d like to make in the spaces allocated.
6. Next you will be see a validation code printed on the screen. Write this code on your receipt and redeem on your next visit for a ‘Juicy Offer’.
7. If you would like to enter the draw to win and instant prize or the $1000 daily prize draw submit your personal contact details so that you can be contacted if you are a lucky winner.

Useful links:

Smashburger website:
Smashburger survey website:
Smashburger survey terms and conditions:
Smashburger previous winners:


Smashburger customers who wish to grab their chance to win $1000 daily in the sweepstakes need to make sure they meet the criteria listed above and follow the instructions given. Also on offer is a Smashburger coupon for each person who completes the survey.

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  1. John Siwek says:

    Since racism by blacks in America is at an all time high and most fast food workers are black, i have quit going to fast-food restaurants where i cannot see my meal being prepared.
    You might want to take this into consideration in future restaurant designs .
    After speaking with many police officer friends of mine and several neighbors they have also said they take seeing their food prepared as a consideration when choosing a fast food restaurant.
    Lenny’s and Five Guys burgers have been getting the bulk of my patronage.
    I see you fired the employee that refused to serve the police officers recently,i give you kudos for the fast response to the situation.

  2. Roger Smyth says:

    I think that the menu board is not clearly written. When I asked an employee to explain the way the prices work, she laughed at me. I live in Las Vegas and went to the store on Centenial Center blvd…. store # 1278. Here is the thing: when a customer asks questions this is a good thing… I would liken it to a jr high or high school student asking a question in class…. It means they are interested ! Laughing at them is worse than stupid, it is downright ignorant ! The menu shows the price of the mushroom swiss burger as 6.99 for the combo, and lists 1.00 extra for regular and 2.00 extra for big…. So, when I order the big size combo why does my receipt show 5.99 and a 3.00 up charge. I will admit the 8.99 is the same total I expected, but ultimately the menu board is not very clear, and when I asked about this the lady did a poor job explaining it and laughed at me with a look that suggested I shouldn’t be confused. Also when I walked over to ask about this, I saw one of the cooks eating fries while cooking, which is worse than unprofessional, it’s a health code violation. The last time I went to this place I called to express all the things wrong with my burger and the manager only encouraged me to take this survey to get a free order of fries… After what I explained, I thought she would offer to replace my burger, but that was not the case. I had explained that I was not asked what kind of cheese, so I got american ( which I hate… it’s not even real cheese) I got ketchup and mustard on my burger, which makes no sense….. I hate ketchup… I had to go ask for lettuce and tomato…. Truly not impressed.. It’s in your interest to make this easier, and more user friendly.
    Thank you

  3. Betty Perkins says:

    Tried Smashburger for the first time today. Will be going back soon.

  4. Rick Mc Donald says:

    the last 2 times I have be to your store at 5870 w thunderbird rd glendale az Store # 1395 I am done with smashburger. I love the food BUT the service is be SHIT and the fries are cold. The services has gone total down hill. So it is time for me to move on to a new burger stand.

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