| Dunkin’s Free Donut Customer Survey | Dunkin’s Free Donut Customer Survey

If you have recently visited a Dunkin Donut’s store and you wish to express your feelings about your experience, take part in the customer feedback survey and on completion receive a validation code for a free donut or coffee or similar. Did you have a good experience on your last visit? Is there a staff member you would most like to give feedback on? Dunkin Donut’s uses the information provided in the survey to better improve their customers experiences at their stores.

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About The Dunkin Donuts Survey

Dunkin donuts has been well known for many years, serving up delicious baked goods and hot beverages for customers to enjoy. More than 3 million customers are served every day in Dunkin Donut’s stores which is an enormous achievement from it’s humble beginnings as a small store in 1955. Dunkin Donuts‘ main market competitors are Krispy Kreme and Starbucks stores which is why they are always offering customer incentives such as coupons and survey validation code opportunities.

How To Get A Survey Free Donut
Dunkin Donut’s Free Donut Survey

You will need:

1. A pen or pencil.
2. A computer.
3. Internet access.
4. Recent purchase receipt from Dunkin Donuts.


1. On your computer go to
2. Choose either English or Spanish as the language you wish to complete the survey in.
3. Enter the 18 digit survey code that is printed on your Dunkin Donuts store receipt.
4. If your receipt does not have a survey code printed on it there is a link on the page that you can click.
5. If you don’t have a survey code, click the link and then enter the store number that is printed on your receipt.
6. Next, input what time and date you visited the store. This is printed on your receipt.
7. Answer all the survey questions, rating your experience from Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied.
8. At the end you will see a validation code displayed on your screen.
9. Write the code numbers down on your store receipt.

Useful links:

Official survey page:
Dunkin Donuts website:
No receipt survey:


The next time you go to Dunkin Donuts, hand the cashier the receipt with the validation code you received when you completed the customer survey and grab your free donut or coffee. The survey is a great opportunity for customers to say how they feel about Dunkin Donuts and at the same time enjoy more of their delicious donuts.

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