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The International House Of Pancakes, better known as IHOP is inviting customers to provide their feedback in the customer experience survey. The mission of the survey is to improve customer service, food and the atmosphere of their stores with the help of customer input. Think back to when you last visited IHOP for one of their delicious pancake breakfasts. Did you enjoy the standard of service and food? Tell IHOP today in the survey.

About IHOP

IHOP, or the International House Of Pancakes is famously known for it’s filling and delicious breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner. IHOP is an amazing variety of different pancakes for customers to try and enjoy. With more than 58 years as a family owned restaurant IHOP is seeking your feedback on how they are doing and how they can better serve their customers.

How To Get A Free Validation Code In The Survey

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You will need:

1. An internet capable device.
2. An email address that you can access.
3. A pen or pencil.
4. An invitation printed on a recent store receipt.


1. Type into your device using the internet.
2. Choose your language and click the red ‘Next’ button.
3. Enter the survey code printed on your store receipt.
4. The survey questions will now begin, answer candidly and honestly.
5. On completion of the survey, enter your email address. This is where your validation code will be emailed.
6. open your email account and write down the validation code on the back of your old store receipt.

Useful Links:

1. Official IHOP website:
2. Survey website:
3. Survey privacy policy:


IHOP appreciates the feedback received from customers in the survey. The survey data is used to improve store locations, layouts, efficiency, customer satisfaction, food quality and more.

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  1. My husband and I had lunch at the Freeport IHOP and we were very impressed with the floor manager Elvin Reyes. There was a slight confrontation with a waitress and another customer over the way the food was served. The manager was called and he handled the matter in a professional and diplomatic manner that satisfied both parties. He offered the customer a free meal, and who then apologized to the waitress for his abusive language. We happened to be sitting at the next table and could not help overhearing the entire conversation. Elvin deserves a good pat on the back for being a good spokesman for IHOP!

  2. strawberry pancakes are very good! I want come back soon!

  3. Tried to charge extra $2.70 per 2 salads on senior night. Changed only after being caught. 11.99 is a huge amount for a salad.

  4. Samuel Bess says:

    Ordered Bacon/eggs breakfast—dish arrived with four slices of
    bacon–looked great to me—Tab arrived but was charged extra $1
    for one strip???that is really wrong!!! It shows intention to scalp an additional $1….

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