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Outback Steakhouse is rewarding customers who take part in the Customer Indulgence Survey with a discount coupon that csn be redeemed on their next purchase. The survey is designed to let customers voice their ideas and suggestions to Outback Steakhouse so that the restaurant knows what they are doing right and what areas they can improve on.

About Outback Steakhouse

The Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed chain of restaurants serving up delicious Aussie style meals such as the Bloomin’ Onion and the Crispy Calamari. The menu reads like a true outback novel and the food is just as enticing and romantic as the Aussie outback. When you recall your last meal were you impressed by the food and the level of customer service that you received? Was the restaurant clean and tidy and did you receive your meals in a timely manner? Let the Outback Steakhouse know and get an Outback $50 Bloomin’ Gift Card to use on your next visit.

Outback $1000 Cash Survey

Outback Steakhouse Survey $1000 Cash Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. An Outback Steakhouse receipt.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Visit the official survey website.
2. Enter the 18 digit code that is printed in the middle of your receipt.
3. Answer some basic questions like how many people were in your group when you visited the Outback Steakhouse and would you recommend Outback to your friends and neighbors?
4. Answer further survey questions rating them on a scale based on your experience that day.
5. When the survey questions are completed you will see a Outback Coupon Code displayed on your screen.
6. Using the pen or pencil write this coupon code on your store receipt.
7. When you next visit Outback Steakhouse present the coupon to the person serving you and receive a discount in accordance with the current offer available.
8. To enter the Outback Sweepstakes, enter your name and contact details so that you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner.

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1. Outback Steakhouse website:
2. Outback Steakhouse survey website:
3. Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes rules:


Outback Steakhouse is a wonderful family restaurant serving delicious meals daily. If you would like to win one of 80x $50 Bloomin’ gift Cards or the major $1000 cash prize get your entry in by completing the Customer Indulgence Survey.

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  1. Diana Roberts says:

    This visit to outback I had a bad waiter. He didn’t keep my water glass filled. And he didn’t check back with me to see if the food was good.

  2. The food very good
    I love the restaurant

  3. Yasmin W. was the very best server I’ve had in my life. She very respectful and very polite.

  4. Nita Shaw says:

    Unable to take survey. Unable to download information. Cannot post 18 digit survey code.

  5. Monet Millionaire says:

    I love frequenting Outback in Largo! The service is always great and the food is good. If you are looking for a hot home cook meal away from home outback is the place!

  6. Scott Ward says:

    I just completed the telloutback survey and entered the sweepstakes. However, I did not get the rewards number at the end of it. How can I get that?

  7. german pagan says:

    Very satisfy with service and excellent food and choices.

  8. dianne corrigan says:

    What happened to your garlic mashed potatoes, and why did you discontinue to carry the Little Boomie Merlot? Both were great!!!!

    Last time I was at the restaurant, in Hot Springs, AR, they ran out of Budweiser Beer.

    Your restaurant is going down the tubes. Won’t be coming back.

  9. E Pat Cliver says:

    Victoria’s Filet cooked to perfection. Never have been disappointed in this choice.

  10. Tysha Boykin says:

    The food was great and our sever Nichole was #1

  11. Joseph Loeser says:

    Having an Outback around the corner from home is a definate plus! The food is always consistantly good. The staff is always cheerful and very accomadating. What more could you ask for?

  12. Luis Wanderlinder says:

    My wife and I have been customers of Outback for about 16 years. I don’t know what happens today. There was a party (Not too big), and everything was terrible (Except the lady at the door, which personally brought the drinks to us, and our waitress which was doing her best with so many people asking for service). The Mahi wasn’t Mahi, my ribeye was very skinny, and so on. I hope the next time it will be as before: Good attention and good food. Thanks!!!!

  13. Claire Pastorius says:

    Waiter was very helpful. Great smile. Blooming onions were to well done. No problem. Got new one very quickly. Food was great. Will come back soon.

  14. Jane Robinson says:

    I ordered medium prime rib 12 oz and the bill came to $21.19 from Outback, Peachtree City, GA. and it was take away. I live about 15 minutes away so did not return it as I should have. The meat was cooked black, not a hint of pink. It did not appear to be prime rib. The salad was wilted and not a full serving. Very disappointed as I have been a customer for many years, but probably will not try again.

  15. Michael Garoutte says:

    Couldnt have been more disappointed. Called ahead for seating for 6:15. Arrived at 6 and was told it was a 25 minute wait. No problem. At 6:45 asked how much longer it would be and was told only one more ahead of us. After calling three more people we got called. They then asked us to sit back down and wait a minute and they were just cleaning the table. They instead called 3 more people, 2 with the same size group. I asked what happened and why we got skipped. She said just wait one more minute. We did and finally got called at 6:55 as the manager just walked around creating more confusion.

    Should have taken that as a sign to just leave as the drinks, appetizers, salads, and meals were wrong or missing items….

    Sat down and ordered our drinks. The waitress brought 3 drinks for one of my two kids and no drink for the other?? Not sure how that happens….

    Didn’t bring the ranch with the mushrooms, took until getting our salads to get ranch.

    My wife’s salad was supposed to be no onion, came with onions but no crutons.

    Ordered a baked potato with my steak and asked for everything except chives. Only got chives on the potato. Had to ask someone else to bring the correct potato out as waitress was absent.

    Kind of a bummer evening. Having kids we dont get to go out very often and its usually a special treat. Anytime we do get out its almost always Outback but they made this evening anything but special. Me and my wife always go there on date nights and have slowly seen the service at our local Outback go downhill but this might have just been the icing on the cake. Time to find a new family/date night restaurant.

  16. Terry Donahue says:

    Waiter Staff was amazing. She couldn’t do enough to make us happy. However, the atmosphere during this holiday season is the worst I have ever seen. There was not as much as a piece of garland with lights. No Menorah, No Christmas Tree, No music. It was such a disappointment. I don’t care what religion a person is When it’s Hannakah its Honikkah and everyone should enjoy it. When its Christmas, Its Christmas and everyone should be abe to enjoy it. Lets stop all the nonsence and let people celebrate what they want . Put a manorah, a tree or whatever else people want.. don’t take it away from people that enjoy to celebrate and enjoying being in the holiday spirit. SO SICK OF ALL THIS NONSENCE…..

  17. Dennis DeRespino says:

    Always have a great meal every time we come in. We dine here at least 2 a month. Service is always great.

  18. Ann Near says:

    We go to Outback in Brandon, Fl. often and enjoy it. We always ask for Stephen P. If he is on duty. He is a very good waiter. Always polite and very considerate. I watch him sometimes to see if he is as good with everyone else as he is with us as I did waitress work for many years and you can tell. and yes he really is. Thank you, Earl & Ann Near.

  19. Doug Cantrell says:

    Also would like to add to other comment. The Ceasar Salad we ordered was a ckicken ceasar we got no chicken 5 crountons a little dressing and very little lettuce, and for the price of 10.99 you would expect more.

  20. Doug Cantrell says:

    Ordered curbside service tn\he girl working was great. Told us the order just came up we got it drove home about 7 mins. The burger was cold had to rewarm one order was wrong and the seared tuna was ice cold like they took it out of frig and mealy. I ve had seared tuna before and never tasted anything this bad. This is not the first bad dealing with them and I will never go there again. The Outback I am talking about is in California MD, in St Marys County.


    We eat there quiet a bit, and we always enjoy it. We always order the blooming onion (always),but I would love it if you would serve it on top of some more absorbant paper.

  22. Barbara Mitchell Smith says:

    Tim was our server and he was outstanding, our food was great also. We had the Wednesday special, salad, entree and desert and my husband and I both loved every bite of it.

  23. Ron Griffith says:

    loved the filt & lob 5oz The asparagus left a lot to be desired.Would liked to have more choices of veggies.

  24. The food was great thank you Amber Cob

  25. Jerry King says:

    Waiter was good, food was on time, we had a delightful evening and actually ordered more to continue the experience. would recommend to friends and will come again.

  26. Mossy Mueller says:


  27. allan weir says:

    Morgan was great with use she was there for use, any thing we needed at this Out back I go back again, that was the first time we have ever been there thank you for taking great care of use !

  28. Inday Wade says:

    Awesome food…

  29. Having never eaten there before I was a bit hesitant to do so after reading some other reviews but everything was delicious and the wait staff was great.

  30. Love the food there one of the best steakhouse around

  31. tina pullen says:

    Love the prime rib and cheesy fries.

  32. Debora Lloyd says:

    Love your steaks.

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