| Outback Steakhouse Win $1000 Cash | Outback Steakhouse Win $1000 Cash

Outback Steakhouse is rewarding customers who take part in the Customer Indulgence Survey with a discount coupon that can be redeemed on their next purchase. The survey is designed to let customers voice their ideas and suggestions to Outback Steakhouse so that the restaurant knows what they are doing right and what areas they can improve on.

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Outback Steakhouse thinks that a company needs to consider every customer’s feedback in order to make things better for both parties. Basically, a client satisfaction survey creates a two-way communication between the corporate and the customers permanently. This client satisfaction survey is hosted by Outback Steakhouse that provides each customer with an opportunity to talk out and connect with the company. Outback Steakhouse gives you the chance of speaking your heart by this survey. Most surveys are supported allocating client satisfaction as there the one behind the company’s success or downfall. This way, each party can have their say that makes it contributive to favorable results for all. The sole purpose of any survey is to create a bridge between the company and the customers so that a two-connection communication is maintained. Although many companies don’t conduct a survey to check customer satisfaction, Outback Steakhouse cares about every single customer’s feedback. Outback Steakhouse wants to keep updating themselves so that every consumer can turn into a loyal customer. This survey conducted by Outback Steakhouse shows that this company isn’t just operating another business. Customer’s feedback is essential as the whole business rotates around the consumer’s satisfaction. Surveys are all about gaining customer’s feedback so that the company could evolve into a better version of itself. You just have to give your precious feedback and let the company know what’s wrong and what’s right. Outback Steakhouse supports your feedback as they don’t want to leave any room left for improvement.

You’ll be worried about the whole pattern of this survey, just relax as we have got you covered here! So let’s move on towards the Outback Steakhouse survey’s pattern, you would be surprised to hear that it’s very simple. Unlike other surveys, you don’t have to hover around for hours before submitting your feedback. This survey just needs few clicks to get completed as Outback Steakhouse has made things very clear for everyone. This survey doesn’t just follow the typical form but makes it easier for any type of customer to get going easily. This survey is created by a sensible team of developers that aimed to serve customers with an opportunity to provide their opinions without any hassle. Outback Steakhouse had focused on little things that make your survey solving experience better and easier. On every section of this survey, you are guided in plain English or the language you selected on what to do next. Furthermore, the website is user-friendly and the colors used make it very simple for you to attempt the survey. So, you just have to follow along with the guidance provided by the on website snippets to successfully attempt the survey.

Outback Steakhouse wants to take your precious feedback so they could analyze it for fixing the problems and making the needed improvement. Just fire up the survey link, enter the required details, answer the questions and get a chance to win a bumper cash prize of $1000.

About Outback Steakhouse

The Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed chain of restaurants serving up delicious Aussie style meals such as the Bloomin’ Onion and the Crispy Calamari. The menu reads like a true outback novel and the food is just as enticing and romantic as the Aussie outback. When you recall your last meal were you impressed by the food and the level of customer service that you received? Was the restaurant clean and tidy and did you receive your meals in a timely manner? Let the Outback Steakhouse know and get an Outback $50 Bloomin’ Gift Card to use on your next visit.

Outback $1000 Cash Survey
Outback Steakhouse Survey $1000 Cash Survey

You will need:

  1. Computer or smartphone with an internet connection.
  2. Your recent receipt from Outback Steakhouse.
  3. Information like date, transaction ID, your email, etc.
  4. Ability to recall your last experience at Outback Steakhouse.
  5. Ability to read and write English.
  6. The person taking the survey must be 18 or older at the time of entry.
  7. You must have the ability to write answers in simple or plain English so the reader can understand your feedback without any hassle.
  8. A few minutes to complete the survey.
  9. You should be able to write a candid feedback being a neutral person without adding any partiality or prejudice.
  10. Personal information like Email Address, Address, Phone Number, Date, Time etc.


1. Visit the official survey website.
2. Enter the 18 digit code that is printed in the middle of your receipt.
3. Answer some basic questions like how many people were in your group when you visited the Outback Steakhouse and would you recommend Outback to your friends and neighbors?
4. Answer further survey questions rating them on a scale based on your experience that day.
5. When the survey questions are completed you will see an Outback Coupon Code displayed on your screen.
6. Using the pen or pencil write this coupon code on your store receipt.
7. When you next visit Outback Steakhouse presents the coupon to the person serving you and receives a discount in accordance with the current offer available.
8. To enter the Outback Sweepstakes, enter your name and contact details so that you can be contacted if you are the lucky winner.

Useful links:

1. Outback Steakhouse website:
2. Outback Steakhouse survey website:
3. Outback Steakhouse sweepstakes rules:


Outback Steakhouse is a wonderful family restaurant serving delicious meals daily. If you would like to win one of 80x $50 Bloomin’ Gift Cards or the major $1000 cash prize get your entry in by completing the Customer Indulgence Survey.

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