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Pizza Hut is inviting customers to give their valued and candid feedback in the customer satisfaction survey. The survey is being hosted by Pizza Hut the world’s most loved fast food pizza chain store with thousands of stores worldwide, serving millions of slices of pizza 24 hours a day. Survey participants are given 1 in 10 chances to win $1000 cash each week in the Pizza Hut survey.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the most easily recognized fast food chains in the world. Serving a fantastic variety of pizzas, garlic breads, salads, pastas, drinks and desserts you are sure to satisfy your hunger at Pizza Hut. To keep on top of the market Pizza Hut needs to know what their customers think which is why they are hosting the survey with the added incentive to win $1000 each month. Did you enjoy your pizza? Was it served hot and fresh? Were the staff friendly and helpful? Let Pizza Hut survey know what you think.

Win $1000 Cash

Pizza Hut Win $1000 Cash Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A recent Pizza Hut purchase receipt.
3. Be a US resident and over 21 years of age.


1. Go to the official survey page.
2. Choose your preferred language; English or Spanish.
3. Enter the 4 or 6 digit store number that is printed at the top of your receipt.
4. Indicate the type of meal you had; dine in, carry out, or home delivery.
5. Answer each of the survey questions providing additional information of you need to in the areas provided.
6. On completion, enter the Pizza Hut win $1000 cash sweepstakes by entering your name, address, phone number and email address.
7. You may also enter by telephone. Call the toll free number at: 1-800-815-0474. Follow the voice prompts to give your feedback.
8. Another alternative is to enter via the post. Send a postcard to: EMPATHICA DAILY SWEEPSTAKES, 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40, New York, NY, 10011. Write your name, address (no PO Boxes), telephone number on the back of the card to enter the draw.

Useful links:

1. Pizza Hut website:
2. Pizza Hut survey website:
3. Pizza Hut survey previous winners:


You do not need to make a purchase to enter the win $1000 cash survey. You can simply enter by telephone or using the US Post as explained in the instructions above. Customers who do take part in the online survey are able to complete the survey quickly and easily.

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  1. Just had 2 great pizza’s from Pizza Hut last nite…..they were great and great price. I get Pizza hut Pizza about once a week !!! Love them.

  2. I like honest people. Went to pick up my pizza and they showed it to me and noticed that one of the pizza was wrong. I did not, so they told me they would have another one for me in 10 min . I waited, which took less than 10 min. Then not only did they give me my pizza’s but also give me the one that was bad i guess. i didn’t think it was . It was great and so was the people that waited on me. Great pizza and God bless them.

  3. Stephanie Daniels says:

    Food was great thanks

  4. Bert Hopman says:

    In my holidays I had a very pleasant time in the Pizzahut 187 Baker St.London.
    The food was tasteful and the free additional extra’s at the saladbar were top !
    And that’s not all. The winner here is the very charming waitress or better said hostess
    KellyB (name on receipt). Never met such a hospitable hostess with a real smile on her face. You can clearly see she does her work with great joy just to please the customers.
    Don’t lose her because she’s a perfect hostess which make you smile !

  5. Yess I love pizza hut pizza ilove the employer there he honestly let me know the best deals that the company was offering the I love how organization the restaurant was nice and professional the employer act very fast to the customer needs and I was in the Maryland ave location

  6. Esperanza Alba says:

    I am 67 yrs. old, and i say ; There is no other,better tasting pizza in San Antonio.other than Pizza Hut for us,and it has been for over 30 yrs. Thank You.

  7. David Morgan says:

    Tried a different store today. Called in order. $30. worth. Person had trouble entering it. Should have checked order before leaving store. Got halfway home, pizza slipped off seat, when picking up the box opened. It was wrong. Took it back it was replaced. Went home opened other pizza. It was wrong. I called store. repeated name, address, order several times. Was told you can bring it back and we will give you credit. I said I have been back already, why can’t you bring it to me (about 5 miles). They said no way. I said mail me the credit. Same response. Not happy terrible service and will never return to this location.

  8. Great service and very good spaghetti

  9. susan sibley says:

    your assistants most cheerful and very helpful to us customers this saturday 20th feb,2016.

    not a frequent shopper for clothes so nice to find manygood bargains at your outlet store.

  10. Normally we like to go there one month two times and enjoys. But this times we go are very hard to accept. Feel cheated and racial discrimination. Bad badly.

  11. I spent almost $30 on cold pizza and bread sticks. My order was over 20 minutes late and iwas very disappointed with the quality. I wouldn’t have minded that was late if my food was still hot. It wasn’t even warm
    Well then soda was warm. I live 3 minutes away from the store location. This is unacceptable. 2/14/16 order placed at 8:24pm. Store# 010614 Ticket # 0193
    If you actually value your customers and stand by your product. I hope you rectify the situation.

  12. Great service,good food as always!!!

  13. I think they bought their pizza from LilCeaser’s, and threw 16 garlic balls filled with a small dab of cheese in ball, & charged me almost $14 bucks.

  14. Zakeena Johnson says:

    I hate pizza hut in Clarksdale, MS 38614 because my children have been getting pizza awards for personal pan pizza’s since November of 2015 and they get them every month for excellence performance in school. They worry me everyday about checking to see if they can redeem there awards everyday and they say they never have any personal pan. I no longer eat at pizza hut for lunch or choose it for family night or after games because of it. If not for me can some one from corporate office make them order enough personal pan pizza in Clarksdale, MS 38614 for the children in that area.

  15. Great pizza…prompt delivery!

  16. The pizzas were really really really gooooood

  17. We ordered a large pizza and our pizza was uncooked. We call to let them know that our pizza was not right but no one answered . Very up set about pizza service

  18. abhishek says:

    Nice pizza

  19. bridgett says:


  20. Way to go Pizza hut

  21. bridgett says:

    The lady was so nice today at pizza hut today even-thought it was just her and a another person there they made the best pizza and i just love it good,good,good pizza

  22. Jo Ann Howard says:

    Most awesome crew ever! Very courteous and friendly! I forgot my phone on the table and the manager put it the safe, they really made sure it belonged to me before releasing it to me! Which made me feel good that they just don’t give it to just some random person! Very impressed with the whole crew and my experience there!

  23. Richard D. Brown says:

    Always like to go to pizza hut. Had a pizza at Monicals across the street in Paxton, IL. The pizza dough at Monicals was as tough as shoe leather! Never did go back to Monicals. For the buck Pizza Hut gets by vote!!!

  24. alicia brown says:

    I had an issue with my order and the manager did a wonderful job correcting it

  25. Stephanie says:

    Delivery took longer than was told and the food was cold.

  26. Paul Walton says:

    Really like Pizza Hut and am a regular user – especially good as a venue for the grandchildren. Any chance you could make your 2 for 1 vouchers more printer friendly – are the blocks of colour really necessary?

  27. Pizzahut is tha best pizza hands down .im from Gr mich….

  28. friendly staff good customer service whether via phone or walk in pickup time was on time. just exactly as we ordered. store#43. will recommend family and friends to pizza hut.

  29. Best pizza so far! Great and friendly service!

  30. Ruth Sam Fong says:

    Best Pizza so far! Great, friendly service! at Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. 96766

  31. Elijah Graham says:

    The pizza was hot,fresh and very good i might have to go back and get some more soon

  32. When energy and food run low when one has not yet shopped for groceries, Pizza Hut is a great way to “stand in the gap” for hungry tummies. Customer service was excellent. Pizza delivery was on time, the driver was courteous and helpful, and the food hot … just like it should be! Thank you for a pleasant experience.

    Kings Charter Pizza Hut
    Ashland, Virginia

  33. Went to the trouble of completing the survey to find the voucher had to be printed. (Who prints vouchers these days!) As I did it on my iPad I was unable to print it. Emailed it to myself to print via laptop to find email just read “this page has timed out”. No warning was given regarding printing. All this followed a disappointing visit to our local hut so not very happy with Pizza Hut at present.

  34. Lynn Waite says:

    Friendly staff! Good pizza! Fast service! (Delivery) The lady who delivered both of my pizzas deserves a raise! She was very friendly and wore a genuine smile on her face. I would definitely recommend this Pizza Hut location in Barboursville, West Virginia to anyone.

  35. Store 014460 rates a 5 – pizza was exactly as ordered, on time, hot, delicous!
    However, your website SUCKS! Instead of being open and designed to receive my opinion on your food and service (which opinion you solicited by flyer on the pizza box). the site is unclear and difficult to use. After being frustrated by the site, I now think your “chance to win $1000.00” is a fraud and a scam!

    • The pizza was fine. After eating it I tried to do the survey. That was like eating a crappy dessert! I’d like to tellpizzahut their survey sucks also!

  36. Beth Fischer says:

    Birthday for my granddaughter at Pizza Hut – great pizza!

  37. Beth Fischer says:

    Pizza was great!

  38. Gail Theriot says:

    Best service and delivery, Just love this place. Can’t wait to order
    Thanks again.again.

  39. David Drongesen says:

    Pizza was great and hot

  40. It was a nice experience to have a pizza.We first time have a two feet pizza.My self and my family enjoyed dinner.The staff was very nice and co-operative.We loved eating veggie pizza first time.We would like to visit once again.

  41. Sajjad shafiq says:

    Very nice Food and good service…

  42. pete henshaw says:

    your pizza is great

  43. ANN DAY says:

    Had a good time, lunch was really good and the staff were pleasant and helpful

  44. Service was quick and food was fresh and hot.!!!
    Love the location on Magnolia in Huntington Beach

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