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Taco Bell is asking customers to give their valuable feedback in the survey. On completion of the survey questions, customers are given the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes and be in with a chance to win $500 each month. The responses to the questions in the survey are used to determine where Taco Bell can make improvements in their customer service, food, and venue standards. Customer satisfaction survey by Taco Bell aims to create a connection between the customers and the company so that the factor of miscommunication could be removed.

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The sole purpose of any survey is to create a bridge between the company and the customers so that a two-connection communication is maintained. Although many companies don’t conduct a survey to check customer satisfaction, Taco Bell cares about every single customer’s feedback. Taco Bell wants to keep updating themselves so that every consumer can turn into a loyal customer. This survey conducted by Taco Bell shows that this company isn’t just operating another food chain business. Surveys are all about gaining customer’s feedback so that the company could evolve into a better version of itself. Customer’s feedback is essential as the whole business rotates around the consumer’s satisfaction.

If the customer isn’t satisfied with company’s service and stuff it can be a low blow to company’s stats and figures. Here at Taco Bell, every single customer is treated is a family member that is why your feedback is important for the company to grow healthy for providing you an unforgettable experience. So you fired up the survey link and you are typing in the feedback but wait as you need to make it through some points. As soon you’ll enter the required credentials the website will show you questions. You need to read questions thoroughly as a little reading mistake can turn your precious feedback into a useless answer.

Don’t get terrified as all the questions would be related to your experience with the company. Questions would hover around company’s service, your experience, product quality, item availability, cleanliness and absolutely everything that you have interacted with. Don’t get confused as questions would be very easy to understand. Surveys are about putting your genuine say ahead so that the company can analyze and fix things accordingly. While you are answering the questions be sure to crystal clear while explaining your point. Avoid being partial and explain your whole experience with the company by putting your point just the right way. No matter how your experience went with the company, good or worst, just put it straight so that the team can settle things up in time. This survey isn’t just all about making Taco Bell better but in the end, you can get a chance to $500 as a cash prize. Now just go to the survey link and answer all the questions and at the end, you might win a $500 cash prize.

About Taco Bell:

Taco Bell is a world-famous Mexican fast-food chain serving delicious Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas as well as sides and beverages. Providing customers the option to take out, eat in or drive-thru customers can grab their favorite meal or snack on the go. What began as a small chain of restaurants by Glen Bell more than 50 years ago has now grown to more than 6,500 outlets worldwide.

The mastermind behind Taco Bell is known as Glen Bell. Glen was an entrepreneur who first opened a hot dog stand called as Bell’s Drive-In in 1948. Glen noticed that people were going crazy over the Mexican restaurant called Mitla Café which was located right across the street. After further investigating, he got to know that the hype was about hard-shelled tacos that people were lining up for. It wasn’t long until Bell somehow got to see that how tacos were made. He revamped the recipe and opened a new stand under the title of Taco-Tia in early 1952. Although his stall didn’t make a huge difference, the swarm of Glen’s newly made recipe was spread among the Taco lovers.

Next few years were a bit successful for Glen as he owned and operated a good number of restaurants in southern California and amongst four were called El Taco. Bell sold the El Tacos to his business partner and took the risk of building the first Taco Bell in Downey in 1962. The first Taco Bell franchise was bought by Kermit Becky who was a former Los Angeles police officer in 1964 that was located in Torrance. The virus spread at a great pace and by 1967 the 100th restaurant got inaugurated in Anaheim. It wasn’t long until Taco Bell went public with 325 restaurants in 1968 to hit the stock market.

PepsiCo purchased Taco Bell from Glen Bell in 1978 and mass expansion took place during this reign. Original Taco Bell building shifted to California as Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters. Locations in Midwestern and Minneapolis got acquired in 1986 along with Hot ‘n Now chain in 1990. In 1991, Taco Bell applied a new strategy of opening Taco Bell Express in San Francisco which was a reduced size restaurant with items priced under $1 to bring in more majority.

Taco Bell Express locations weren’t built standalone as they were operated inside malls, airports, truck stops and stores. In 1995, Taco Bell began co-branding with KFC and later with Pizza Hut and Long John Silver’s. A new experiment took place in 1997 when PepsiCo thought of opening a new fresh grill Border Bell restaurant in Mountain View, California. Along with traditional Taco Bell menu, this restaurant offered Mexican- inspired items like sweet corn tamalito pudding and fresh salsa bar. In 1997, PepsiCo coined off from the restaurant business and all Border Bell restaurants in Mountain View were converted to Taco Bell restaurant. In September 2000 the company got struck by a blow as $50 million worth of Taco Bell-branded shells were called off from supermarkets as they contained StarLink that wasn’t approved for human consumption. It was the first-ever recall in company’s history as StarLink was only appropriate for use in animal feed as it could cause allergic problems in people. The reason behind this was that corn wasn’t segregated at grain elevators and the miller didn’t order that type. The settlement with the suppliers took place in 2001 that calculated around $60 million.

Marketing and food variety:

Taco Bell took the promotion games to a whole new level to coincide with the re-entry of the Mir space station. You won’t believe that Taco Bell towed a large target out into the Pacific Ocean claiming that if the target was hit by a falling piece of Mir every single citizen of the United States would be given a free Taco Bell taco. It wasn’t just another gamble so Taco Bell took the insurance policy to ensure that the hand is well out of harm’s way. Although no piece of station struck the target, this was a gamble company’s history.

Mountain Dew offered Taco Bell stores the rights to carry Baja Blast soft drink in 2004 that was a tropical-lime-flavored variety but the deal didn’t breakthrough further. In 2007 World Series Taco Bell offered the “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” promotion. This promotion means that if any player from either side stole a base company would give free tacos to every single citizen of the United States. This time Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base in Game 2 that made company payout this promotion on 30th October in 2007.

A lot happened in past that made Taco Bell what it is in the present. Years of hard work, dedication to work and passion had made Taco Bell amongst the top restaurants in the United States.

How To Win $500 In The Survey
Tell The Bell Survey

Watch the video below and find out more about the tell bell survey.

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A store receipt from a recent purchase.
3. A phone number.


1. Go to the survey website by typing into your computer web browser.
2. Enter the 16 digit survey code and press the start button on the page.
3. Rate your overall satisfaction with Taco Bell on your visit.
4. Over the following pages you will be asked to rate factors such as cleanliness, friendliness and accuracy on a scale from ‘Highly Dissatisfied’ to ‘Highly Satisfied’. You must answer each question before proceeding onto the next.
5. Finally, at the end of the survey you will be asked if you would like to enter the survey sweepstakes to win $500 cash.
6. To enter, fill in your name and telephone number. Then click ‘Next’.
7. You are now finished and your feedback has been sent to Taco Bell and your entry in the Taco Bell win $500 cash sweepstakes has been submitted.

Useful links:

Official survey website:
Taco Bell website:
Previous sweepstakes winners:


If you would like to share your experience with Taco Bell on your recent visit to one of their restaurants, enter the customer feedback survey and grab your chance to win $500 cash.

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