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Tim Horton customers are being invited to take part in the guest survey. Those who take the time to share their experiences, ideas and suggestions are entered into the weekly draw to win free coffee for a year? Did you enjoy your last cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s? Let them know in the survey.

About Tim Hortons

Tim Horton’s is one of the largest fast food chain stores in Canada. Spreading into the United States, Tim Hortons is continually growing and expanding. Survey a delicious array of coffee and doughnuts, Tim Hortons, is always looking for way to improve their products and customer service. When you last visited Tim Horton’s did you enjoy your Latte and doughnut? Were the staff serving you quick to get your order to you? Were they friendly and efficient? Did you find the venue clean and of delightful ambiance? Tell Tim Hortons survey about your experience.

Free Coffee For A Year

Free Coffee In Survey For A Year.

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A store receipt from a recent Tim Horton’s purchase.
3. Be over 21 years of age and a resident of the US, or;
4. Be over 18 years and a legal resident of Canada.


1. To enter the survey you must visit the website at
2. Select from English or French as the language you prefer.
3. find your nearest store location using one of the 3 methods provided; GPS location, address or the restaurant number printed on your receipt.
4. Respond to each of the survey questions by rating them according to your experience when you last visited a Tim Horton’s restaurant.
5. You will be asked questions like did you find the venue clean? and were the staff friendly and helpful?
6. After you have completed all the survey questions you may enter the weekly draw by providing your name and address and other personal contact details.

Useful links:

Tim Hortons website:
Tim Hortons survey website:
Tim Hortons survey rules:


To take part in the customer survey you need to make sure you fit the criteria listed above and follow the instructions provided. The survey only takes a few minutes and can be completed easily online using your computer or mobile device.

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  1. Dear TimHortons,

    I wake up in the morning drive 20 min to get some coffee and i love it………………………

    Best Regards,

  2. How do I enter the contest? There is no info on the survey. I did leave my contact info.. for the manager to reach me.. but where is the contest? Where do I enter?


    I visut your store at 10 Street and 17 AVE SW in Calgary quite frequently as it is only 2 blocks from my home and I use a walker to get around and to get to your store I must take a cab. I have written in on two other occasions to notify you of the total failure of the staff there to make the store safe and accessible for someone like me with mobility problems. Your handicap ramp for wheelchairs and walkers is virtually NEVER cleared of snow and as such it is EXTREMELY SLIPPERY and UNSAFE FOR THE PURPOSE IT WAS INSTALLED FOR!!!!!! Also, it was painted with regular enamel which when covered in snow or wet is VERY VERY VERY SLIPPERY!!!!! It needs to be painted with NON-SLIP paint to be safe!!!!!!! I spoke with the manager and he said that the store will be having work done soon and in a month or so he will have the ramp cleared!!.. This is not safe and you risk a lawsuit if someone falls because the ramp is not cleared. It seems to me Tims concern for handicapped customers is just so much window dressing if you bother to install a ramp but then do not bother to keep it clear and safe for customers

  4. Brenda says:

    I am so tired of getting overfilled coffee cups, spilling when opening the lid, hitting a bump while driving and spilling it in the cup holder. Please fix it or I’m done and will go to Mc D’s

  5. j macdonald says:

    When is Tim Horton’s going to take the items that take forever to make off the drive through menu.I was 2nd car from window and waited 5mins for the car at window to get bag of sandwiches Mcdonalds tell u to pull out of the way when they cant get the order out fast. Tims only care about getting the money

  6. i just tried one of your steak/mushroom panini sandwiches and was very disappointed in the was not worth the money i paid for it,will not go back to try another one.i will tell my family and friends it is not as good as you advertise it to be,
    thanks for nothing

  7. Patricia Bradshaw says:

    I am very disappointed to learn that you have discontinued carrying regular decaf tea. I am a tea drinker (don’t enjoy coffee) and like so many I have a senitivity to caffine in both tea and coffee. Peppermint steeped/stewed tea – you must be kidding! Why would you dicontinue the tea now when must restaurants and coffee shops now carry decaf teas?? Hopefully, you will take a long hard look at your customer base and reconsider this decision.

  8. Raminder says:

    Hi I love tim hortons coffee

  9. Transcona says:

    Had lunch at Tims today and was very disappointed that they no
    longer serve a Soup Combo as they previously had. They used
    to serve soup, small bun, medium hot drink and a pastry of your choice for a combo set price . Staff seems confused as to what makes up a combo and the customer is even more confused .
    Why mess up a good thing . Simple is better .

  10. Last Friday, at 11:50 a.m. I visited the Tim Horton’s in Hawkesbury (by the bridge) where I have been an occasional customer for some 30 years. This time, I was disappointed. Nearly all the tables had crumbs or food remains on them, so my wife and I decided to take our order out. In addition, the person who served us coughed and sneezed — obviously she had a cold.

  11. Larry pollard says:


  12. I was at Tim Hortons just the other day in orangeville at 230 centennial RD. orangeville 0nt. The coffee was great and so was the service

  13. Denise Duval says:

    I purchased coffee and hot chocolate for my office this morning and everything was great. Service was quick and friendly. The Emerald Park location is always clean and kept up very nicely. Way to go Emerald Park location 4375

  14. Tim Hortons changed their Keurig single pouch packages from 14 to a package to 12.
    Price remained the same at $9.99
    So that single pouch went from $0.71 to $0.83.
    The price should have come down to $8.52 a package.
    Sneaky Sneaky…
    So disappointed in Tim Hortons.

  15. b w gauld says:

    Had family meal for 11 @your C/nauld branch—– food very good,service excellent and a nice homily feel to your place.Our first visit there and will definately recommend it.

  16. Marion Dawe says:

    Have a coffee just about every day at store 363 in St John’s, NL. Find the staff very friendly
    and courteous especially Nita. The shop is kept quite clean . Have been going here for about 15 years.

  17. Miss Sherri Cottrell says:

    My morning coffee!

  18. Went to Springdale, NL yesterday Aug 15, at 1:30PM and saw the dirtiest floor ever at a Timmies. In areas it looks like the dirt is built up!!!! The owner and Managers should be ashamed.

  19. Andrew & Amm says:

    Caught a break in the long lines up here in Fort Mcmurray, received food quickly but I’m guessing to quickly, as they missed one of our wraps, and I’m not impressed with the rubbery hash browns. I don’t eat out often here and this is why.

  20. Brenda Carson says:

    Always have great service and friendly faces when we visit Tim Hortons on 100 mcKeen st Ğlace Bay. N.S

  21. I am so impressed with the staff at Tim Horton located in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan. The staff go above and beyond making sure the restaurant is clean and the customers are satisfied with there orders. Thanks to these employees, they make my every morning visit a great start to my day.

  22. I just wanted to say that April and Jenner displayed. Excellent service and were in great Stampede sprit. Why to go.!

    Airdrie, Main St and Yankee Blv location

  23. While I like Tim’s coffee, I have recently begun boycotting this company. I refuse to do business with a company that now has head offices outside Canada; that capitulates to American eco-terrorists; and which will not support the Canadian and Alberta energy industry – which IS the most responsible energy producer in the world. If Tim Horton’s wants to make a ranting American eco-hypocrite happy by dropping Enbridge ads, I will drop Tim Hortons!

  24. Joseph/Mr.Jay says:

    I have no problems with Tim Horton’s other than they don’t seem to care about Obesity /Cancer and diabetes. If they did, they would have less Sugar in all of their Products, What causes cancer, diabetes, Obesity plus a few others, nothing but over consumption of sugar sugar and more sugar. If this is the case, of which it is, then why is it Timmy’s is the one company that has more sugar in their products that anyone I know of. Take a look at the amount of FAT people and Seniors heading to Tim Hortons for a snack and coffee, but their is nothing or very little of their products with no sugar or very little . One other Issue, Why is it that we can go to Other fast food places and have a coffee along with a snack and have a free refill of coffee, especially Seniors, they have a snack and sit with friends but are not allowed a free refill of coffee and are being charged for each one, why is that tim? give us Seniors a break for us 65 and Over and take a hard look at the amount of sugar in your Products.If you want to know we’re 65 and over, ask us for our Seniors blue card from the Government that states we are 65 and over. Yes you can reply to my concern.

  25. Colette says:

    I would just like to voice my opinion about the disappointment of visiting your Tim Horton’s establishment in Warman, Sk today and finding out that they were no longer supplying “roll up the rim” cups. I understand your contest goes til mid April, what I don’t understand is how it’s acceptable to be at least 2 weeks short of supplying your customers with the chance to win. I will definitely support a Saskatoon Tim Horton’s, over Warman, from now on……if I choose to support any at all.

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