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KFC is inviting customers to take part in the guest experience survey and on completion receive a 20% discount voucher off their next KFC purchase. The KFC survey is designed to allow customers the opportunity to let KFC know how they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy their last meal purchase at KFC.

About KFC

Globally, KFC is the largest fast food chain specializing in chicken based meals. Serving up tasty chicken menu items such as the Zinger Burger and Original Recipe Chicken Pieces as well as sides including mashed potatoes, peas and corn KFC is wanting to hear from you. Were you happy with the quality of the last meal you received? Was it freshly cooked and served hot? Did you get the items you ordered and were they received in a timely fashion. Take the YourKFC survey and let them know.

Get A KFC 20% Discount Voucher

KFC 20% Off Discount Voucher

You will need:

1. A computer with internet capabilities.
2. A recent KFC store receipt or KFC survey invitation.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Visit to access the KFC survey website.
2. Read the cookies notification and click on continue if your agree to proceed.
3. Enter the Store Number and Order Number printed on your receipt into the spaces provided.
4. Enter the date and time of your visit. This information can also be found printed on your store receipt if you don’t remember.
5. Tell KFC if your meal was eat in, take away or drive thru.
6. Answer further questions about your order and rate them accordingly.
7. On completion you will see a discount voucher code displayed on the screen. Write this code down on your survey receipt or survey invitation card.
8. Give it to the server when you next buy a meal at KFC and receive 20% off your order.

Useful links:

1. KFC website:
2. KFC survey website:
3. KFC survey privacy policy:


The KFC guest Experience survey can be found at the following website: To access the KFC survey you will need to meet the requirements listed above and follow the given step by step instructions.

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  1. Brought a chicken fillet for my son in the after noon from the yew tree store went back, in the evening with the survey receipt to get 20% off the family bucket. The cashier very implight and said I was not allowed to do this and get 20% off, As I had just brought a fillet

  2. Lovely.

  3. Mgriffin says:

    Went to Anitree branch today, service crap attitude of management didn’t want to know about complaint sat in drive through for 10 mins being angnored when I walked in they said it was closed with no signs . While I was there 3 people drove off in anger . Will not be going back and will be putting this on the media as a rubbish place to visit with a bit of luck it shuts in the future as these people need retraining ..

  4. food is fantastic, fresh, hot and very quick service with friendly staff

  5. Mike Grass says:

    I visited KFC at Ore, Hastings on Tuesday, 15th November and bought special deal of 9 pieces of chicken for £5.99. I asked how long the offer was going on and was told another 2 weeks. Yesterday, 22nd November I phoned the shop at 4pm and was told that the offer was ending that night. At 5pm I drove 4 miles to take up the offer to be told that the offer ended on 15th. Had I been told this on 15th, or when I phoned, I would not have bothered and used a much closer takeaway.————–Not a happy bunny!



  7. Pauline says:

    Kfc is soooooo finger lickin good
    We love is the tastiest chicken by far

  8. great meal boneless chicken meal . go back again and again

  9. Leng Liew says:

    Been to our High Street KFC yesterday expecting the high quality chicken pieces but to my disappointment they were a bit dry, salty and not much flavour. We know KFC keeps a strict guideline regarding their recipe. In my opinion, reducing the amount of salt will be a good thing especially people are so health conscience nowadays.

  10. Leng Liew says:

    Been to our High Street branch expecting the usual high quality chicken pieces but to my disappointment they were a bit dry, salty and not much of a flavour. We also know KFC have a strict guideline regarding their recipe. In my opinion, the salt content is a little too high especially we are all so health conscience this days. Reducing the amount of salt will be good for all.

  11. malcolm finch says:


  12. I visited your Morecambe branch tonight and there was a total of 3 staff working this was at peak time. The member of staff serving on his own Paul did a fabulous job and worked tirelessly. Some people decided not to wait I waited around 30 mins. I don’t know how your staff are supposed to take a break.

  13. Mrs P Jankowski says:

    Always great chicken never been disappointed both Lincoln KFC are fabulous

  14. love kfc better than any fast foods by far.

  15. love kfc again can we have a store in arnold please.

  16. Your KFC is loved the worlds over for it’s unique taste and texture, I am taking 26 pieces of your delicious KFC to my Family abroad as they can’t have enough of it.
    Louise at your store number : 04603 where I made my order, was a very helpful young lady .

  17. chicken is tasty and kfc is my favourite street food

  18. chandru says:


  19. chandru says:


  20. chandru says:

    Good Food.Good service.Very Good Clean &Need.

  21. Visited many KFC’s over the years without issue until yesterday. Visited Store 10543 (not recognised on your website as all, prompting this comment – Filton, Bristol UK BS34 7BR).

    Went in it was push to order (sides.extras separate list beside the counter to the main list) even though virtually empty. Then ordered and had to pay extra for Tropicana (for the first time ever). They even had the order ready before they had given me the change/receipt. Then there was no dip/sauce which should have been part of the meal.. Finally, I have no idea when the tables/floor were last cleaned (how they got a 5* rating I do not know).

    I will never recommend or visit that outlet again – looking on the internet there seems to be similar poor customer service experiences from that store.

  22. me and my wife love the tender chicken

  23. Always enjoy the taste of kfc

  24. Rowena Latrobe says:

    i love the chicken, its so tender and crispy. me and my friends love to sit and eat at kfc

  25. Rowena Latrobe says:

    good service !

  26. Rowena Latrobe says:

    very reasonable price.

  27. Raj Kumari says:

    satisfying EVERYTIME…..

  28. Rowena Latrobe says:

    very satisfying meals!!

  29. Ron Finnie says:

    Good service

  30. jane worrall says:

    kfc is brill love eating it

  31. love KFC buy it every Friday

  32. very tasty

  33. Best food in this world….😍😍

  34. Mr turner says:

    Service good chicken hot chips nuggets and beans all cold only live 2 ins away not impressed like my food hot not have to bring home and put in microwave for what we paid we’ll have fish and chips next time at least it’s hot

  35. I tried several times to get in the KFC Website and i could get no further than the instructions even after pressing the continue button also several times fed up now maybe i will try Burger King.

  36. food always good

  37. Mahboob Aslam Khan says:

    Chicken was juicy & fresh

  38. Excellent, friendly service. Food fresh and tasty.

  39. Love it

  40. Robertbradley says:

    Splendid service and much improved food from previous visits

  41. sharon brown says:

    Love kfc can we have a store in arnold please…… fabulous

  42. Sharon morgan says:

    love it

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