www.yourkfc.co.uk | KFC 20% Discount Voucher

www.yourkfc.co.uk | KFC 20% Discount Voucher

KFC is inviting customers to take part in the www.yourkfc.co.uk guest experience survey and on completion receive a 20% discount voucher off their next KFC purchase. The KFC survey is designed to allow customers the opportunity to let KFC know how they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy their last meal purchase at KFC.

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Here at Kentucky Fried Chicken, every single customer is like a family member whose say is worth in the circle. Kentucky Fried Chicken takes every customer’s perspective into consideration as they want to make all consumers feel at home. Customer satisfaction survey makes it easy for Kentucky Fried Chicken to actually bring out customer’s opinion that what they actually want or not. Similarly, after recording everyone’s Feedback Company can easily bring the required changes to make the customer experience better. This leads to loyal customers as everyone knows that the company isn’t running just another business but also valuing their consumer’s say.

The sole aim of creating a uniform line in between the company and customers is to benefit both parties. A two-way communication link is built up between both ends that further helps to connect and deliver the personal opinion. By this survey, customer and the company both can have their own say to cooperate and better the future for everyone. Furthermore, it allows both the parties to listen to what others have to say making a suitable situation for everyone. KFC customer satisfaction survey is created in a way that anybody with a computer or smartphone connected to the internet can attempt this survey. No matter when you visited or shopped from KFC, this customer satisfaction survey allows you to write it all down no matter what goes down.

KFC wants you to take the survey and make it better and better every single day so that customers can have a one-stop-shop solution they could trust. You might be worried about what questions will be asked in the survey, right? So fear not as you’ll be asked just about the basic stuff like your experience, suggestions, items you bought etc. Just like other customer satisfaction survey, KFC survey includes different questions that you have to answer. Questions are mostly related to your experience while shopping in KFC. Specifically, you will be asked about the staff, service, product availability, item variety, quality of goods, store maintenance and pretty much anything that might affect the company’s reputation. Read every question thoroughly as a little reading error can make you write an irrelevant answer. Don’t get caught up as questions would be very easy to answer, you just need to read them thoroughly.

Now moving forward to answering the questions, most customers just don’t attempt queries the right way. The sole purpose of any customer satisfaction survey is to bring out the true experience so that the company could make changes accordingly. Write answers in a way so that you point is crystal clear to the reader and try avoiding leaning to partial facts and unclear thoughts. Similarly, state your true experience with KFC no matter how it was, just write down anything that went down. Just fire up the survey link, answer all the questions just the right way and at the end get a chance to win 20% off discount voucher.

Don’t wait for too long as this survey can get close anytime. Take this customer satisfaction survey, provide your precious feedback and get a chance to win 20% off discount voucher.

About KFC

Globally, KFC is the largest fast-food chain specializing in chicken-based meals. Serving up tasty chicken menu items such as the Zinger Burger and Original Recipe Chicken Pieces as well as sides including mashed potatoes, peas and corn KFC is wanting to hear from you. Were you happy with the quality of the last meal you received? Was it freshly cooked and served hot? Did you get the items you ordered and were they received in a timely fashion? Take the YourKFC survey and let them know.

Get A KFC www.yourkfc.co.uk 20% Discount Voucher


KFC www.yourkfc.co.uk 20% Off Discount Voucher

You will need:

1. A computer or a smartphone with an internet access.
2. A recent KFC store receipt or KFC survey invitation.
3. A pen or pencil.
4. You must have the ability to recall your last experience at KFC.
5. You must have the ability to understand English.
6. You must have the ability to write in plain English.
7. Javascript enabled browser.


1. Visit www.yourkfc.co.uk to access the KFC survey website.
2. Read the cookies notification and click on continue if you agree to proceed.
3. Enter the Store Number and Order Number printed on your receipt into the spaces provided.
4. Enter the date and time of your visit. This information can also be found printed on your store receipt if you don’t remember.
5. Tell KFC if your meal was eat in, take away or drive-thru.
6. Answer further questions about your order and rate them accordingly.
7. On completion, you will see a discount voucher code displayed on the screen. Write this code down on your survey receipt or survey invitation card.
8. Give it to the server when you next buy a meal at KFC and receive 20% off your order.

Useful links

1. KFC website: www.kfc.co.uk
2. KFC survey website: www.yourkfc.co.uk
3. KFC survey privacy policy: https://www.yourkfc.co.uk/DContent.aspx?Page=Privacy&c=415716


The KFC guest Experience survey can be found at the following website: www.yourkfc.co.uk. To access the KFC survey you will need to meet the requirements listed above and follow the given step by step instructions. Just visit the survey link, enter the details, fill in your honest feedback and get a chance to win a 20% off discount coupon.

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