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CVS welcomes customers who would like to win $1000 cash in the customer satisfaction survey to vist the website and answer the survey questions on how they felt about their recent visit to a CVS store. The CVS survey allows customers the chance to express what they like and don’t like about CVS.

About CVS

CVS is the largest drug store in the United States with more staores nationwide than Walgreens and Riteaid. To stay number one, CVS needs to make sure that customers keep coming back to their stores and are happy with the service they receive and the products sold in store. The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and can be done online at a time convenient to the participant. Some of the questions that may be asked are; “Did you have any CVS Coupons to redeem on your visit?” and “Were you greeted upon entering the store?”.

CVS Pharmacy Win $1000 Survey

CVS win $1000 Cash Survey

You will need:

1. A store receipt from a recent purchase made at CVS.
2. A computer with internet access.
3. Be over 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States.


1. Go to the official website.
2. Enter the 10 digit Survey ID printed on the survey invitation card and continue onto the survey questions.
3. Answer each of the survey questions rating each one according to your most recent experience at a CVS store.
4. When the survey questions are completed you will be asked some very basic demographic questions about your age, race and gender.
5. To enter the CVS sweepstakes you will be required to submit your personal contact details so that you can be contacted if you are the lucky CVS $1000 cash winner.

Useful links:

CVS website:
CVS survey website:


Each month one winner is drawn in the CVS sweepstakes as well as 200 runner-up prizes of $10 cash each. The survey is a great opportunity to express your valued opinions to CVS and let them know what you think they can do to improve their stores.

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  1. Survey hasn’t worked all month. After today, the ones I have for October will be invalid, so kind of feeling ripped off.

  2. vincent lauricella says:

    the store and the employees are excellent .the survey printout number is in excess of the accepted numeric count for the survey and cannot be used

  3. Wanda Collins says:

    survey will not allow to enter all numbers of ID. there are 17 numbers in my ID so it wont allow me to enter

  4. eric onyebuchi says:

    it is satisfactory, all the services

  5. The face to face service is satisfactory at the store. The delivery service is nice but need some improvement when to delivery and what time.

  6. To Toni C. Reply – retail workers have to put up with a lot of personalities. Maybe this one cashier was already taken back by rude customers – then here you come in, not helping matters.
    So to speak.

  7. Robert Naegele says:

    Great service for both prescription and non prescription items

  8. Fran Grimes says:

    I only got a flu shot….I do NOT take ANY meds!!!!

  9. M. Greenstein says:

    I was disappointed with the time it took for an on-line order to arrive – 15 days from when the order was placed until it arrived.

  10. Gary Burns says:

    Pharmacy Department Mara has been very helpful with any questions about my Perscriptions.

  11. Estell B. Isler says:

    The RiteAide Employee’ always treat me with respect, they ask me how I am. They care if I don’t have enough medicine til my Doctor fax a new one,they will suppy me with a few til that Monday, especially if it’s a weekend. They are a good team to work with, when you are in need of medicines.

  12. They have very good associates, they greet you when you walk in.

  13. where is the 10 digit number on my reciept

  14. Gail Marlow says:

    The survey ID # printed on my receipt from store #3514 had the following # 45748914533782493. This was too many numbers and I could not finish the survey.

  15. Toni Cumbie says:

    I had the worst experience today at your location 7467. Hanna is probably the rudest person I have ever met in retail. It would do you well to send her for retraining that customers make your doors stay open

  16. Joan Becoat says:

    Good services,kind people.

  17. David Middleton says:

    Addlestone branch
    The young girl on the till to me scored 10 she had a nice smile was very helpful & polite she reminded me of the sort of staff Waitrose employ not your normal Tesco staff let’s have more
    Her name for your records was Siana

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