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The Children’s Place is offering customers a 20% off coupon which can be redeemed on their next purchase of $30 or more in return for supplying their candid feedback in the guest satisfaction survey. The survey is the ideal way for customers to let the store know what they like and don’t like about their products, customer service and store appearance.

About The Children’s Place

Starting out in 1989, The Children’s Place is a children’s clothing retail chain in the United States of America. The store supplies excellent quality clothing for children aged 0 to 14 years at very reasonable and competitive prices. Did you enjoy your recent visit to a The Children’s Place store? Provide your feedback in the survey and let them know what you liked and didn’t like.

Get A 20% Off Coupon In The Children’s Place Survey

Children’s Place Survey

You will need:

1. A store receipt from a purchase at The Children’s Place.
2. An invitation to take part in the survey.
3. Computer with internet connected.
4. An email address that can be accessed by you.


1. Visit the survey website at
2. Select your chosen language from English, French or Spanish. Then click on the ‘Start’ button.
3. Enter the date of your visit. This is printed on your receipt if you don’t recall exactly.
4. Enter the transaction code printed on your receipt. You will need to enter this twice for verification purposes.
5. Next indicate if you are over 18 years of age.
6. Complete the Captcha code section to help prevent spam.
7. Over the next few pages you will be asked to recall back to the day you made your purchase at The Children’s Place. Answer each question in full before progressing along to the next one.
8. On completion you will be asked to enter your email address so that your 20% off coupon can be sent to you.
9. You have now completed the survey.
10. Sign into your email account and print out your The Children’s Place survey coupon.

Useful links:

1. Official survey page:
2. The Children’s Place website:


The Children’s Place customer survey can be found at When a participant has completed the survey he or she will receive a 20% off discount coupon on purchases over $30 which can be redeemed on their next visit to the store. simply hand the coupon to the cashier on checkout.

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  2. J’aime children place on trouve de choses tellement beau pour les petits 😍😍😍

  3. i like childrenplace cloths because their style are good and unique

  4. c’est une bonne expérience avec children place

  5. C est un plaisir d acheter dans vos boutiques.

  6. Patricia thompson says:

    Service very good

  7. Ruthza Maxis says:

    I love children’s clothes because they are of good qualities.

  8. yalema hussain says:


  9. I really love it

  10. Gricelda Caicedo says:

    Love it

  11. Carol Werbowski says:

    E-mail address submitted to print out 20% off coupon

  12. Bhavika patel says:

    spectrum children place has excellent service and Jean and Andrea are great helper .Ireally enjyed my shopping . They are great to help us to use our discount coupons too.Great costumer service.Both are very friendly.

  13. Ginette Bélanger says:

    The Children’s Place is a store where I like to shop for my grandchildren

  14. Girls are helpful in the store

  15. exelente calidad en la ropa quede muy satisfecha

  16. Vidya Sharma says:

    Excellent choices in children’s clothing. Friendly staff

  17. Rose Cilluffo says:

    Found a wonderful assortment of cloths

  18. Lisa Latimer says:

    Can you please send me emails in ENGLISH!


  20. I attempted to complete the survey, so that I would receive a 20% discount coupon towards my next purchase. I was very impressed wi my purchase, and I was looking forward to returning, to buy more clothes for my fourteen month old grandson.
    Unfortunately, after attempting to enter the survey numerous times, I could not get through to it.
    This is definitely like the great service and attention that I received at the store.
    Anyone out there want to respond?

  21. I am very pleased with the staff and the quality of the children’s clothes there. I will be returning to the store again to buy for my 3 great-grandchildren.

  22. Davidson says:

    Love to visit and purchase in this store the staff are helpful and friendly. The service is excellent. 🙂 I used to buy stuffs for my nieces and nephews.

  23. tina childress says:

    this was the first time I had ever been in the store. love it with my grandbabies.

  24. tina childress says:

    I went in the store for the first time and I could get lost in this place for my grandbabies.

  25. glenny says:

    Excelente servicio

  26. I enjoyed shopping at your store . Everything was nicely placed.

  27. Edna Dents says:

    They was very helpful helping me fine everything, it was three women that help me.

  28. Slavomir says:

    looking forward

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