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Sears is inviting customers the chance to win a $500 gift card for taking part in the customer feedback survey. The survey has been designed by Sears to gather feedback from customers who have made a recent purchase in one of their stores. The feedback is used to improve Sears products and services so that next time the customer returns to the store they will have a more enjoyable experience.

About Sears:

Sears departments stores are very well known across the United States selling a range of products from household appliances to hardware and automotive equipment. From humble beginnings in 1893 Sears began as a mail order business growing to a 2,500 store empire known all around the world.

How To Win A $200 Gift Card

Sears Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and the internet.
2. A recent store receipt.
3. Be over 21 years of age.
4. A valid email address.
5. Be a resident of the USA.


1. On your computer visit the official survey page at
2. Enter the 12 digit store receipt in the space provided.
3. Select the date that you visited the store. Then click ‘Next’.
4. The survey will begin to ask questions about whether you would recommend Sears to a friend or neighbor.
5. Other questions asked will ask you to recall back to the day you visited Sears and how would you rate the customer service, how easy was it to find what you were looking for and more.
6. On completion of the survey questions you will be asked if you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a gift card.
7. Enter your contact details including your email address so that Sears can contact you in case you are a lucky winner.

Useful links:

Survey website:
Sears website:
Prizes: A major prize of a $4,000 gift card drawn quarterly and a $500 gift card drawn monthly.

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  1. Ann Gray says:

    I shopped for a washing machine on August 2, and Mike assisted me. I was impressed with his knowledge, and he was friendly and extremely helpful. I had many questions about these new agitators, and he was able to clearly educate me. He went beyond just great customer service because he was personable and able to help me with all the details of the purchase. Thank you, Mike!!

  2. Lyndasue Bebee says:

    I’m a very satisfied customer with my recent purchase of a washer in the home appliance department at Sears Greece Ridge Ctr.

    Nathan not only assisted me with my purchase but he was extremely pleasant to work with in re opening my Sears charge card.

    The delivery was right on time. They called, were punctual and polite. .I was VERY pleased with my Sears experience and feel these employees be it appliance or delivery deserve recognition.

  3. My experience in the purchase was super good the associate # 94714 I offer a service of first quality

  4. Dianne Gray says:

    I shop at Sears last night, Jennifer in Galleria Mall was so helpful that I just had to do a survey. She meet me with a friendly smile, was so please to help me, and she make me feel so good about buying what I bought. I really hate that a lot of Sears and Kmart are closing cause they have the most friendly people.

  5. Marie Nitch says:

    Just came back from sears in Rockaway mall and purchased a washing machine from Micheal Zacher who in my opinion went out of his way to help and advise and explain all of the mechanics of the machine.He helped so much that if you had ratings out of 10 I would have given him an 11!!!!!!!

  6. Mike Henderson says:

    MrErskine Baker was a pleasure to deal with while purchasing our new refrigerator. He answered all my wife’s questions and made us feel very comfortable in our selection. I highly recommend him if you’re ever in the Tuscaloosa store

  7. josefina moreno says:

    Yo no me puedo quejar por que me atendieron de maravilla son bien amables en la tienda por eso es mi tienda favorita

  8. Khanna Benjamin

    I would like to thank so much to the sales Associate Natalia #117 that help us in buying a very nice Necklace, Earning and Bracelets for our future daughter in-low, it was white diamond. Natalia took her time with us and she was very patient, helpful and very friendly with the nice smile. thanks again to Natalia and to Sears company

  9. Eileen Dobbins says:

    Ms. Tavesia Austin was extremely accommodating and able to locate the exact items I wanted. She even came back in on her day off to assist. She had to use all of Sears internet techniques (a tedious process) to finalize the order. She was tenacious and unwavering in her approach even with the desired price breaks and multiple discounts in product, protection agreements, install, haul away and special event savings She worked a total of 3 hours on this. Ms. Austin is a truly dedicated and worthy sales rep. and deserving of special recognition.

  10. Nice store, clean, easy to find what you are looking for. Very nice, professional, helpful, cash register attendant. I believe her name was Fitz.

  11. Judith Schuler says:

    I wanted to take advantage of a store coupon and use it toward a microwave. Found the appliance salesman and asked him where they were. He showed me and walked away to help a couple with a washer and dryer I hadn’t even seen in the area. I realize they also work on commission. Had to go to the front of the store’s cashier station and ask for help. The cashier station was not busy at the time so Connor crabbed a cart and helped me with the large box I could not handle. Connor also watched for me to pull up to the door to load it in my SUV. He was a very pleasant helpful young man. The saleman in the appliance dept. was NOT as I told the manager on duty.

  12. Thanks to Jan at the Crossroads Sears store in Omaha, NE. She took time to locate the item help set up the shipping because the store showed the product on the floor but had not in stock in Omaha. She explained in more details how my points worked but said I could not get the points on my craftsman box that had to be delivered. Ican’t produce I needed to know if I had an account set up with password.I but did get free shipping so I can forget the points.

  13. Stephen D says:

    We bought kitchen appliances at sears in Charleston. Robert the salesman was very
    Helpful and informed us on all our choices very well. Scott Hord worked very hard to
    Help us make the purchase meet our needs. We were pleased with the entire experience.

  14. Stephen D says:

    We bought new appliances from sears. Our salesman; Robert was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the different models and brands. Scott Hord took good care of us by explaining all the options and working our deal out to suit our budget. They both were very helpful and made the decision easy.

  15. Anthony says:

    I have just got off the phone with Sears Customer Solutions. It has taken 1 hour and 19 minutes to get someone there (judging by the volume of the voice, ‘there’ is probably on Mars!) to understand that a refund of $125 which should have been sent to me in September is well overdue. When I told the agent that it was about a refund, she asked whether it was for $125. Then she said that she did not have the receipt! I asked her how she knew it was for $125 and then she admitted that the receipt was in front of her. This conversation took so long because that is the way Sears functions nowadays. It is not the Sears of old. The retail stores are superb but the on-line section stinks as does its customer care, not to mention the repairs plans – plan to do it yourself!


  17. Kelly Williams #044001207204 was the most helpful and cheerful associate I have ever had in a long time. She went out of her way to make sure my purchase was just what I wanted. If I had a medal to give her I would. She is an asset to your store in Schererville.

  18. Yesterday I purchased a Kenmore Elite microwave/convection oven. A gentleman by the name of Scott waited on me. He was very helpful and polite. Scott renewed my faith in Sears.
    I was so disappointed with the delivery of the appliances that I had recently purchased that I had checked Macy’s & Penny’s, before I checked Sears for the microwave. Sears has a valuable employee in Scott.
    Sears in the Crystal Mall in Waterford, Ct 06385

  19. Cecilia says:

    I bought a sofa and loveseat from Lorena at Tanforan Mall.
    She’s a great employee! Very happy. Thank you!

  20. Cecilia says:

    Been to the Tanforan 3 times and everytime Lorena Roa has helped me. She’s very good and helpful. Very professional and very patient.
    Sears needs more employees like her.

  21. Mitch was a VERY helpful sales associate. He helped inform me about the pros and cons of pressure washers. He also helped with a Craftsman blower problem….which turned out to be quite difficult….(there is no repair center here anymore). A BIG thank you to Mitch!

    Also Manager, Andy and Manager, Elizabeth, were helpful in taking care of my Craftsman blower problem.

  22. Lurna(#13292) is a great addition to the Sear’s sales staff. She gave me great service today and was a pleasure to talk to. She went out of her way to help me find everything I needed.

  23. Sharon Thomas did amazing with helping me and we like to thank her for her service.

  24. Michelle Gomez says:

    This was the best service.
    sales check no. # 013095246492 THANKS!
    I needed to get a birthday present and a happy fathers day gift for my dad and I was attended with great service. Now, my family and I shall shop at Sears when we need great service.

  25. Cristina Chavez says:

    This was the best service.
    sales check no. # 013095246492 THANKS!
    I needed to get a birthday present and a happy fathers day gift for my dad and I was attended with great service. Now, my family and I shall shop at Sears when we need great service.

  26. Ofelia Lombardo says:

    On june 10,2015, we went to Sears to look for a lawn mower, in that area was only 1 employee, Raibel assoc.#7591, working as cashier and helping people with questions. He was very professional and pleasant, always with on smiled on his face, helping us to choose the best machine for our needs. We want to thank Raibel that make our trip to Sears a very pleasant one.

  27. Richard C Rberl says:

    Sales check No. 010351576110 — The Sears associate {PrinCess Best} was by far the best and most helpful young lady that I have ever had the pleasure of dealiing with when buying an item freom Sears. In this event, a smart phone. I am an 84 yr old guy that is having a hard time trying to live in this new world of gadgets. She was most helpful in showing me how to begin using this new phone. She is the kind of young person that make me feel good. I thank her with utmost respeck.

  28. thank you so much SHARMILA for being patient with us. You are very nice and kind. May God always bless you and your family.

  29. LaVetta Stockard says:

    Thanks so much to the sales associate #24323 that helped us so much. We were really unsure about a gift for my granddaughter who is graduating with her Doctorate next Thursday. The necklace is her birthstone and it is just beautiful. The sales associate took her time with us and was really helpful. She was courteous and friendly and made sure we got all the discounts that we qualified for. Thanks to the associate and to Sears.

  30. Harinder kaur says:

    It was good service

  31. gerry o.poole says:

    great service

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