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Walmart is inviting customers to take part in the Walmart In-Store Satisfaction Survey. The survey allows customers to provide their opinion on what they like and didn’t like about their recent visit to Walmart. The survey results are used to improve Walmart products, sales service and store atmosphere.

About Walmart

Founded in 1969, Walmart is now the largest revenue raising company with more than 2.2 million employees and 11,000 stores in 27 countries worldwide. Walmart sells a variety of general household requirements from clothing, grocery items, sporting goods, hardware and gardening products. On your last visit to Walmart were you able to use your Walmart coupons? Did you find what you were looking for? Were the staff helpful and courteous? Walmart wants your feedback in the Walmart survey and is offering a chance to win a $1000 Walmart gift card for your opinion and time.

How To Win A $1000 Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Win $1000 Gift Card Survey

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You will need:

1. A computer or internet enable device.
2. A recent Walmart receipt.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. Be a US resident.
5. An email address.


1. Go to the survey website at to begin the Walmart survey.
2. Select English or Spanish as your preferred language and continue.
3. Read the information provided by Walmart about the survey and continue.
4. Enter the 5 digit zip code of where you reside.
5. Next, answer whether you or any family member is a Walmart or Sam’s Club employee.
6. Enter the year you were born and whether you are a receipt holder then continue.
7. Enter the store number and ID number as printed on your receipt.
8. The survey questions will now begin. Answer each question in full before moving onto the next question.
9. When the Walmart Survey questions are completed you will be asked if you would like to enter the draw to win one of 5x $1,000 Shopping Cards.
10. Enter your contact details to go into the draw.

Useful links:

Walmart website:
Official survey page:
Survey Soft Guide:


The Walmart customer survey can be undertaken at the offical website The feedback customers provide in the survey allow the company to make improvements based on their customers needs. In return for their time and feedback Walmart is offering one of 5x $1000 Walmart Shopping Cards.

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  1. Vickie athens ga
    September 5 2017

    Dropped off prescription at drive through at
    Walmart on Atlanta highway Athens ga, Amy
    the pharmacy tech lady was so helpful!

  2. Customer service is good. I really like the self check-out lanes.
    I do wish that they would bring back the fabric to our store….Sullivan, MO

  3. We had a new wal- mart come to Prairieville La.i am glad the employees are trained to work and serve the custermers which I needed help with At the begging of my visit wal- mart is so easy to get around every item is marked I wouldn’ t shop any where else wal- mart is my store.

  4. Dale Partin says:

    I enjoy shopping at walmart it saves me time and money. The assocates are helpful and nice always willing to help me find articles Im looking for.

  5. I had a tremendous shopping day in the eyewear department on 4/29/17. My sunglasses had been stolen the week before and Christina was very helpful selecting new frames and filling my prescription. The total cost was significantly less than what I had paid for the glasses that were stollen and I appreciated that! Also, the greeter Ken was very helpful and held my packages whiled I went to the bathroom! Where do you find such great people?

  6. i love walmart because they have every thing i need the workers have really good attitudes and if i had to rate you all i would give you a five their is no other place i would rather shop

  7. Carol Durham says:

    I found eveything I needed just need to have more people willing to help you find something, instead of running the other way when they see you looking for something. But…. please keep in mind not all Wal Mart employees are this way, maybe you need to shop there and weed out the ones that run the other way. I like Wal Mart though.


    The people that work in the pharmacy are really good. They all work hard to get your medicine done on time.

  9. Tracy Lee says:

    In all honesty, I do not like Walmart. I don’t like their stores and I really don’t like their company policies. Having said that, there’s a new Neighborhood Store on 1st Ave in Evansville IN and I LOVE THIS STORE! It’s smaller and it’s clean. The employees actually seem happy to be there. The prices are decent. Parking is ample. I can’t say enough good things about this store. There are still plenty of things I don’t like about Walmart in general but there is something obviously different about this particular store and I will continue to shop there and not be ashamed of myself for doing so!

    • I do not agree

    • Ashamed, really ?
      What a weird statement.

      I have issues about Walmart Salaries, benefits but ashamed !

      That’s just weird !

      Did you mean to use another word but couldn’t think of it?

      Your comment sounds exactly like a Democrate liberal that uses desriptives to define their beliefs in such a way as to demean, denigrate others who do not conform to your philosophies.

      Ashamed ? It’s just a weird, weird word you decided to use in this context.

      It’s bizzare.


  11. I always have a plesent expierences at my favorite store WALMART any WALMART.

  12. Each shopping I find one or two overcharges

  13. Jose Garcia.
    Llevo como ocho años comprando en walmart y me he ahorrado bastante.

  14. Liked the Retail Clerk Trina R. on Nov. 5th, 2016. Thought she was very quick, impressive, and loved her greeting, and her goodbye. It was quick and did not over talk and was very kind. Perfect clerk to have!! Store #01604 and ID#7KO6VLKCFG7…great clerk service!

  15. Charles Brill says:

    Walmart is a great place to shop

  16. MIR AHMED ALI says:

    Awesome Store, you could find everything under one roof !! GREAT EXPERIENCE

  17. The Stores number is SC010926 located in Levelland Texas and we were there Saturday, October 29th, needing help with my cellphone & putting pictures on a disk which I know nothing about, but a young man name Roy who works back there and a young girl with reddish brown hair & a nose ring (didn’t get her name) were extremely helpful, especially Roy (black hair & green eyes). He was afraid if he or they did what I needed & it messed up, they might get in trouble! Roy wrote down easy to go by instructions for me!! I appreciated it very much and his true kindness, because I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and was having a huge flair-up that day, my joints were killing me, but he was so very kind and caring. We need more people like that helping us because we love Wal-Mart and someone needs to give Roy a raise! Thanks!!


  19. B.A.MORGAN says:


  20. Christine Barlow says:

    Walmart in Cambridge was so busy the day that I went, but the cashier that I went to was very fast at checking me out. Her name is : Jonae, and let me tell you, she was the fastest and the friendliest cashier that I have ever seen in Walmart! I even spoke to her supervisor to tell her about my experience with Jonae. Walmart needs more employees like her that know how to be very friendly and efficient! Please commend her on her great working ethnic and overall friendliest!

  21. nicole Angebrandt says:

    They were really nice and was quick

  22. carol mings says:

    used to have to drive, 26 miles to Hondo, Tx, now we have a wall mart i n Devinetx, thank you very much for building here in devine. They are building a gas station. Terriffic. Just about everything I need. Thanks.

  23. Robert W Kreuzer says:


  24. It’s my first to visit Victoria and every time I go anywhere . I always looked for WALMART because it saves me a lot.. And it took me a while to find the place since I’m new to the area and finally I saw a sign WALMART and I was shocked coz ‘ve never see a WALMART that is huge has a second floor and has everything OMG!ANd now only that the only store that has an escalator for carts OMG what in a world… To me WALMART IS THE BEST, THE BEST on the planet earth.. That’s why I always shop at Walmart and also because staff are very friendly they take care of you, they always take care of my needs. I’m so glad you’re always there for me and everyone else …CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll shall return.. I can’t wait to be visiting Walmart in Victoria…. Kudos!!

  25. Do most of are shopping at Wal-Mart, enjoy shopping.

  26. P. D. Weber says:

    This store was as neat and clean as any store we have been to. The salespeople were pleasant and cheerful. 4 stars from us.

  27. marian valenzuela says:

    it would nice to win i never win anything

  28. i enjoy shopping at walmart and saving money.

  29. Kriss Krause says:

    WalMart Store # 02271 / ID#7JYLW6SLFC4: Has earned my future business, due to the Great Customer Service we received from your employees working in the Lawn & Garden Dept., Jeremy, Kristopher & Robin.
    I visited your store June 24th, 2016 with my 82 yr old mother, to pickup 4 outdoor chairs that were placed on hold, because I could not find them at a store near my home in Green Bay, WI. When we arrived in the dept. Store Manager, Jeremy greeted us and immediately helped us when I explained what I was looking for. Assistant Manager, Kristopher retrieved our chairs and Robin assisted with checking out our purchase. Kristopher also carried out our chairs to our vehicle. This was also greatly appreciated!
    They were very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They made our whole experience from the beginning to checking out, pleasurable and fun.

    This was truly one of the best customer service experiences that I have had in a very long time. I will definitely be shopping back at your store location and will be telling my friends & family of our positive experience. Please make sure these employees are acknowledged for their exceptional service.

  30. Ana reyes says:

    I have a sick friend that need that money she need my help😥😥

  31. Martha messer says:

    I would go on a shopping spree with mine

  32. Vera Martin says:

    I would like to smash my computer right now! It’s ridiculous to have so many tries to get to the survey questions!

  33. Vera Martin says:

    I enjoy shopping at the Walmart in Clarksburg WV.

  34. Vera Martin says:

    I love shopping at my Clarksburg WV Walmart. I enjoy talking to the employees whenever I need assistance in finding what I need, they’re always very nice and do their best to find the item(s) I’m looking for!

  35. Q mal se me hace q no pueda aplicar en tu encuesta de walmart porq no soy residente,pero como no te molesta q valla y gaste mi sueldo de toda la semana ahí en tiendas walmart si no fuera por nosotros no vendieran nada somos muchos los contratados q venimos a trabajar y q te consumimos en tiendas walmart,

  36. nicholas difilippo says:

    id# 7hxzxyqyys3. did i win anything

  37. The problem I have at walmart is that the handicapped riding carts are never charged properly. I got to the middle of the store and the cart just stopped it had ran out of charge.
    This makes this very hard for a person who has trouble walking the length and width of the store, please make it more handicapped friendly.

  38. Raymond Linner says:

    I would like to relate how friendly, fast, and professional Mitra is at store#05350. I.D.#7JWXNZ1VXXLZ. I am always smiling when I leave and she was the Cashier. She jokes and helps point out coupons I could be using on the product. I am a 60 yr. old Man who is not the best with coupon shopping, so even if it is 50 cents, it helps! You have a valuable employee with Her in your employ.

  39. Joseph DeFoe says:

    Wal-Mart Does so much for our area I just think that they should get a pat on the back or a Huge Thank You !!!!

  40. Joseph DeFoe says:

    I always Love to shop at Wal-Mart because I can save some CASH, they do a great job,i would Like to give my Store Manager a Shout Out He is allways doing something good for our Map Dot town the Store number is #00724, Thank you Wal-Mart for being our Big Brother !!!!!

  41. Rosemarie Musso says:

    I was shopping and Carolyn was the cashier. She was most helpful, friendly, very professional and really made my shopping experience at WalMart a pleasure. She is a superb employee.

  42. Walmart is great, but the survey is a scam! I have taken thousands over the years & never have won?? Nobody I know has won, so pretty sure they don’t give out the gift cards like they say!

  43. Robert Feemster says:

    Always enjoy the drive to our local (walmart is only 1 mile from our home in Jackson) . I can find all the things I need and usually buy more than I really need but that is part of the fun of going to the local Walmart. My wife goes there two or three times a week and will spend $100 to $200 each visit. Sometimes I go by myself so that I can buy things for self in the same week. I enjoy shopping at Walmart because the prices usually can not be beat. I do not shop at any other store in Jackson.

  44. karen parker says:

    It cut off when I was on last thing to submit survey.I wish u did get it due to I did have issues with Photo Department

  45. Paul David Moore says:

    I haven’t had a problem with anyone that works for wal-mart at all.

  46. Ching Wong says:

    Walmart is a good store for shopping.

  47. John M Lee says:


  48. Denny Gorman says:

    Good service for what I needed

  49. Steve Douglas says:

    love this store

  50. Ellen Lafferty says:

    I was concerned about changing to a different pharmacy, but have found that they are super friendly and always there to help.

    Thumbs up for our new Bandon Rite-Aid Pharmacy.

  51. I think that Walmart is out of touch with the people. To manage the store in better control.

  52. Carl Thornton says:

    Glad to have in our town.

  53. Gilbert Moreno says:

    Had a visit at your on 13100 Josey Ln. Farmers

    Just very disappointed in your staff, not all of them just two.

    Call me whenever possible 512-xxx-xxxx

  54. I always have a great viset at Wal-Mart.The people that I uncounted with are always polite and helpful.The Pharmacist at this store went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out I transferred all my meds to Wal-Mart.

  55. Fun fun

  56. Angelina Harrison says:


  57. Angelina Harrison says:

    I’m done

  58. I just want to win the 5000 dollars sweepstakes.wagcares.çom

  59. Barb Murdock says:

    I wish you would ask comments on the individual employee. The one I had today that checked me out was exceptional. Yet I saw several just standing around talking, doing nothing. There are several checkers that I really admire for their services.

  60. Joanne blair says:

    Great place to shop for groceries, great prices. As long as it is clean.. I will shop there.

  61. Nice store
    Everybody is so help full.

  62. Keep things looking good. I have a few times in walmart just looking around and finding what I am looking for.

  63. Es muy bueno

  64. Es muy bueno hacer compras en walmart

  65. gloriayette says:

    nice people work there walmart is a excellent store to shop at

  66. i really dont believe that about this thousand dollars but walmart is a excellent store to shop at

  67. Steve Richie says:

    Great place to shop, almost every day I need something.

  68. The survey requires that I enter the store #. My receipt has a five digit store #. The Store # text field will only accept four digits. How am I supposed to complete this step?

  69. This was my grand daughters first visit for an vision test. The staff were right there ready to help, the optometrist did a good job explaining everything for her. Nice assortment of frames to choose from. We will come again.

  70. Joyce McCallie says:

    It kept saying the ID# and ST# did not match which they did. I asked for help and got nothing but confusion. I believe this is just a joke to make enter something that isn’t real..

  71. christina carlson says:


  72. Bach nguyen says:


  73. Bach nguyen says:

    I love your store

  74. Shannon Pyrtle says:

    Had a good experience at Walmart the store was clean and the workers were very helpful helping me find what I was looking for. I didn’t have to wait in a long line for just a few items

  75. dolores hudson says:

    I enter all information requested and the i.d # for the store that I shopped at is not taking which is #1184. What do you do next if none of the # that you enter from the receipt are working. Why have the survey? Why not if customers can input their own information and the location of the store that they shopped at? It’s a waste of time trying to take the survey when none of the # you input are not taking. lol.

  76. I love Wal-Mart, but isn’t every item in the store worthy of a price clearly marked somewhere

  77. hilda colyer says:

    My experience at Walmart has always been very goo d cashiers are always very nice.

  78. Jerry King says:

    Service was excellent, cashier seemed refressed and willing to help and make eye contact and assist you will packing your items.

  79. It would be nice of you to publish survey winners– any chance?
    Some of your fruit prices are outrageous like pears $4+ / lbs.

  80. I had no problems with the survey. It would be nice to win the gift card since my TV is going out on me. I am in desperate need of a new one.

  81. I think I’d faint if i won

  82. Walmart is nice store we get everything we want and need

  83. Vanessa says:

    This is a privilege to have the store we don’t know what we would do without it. The store gives us a lot of resources for example shoes, shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, food, shampoos, lotion and much more we are so fortunate to have this store

  84. I love wallmart they are the only place that my husband and i shop to buy our food,clothes,shoes,toiletary our more we both love your stores we shop there at least 5 time a week i also by our hair products.

  85. You need to work on the quality of your products!

  86. antoinette wright says:

    I went to web site I was told, took the time to fill out the complete survey. I could not enter the ID #listed on my receipt. How does anyone win, is this another scam? I do not really like to go to Walmart, the item of clothing are cheesey, not real good quality. The check out girl was so persistent for us to go to the web sight and win!!

  87. Mary K Crews says:

    Shopped @ your Store #1222 on 6/15/15 & I would like to complete the NEW SHORTER survey to have a chance to receive one of the (5) $1000 Walmart Gift Cards.

  88. Anita Donoho-Ott says:

    We are glad to have a super Walmart in our town! It allows for others from outside of our town to shop & provide revenue for our community.

  89. I always found what I needed at Wal Mart

  90. shamiya wallace says:

    it was good

  91. joanne says:

    i attempted to do the survey but as always wally world makes it hard to do….as long as the survey has been in effect i have never heard from anyone who has won a 1000 dollar gift card..this is a scam with too much advertising….as always….lol..i did witness a guy(8:45 a m) grab an easter basket($20) from the front door area and run out the door…who would be so stupid to display the expensive items by the front door………………..

    • Stanley West McPherson, says:

      I like what Johanna, said that is real talk, and action, to back it up! Now that`s Faith!

  92. Bonnie L.Byers says:

    I have never had a bad expierence at walmart the pharmacy is execelent.

  93. Tracey L Buxton says:

    There is no store number on my receipt

    • miguel angel rosas says:

      id #7jywvmst8yx Store was great service nothing like this in US.

      • The service was excellence, cashier was nice and she serve me very well. I’m always shopping with many friends on 35th Ave and Bethany home Walmart store because of her good costumer services experiences and I will keeping shopping their us long she work their. The cashier Name was Yesenid.

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