www.tellargos.co.uk | Argos Win £500 Cash Survey

www.tellargos.co.uk | Argos Win £500 Cash Survey

Argo’s is inviting customers who have recently visited one of their stores to give their feedback in the www.tellargos.co.uk tell us about your in-store experience customer survey. By taking the time to give your feedback and suggestions you helping Argo’s improve your next customer service experience, plus you will also have the opportunity to win £500 in cash.

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About Argos

Argo’s is retail giant in the UK with more than 8,000 stores offering an enormous variety of products ranging from home wares, fashion accessories, gifts, clothing and more. Maintaining it’s popularity and good standing among it’s customers Argo’s wants your input on how to improve it’s quality products and levels of customer service. Were you happy with the quality of the products you purchased from Argo’s? Was the item easy to locate? Were the staff helpful and friendly? Let Argo’s know in the tellargos.co.uk in-store experience survey.

Win www.tellargos.co.uk £500 Cash Survey


Argo’s www.tellargos.co.uk Win £500 Cash Survey.

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. Be a UK resident and over 18 years of age.
3. An email address that is working and can be accessed by you.
4. An Argo’s store receipt.


1. Go to the www.tellargos.co.uk Argo’s survey website.
2. Press the Start Survey red button.
3. Enter the name or postcode. town of the store you visited.
4. Indicate the day you visited and the time.
5. Enter the reason for your visit; make a purchase, return or refund or did not make a purchase.
6. Answer each of the survey questions providing additional information in the space provided.
7. On completion you will be asked if you would like to enter the monthly draw to win £500 cash.
8. Submit your name, postal address, phone number and email address so that you may be notified if you are the lucky monthly winner.

Useful links:

Argo’s website page: www.argos.co.uk
Argo’s survey page: www.tellargos.co.uk


Lastly, be sure to take the Shopper's Voice customer survey to receive FREE STUFF tailored to what you LIKE and WANT! We're talking money-saving rewards such as cash, product samples, coupons and much more! And, it doesn't hurt to know that you'll also be entered to WIN $1,500 this month!

By giving your feedback in the www.tellargos.co.uk in-store experience survey customers can be rest assured knowing that their contribution is helping Argo’s improve their store ambiance, quality of products and customer service staff. Each month there is a monthly draw for £500 cash to one lucky participant.

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