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Gordman’s is welcoming their customers valued and candid feedback in the guest satisfaction survey. Gordmans strives to provide the best in customer service and products to it’s in-store guests and would like to hear from them about how they are doing. The is very easy to do offering a rating scale so that customers can quickly and easily leave their feedback.

About Gordman’s

Gordman’s stores are a retail chain of discount priced items including clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry and homewares. From humble roots in Omaha, Nebraska Gordman’s is now more than 80 stores strong all across the United States. Gordman’s values their customers opinion and feedback very highly and is keen to hear their ideas and suggestions. In return for their time customers are awarded a Gordman’s 20% off coupon on completion.

Gordman’s 20% Off Coupon Survey

Gordmans 20% Coupon Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A store receipt from Gordman’s.
3. A pen or pencil.


1. Visit survey website.
2. Enter the code printed on your receipt and the time of your visit.
3. Answer each of the survey questions by rating your answers on a scale of Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied. If you believe the question is not applicable to your visit then select n/a.
4. Ensure that each survey question in fully answered before moving on to the next question. Some of the questions are allocated an area where you can provide additional feedback if you wish.
5. Once the survey questions are complete a Validation Code will be displayed on the screen, write this code down on your store receipt and give to the cashier when you make your next purchase to receive 20% off.

Useful links:

1. Gordman’s website:
2. Gordman’s guest satisfaction survey:
3. Gordmans survey privacy policy:


Customers who complete the guest satisfaction survey are providing very valuable to Gordman’s who appreciates the time a customer takes to participate in the survey. In exchange for their important ideas and suggestions a 20% off Gordman’s Coupon is presented to each participant.

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  2. I work in the Broadway mall and usually go to target 3-4 times a week and when I get checked out by Sulchi she is very quick and always polite she always has a smile on her face it’s a pleasure seeing her there.

  3. Stopped at the South Haven Ms store yesterday, first time ever hearing of this place. Very impressed, and filled my buggy. I had one item that I had to request a price for. There was two different sizes of this particular item, and the employee gave me the prices for both, the small and the large. I chose the small item, but when I got to the check out….after waiting forever in line because of the chaos and disorganization…I handed the clerk the item, along with the price…of both the small and large item, she told me she knew all about the item because she was the one who had gotten the prices to start with, rather snarky, I may add, and proceeded to charge me for the larger item. I told her this was the smaller of the item, and she made some kind of comment in a rude voice, and proceeded slinging items around the register, and continuing to charge for the larger of the items, which I did not have. I then told her to keep everything that I had brought to the register, that I would not be purchasing anything here in this store, and left everything on the counter! Your “employees” can make or break you. You lost a nice little profit yesterday, not to mention a new customer because of your rude employee!

  4. Gordmans no longer offers 20% off your next purchase in return for filling out a survey. You are now entered to win a gift card.

  5. Delores Verheyen says:

    Am disappointed that you discontinued 20% off coupon !!!!!

  6. The last two times I followed the instructions for for 20% off coupon and survey, there was no code at the end of the survey for me to use.

  7. Just shopped there yesterday and every site I go to today says the survey site is no longer. I’m rather disappointed and also disappointed they discontinued the 20% off with each coupon receipt from that survey.

  8. sarah burkett says:

    Sharon at the dollar store off king ave is incredibly sweet and has a warm heart. Her smile is infectious. We need more people like her.


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