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Payless is inviting customers to give their valued and independent feedback in the Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey allows customers the means to tell Payless about their recent shopping experience at a Payless store. In return for their time in the survey, participants will receive a $5 off coupon to redeem when they make their next Payless purchase.

About Payless

Payless is a well-known shoe store based in the United States but has expanded to many other countries around the world. Payless is known for it’s low cost but great quality shoes and their self-serve style of sales. Customers browse for the shoes they like in the size that fits them tries them on and takes the shoes to the register to purchase. There is no salesperson to help you fit your shoes or search for other sizes. You help yourself and this keeps down the cost of shoes. Think back to your last purchase from Payless, were you happy with the quality of the shoes you purchased/ Was the cashier friendly and greet you warmly? Let Payless know in the Payless survey.

Payless $5 Coupon Survey

Payless $5 Coupon Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A Payless store receipt.
3. A pen or pencil or printer attached to your computer.


1. Visit the survey website.
2. If you wish to take the survey in Spanish select that language by following the link.
3. Enter the 13 digit access code which you will find printed at the bottom of your store receipt. Start the survey.
4. The survey questions will ask you to recall back to your last shopping experience at Payless. Answer each question rating your answers according to what happened on that day.
5. When the survey questions are all completed enter your contact details including your email address.
6. Check your email as you will have received a Payless Coupon for $5.
7. Print out the coupon or write the validation code on your store receipt.

Useful links:

Payless website:
Payless survey website:
Payless survey terms and conditions:


If you would like to receive a $5 Payless Coupon simply take 5 minutes out of your day to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey will help Payless find out what it is their customers enjoy and dislike about their stores.

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10 votes


  1. Awesome organized clean store – Tecumseh Mall Windsor
    please also change my email address to so I print my coupon – I believe payless has an old email address on file for me

  2. Well organized and fine shoes.

  3. Randall zeledon says:

    I shop here all the time they have great prices, specials and gas regards, I highly recomend Wind Dixie to my family and friends

  4. I was very satisfied thank you.

  5. Never new there were so many great looking shoes at reasonable prices. I have been back a couple of times.

  6. I did not go in to buy shoes (surprising) I went in to browse the accessories and was very satisfied with my purchases!

  7. Christina says:

    Phone orders are impossible! Worst Customer Service ever! Will do nothing to assist the customer in making a purchase. I’ll never order online ever again!!!!

  8. I t is a good shoes store,I like go shopping to there.

  9. Diane Beattie says:

    I like payless shoes and good quality and I like this spring selection.

  10. keyla edith acosta nuñez says:

    Me gusta comprar zapatos por la variedad y buenos precios

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