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T.J.Maxx is inviting customers who wish to give their candid feedback to take part in the customer satisfaction survey. Were you happy with your recent T.J.Maxx shopping experience? Grab your chance to win a $500 T.J.Maxx gift card in the survey each month.

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Here at T.J.Maxx, every customer’s opinion is taken into highest regard. They always wanted the customer guide for tweaking future company plans. The T.J.Maxx Customer Feedback Survey is hosted so you can provide your precious feedback and help the company serve you better in the future. T.J.Maxx wants every customer’s feedback as it helps the company to improve the loopholes to create a better shopping experience. T.J.Maxx customer survey collects your feedback to make sure that customers are satisfied. No matter which branch you visited, T.J.Maxx wants you to turn the feedback in so they could analyze it and bring the needed change. They just want to know that what’s going on in customer mind and how they can better up the overall experience. T.J.Maxx wants to hear your thoughts about their services, products, and overall experience so they can analyze your suggestions and opinions to bring the change. Positive or negative, T.J.Maxx doesn’t care about the feedback type, they just want to know it all for improving the company. Furthermore, as an appreciation for taking the time to share your thoughts you get a chance to win a $500 gift card. Still thinking? Visit the survey link, enter the required details and get going with the survey.

Every customer satisfaction survey is hosted to take suggestions and opinion of the people connected with the company. Customers are the only wheel of any business responsible for profits or losses. Taking customer thoughts in consideration is the only way to making a business successful. That is why most companies host customer satisfaction feedback for listening to what the buyer think about them. Furthermore, T.J.Maxx doesn’t only care about pumping up the profits but providing the best quality products as per customers demand.

The sole aim of any customer satisfaction feedback is to create a connection between the customers and company. T.J.Maxx survey is here to collect your feedback so they could analyze the problems and fix them real soon. T.J.Maxx survey connects the customers with the company so both parties can listen to each other. Furthermore, this two-way communication link allows both the parties to convey their messages easily and efficiently. Similarly, this link creates a friendly relation between the company and the customers that is beneficial for everyone. A whole new world of communication is opened for both the parties that help to build a better relationship. So are you ready to attempt the survey now? We don’t think so, follow along and get to know the insights.

Talking about the questions in this survey, they are very easy to understand and anyone can get around with it. You just have to pay attention and read them thoroughly before answering. Just make sure that you are paying attention while reading the questions as some can be misleading. Avoid listening to songs or doing any other activity while attempting the survey. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t skip any question and answer every question as per your experience at T.J.Maxx.

Provide your honest and candid feedback at T.J.Maxx and get a chance to win a $500 gift card. Fire up the survey link, provide the required details, fill up the feedback form to help the company serve you better in the future.

About T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx is a major retail store stocking all the latest big name brands and designer fashions. T.J.Maxx has more than 3,000 stores globally and is dedicated to long-term growth through customer satisfaction. Recall back to your last visit to T.J.Maxx, were you impressed by the customer service? Were the garments you purchased up to your expectations? did you find a good variety of what you were looking for?

How to Win A $500 T.J.Maxx Gift Card in T.J.Maxx Survey
Win A $500 Gift Card

You will need:

1. A computer or smartphone with internet access.
2. A store receipt from T.J.Maxx.
3. Be over 21 years of age and a US resident.
4. You must have the ability to understand English or Espanol.
5. Javascript enabled web browser to render the survey page.
6. You must have the ability to recall your latest experience at T.J.Maxx.
7. Note that you should be able to write your feedback in plain English or Espanol so that the reader can easily understand.
8. Make sure to avoid adding any prejudice or partiality in your answers. They should only reflect your true experience at T.J.Maxx.
9. Basic information like Survey Number, Date, Time, Email Address, Phone etc.
10. You’ll just need to invest a couple of minutes to complete this survey.


1. Go to the survey website.
2. Enter the survey number, date and time as printed on your store receipt.
3. Commence the survey by rating your overall experience.
4. Answer all of the survey questions rating them based on how you felt about your last visit to T.J.Maxx.
5. Once the questions are all completed you can then enter the monthly T.J.Maxx survey sweepstakes.
6. Supply your name, address, phone number, and email details to enter the draw.

Useful links:

T.J.Maxx website:
T.J.Maxx survey page:
T.J.Maxx survey rules:


When customers take the time to give their valuable feedback in surveys such as they are helping their favorite store improve their future shopping experiences. Let T.J.Maxx know about your ideas and suggestions. Visit the survey link, enter the required details as asked, answer the questions and get a chance to win a $500 gift card.

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