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Rite Aid is welcoming customers who wish to take part in the ‘Voice Of The Customer’ survey sweepstakes. The survey requires no purchase and is perfect for those who wish to express their praise or concerns about Rite Aid stores. The survey will require only a few minutes of time to complete and offers a chance to enter the monthly draw for a grand prize of $1000 or a minor prize of $100.

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The survey is designed in order to improve the quality of the customer service you get at the Rite Aid stores. This survey will not only benefit the Rite Aid Drugstore but also the customers at the same time. When you develop trust in a particular store and are satisfied with it services you seldom want to switch to another option even if the customer care is not as good as it used to be. As, is seen with a lot of small businesses that when they start in the beginning, everything they do for their customers is of top quality but with time this standard of customer service often declines.

This happens due to the lack of identification of the areas where they lack. Now when you get a chance to change the things that you do not like at your favorite drugstore known as Rite Aid, why would you not do so. It is not always about changing things always, it might happen that you are utterly satisfied with the quality of service provided to you and you might want to express that feeling somewhere. So the survey gives you a chance to do so as well. So the next time you step into the store you will be entertained with even more zeal and dedication, as you have previously appreciated the customer service provided to you.

This is how the survey plays an important role in benefitting both the concerned parties i.e. the customers and the Rite Aid at the same time. Rite Aid is so much devoted in giving top quality services to its customers that you do not even have to purchase anything in order to fill out the survey, you can complete the survey without any purchases at all. The Rite Aid does not stop there; it also provides you with a chance to win $1000, on the completion of the survey you can enter the monthly draw to win the grand prize of $1000 or a small price of $100. So here you go, when you know that you can make things even better at your favorite drug by simply completing a small survey and that will even give you a chance to earn $1000, there is absolutely no way that will not do so.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a Fortune 500 company and is one of the largest drug store chains in North America. With a large number of competing companies, Rite Aid would like to ensure that their customers keep coming back to them for their products and services. One way to ensure that customers return is to keep them happy. To find out what makes customers happy Rite Aid has set up the ‘Voice Of The Customer’ Rite Aid Survey to provide customers with the opportunity to tell them how they feel.

Rite Aid is the third largest drugstore chains in the US and the largest in the East Coast. The company that started back in 1962 with a name of Thrift D Discount Center and only with one store is one of the largest drug store chains in the US today. This success of The Rite Aid is not just an overnight story. This company has got a complete history of ups and downs, highs and lows, to make it stand where it stands today.

Brief History:

Alex Grass, the founder of the Right Aid Company put a lot of efforts and devotion in order to make the Rite Aid, a huge success story. When the company began in 1962 with just a single store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, nobody knew that it would go so much in the years to follow. 3 years after the first Rite Aid store opened it expanded to five more States in the US. That actually shows the success Right Aid enjoys today is not earned overnight. It was the year 1968 when the Right Aid went public and got listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1970. Rite Aid is also ranked in one of the Fortune 500s companies.

Path To Success:

In 1972, the Rite Aid chain expanded into 267 stores along 10 States of the US. The company managed to pass the shaky early years with ease and no has grown into a pretty stable organization. 1983 is a pretty memorable year for the Rite Aid, as it achieved the sales milestone of $1 billion that year for the first time. There was no looking back from there onwards. The drugstore chain was on the path towards great success. On the way through the company acquired a lot of other companies and small business in order to become the largest drugstore chain of the East Coast. The companies and other drug stores acquired by the Right Aid include Gray Drug Store acquired in 1987, Baltimore, Maryland’s Read’s Drug Store in 1989. In the same year, The Rite Aid also acquired People’s Drug and Lane Drug. In 1994, the Rite Aid also acquired Hook’s Drugstore. It was 1995 when the Rite Aid acquired the Perry Drug Stores. Finally, in the year 1996, the Rite Aid acquired the Thrifty PayLess, this was by far the largest purchase by the Rite Aid as Thrifty PayLess comprised of 1000 stores.

Partnership With and GNC:

In 1999, Rite Aid partnered with the (GNC) General Nutrition Corporation and also with The partnership with the enabled the Rite Aid’s customers to place online medical prescription orders with the same day pick-up facility from the stores.

The success of the Rite Aid drug chain is not unknown to anyone residing in the US today. It is rated pretty high as far as the drugstore chains of the US are concerned and not to forget the fact that it is the third largest drugstore chain all over the US. Now if such a company is giving you a chance to make your opinion count is really commendable. It actually shows the level of commitment and truthfulness the Rite Aid has towards its customers. Even if Rite Aid had not introduced the “Voice of the Customer” survey it would not have mattered much. But as Rite Aid believes in continuous improvement in their customer service that is why it had introduced this survey. So visit one of the Rite Aid stores today and make your say count by simply completing a small survey.

How To Win The Voice Of The Customer Survey

Rite Aid voice Of The Customer Survey

Check below this video for more information on their survey

You will need:

To enter the $1000 Rite Aid survey sweepstakes online you will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. An email address.
3. A store receipt.

To enter by mail:

1. A postcard.
2. Pen.
3. Stamps.


1. To enter online go to on your computer.
2. Select English or Spanish.
3. Enter the cashier code that is printed on the store receipt.
4. Next enter the 16 digit code printed at the bottom of the receipt.
5. The survey questions will ask you to recall back to the last time you visited a Rite Aid store and rate your experience.
6. When all the questions have been answered then you will be asked if you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win $1000 each month. If your answer is no, close your browser window. Your feedback will still be sent to Rite Aid.
7. If yes, provide your personal contact details so that Rite Aid can get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner.
8. To enter by mail, send a handwritten postcard to: Rite Aid ‘Voice Of The Customer’ Survey, 30 Hunter Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011.

Useful links:

Rite Aid website:
Official survey page:
Survey rules:
Previous winners:


Rite Aid would like to hear from their customers in the ‘Voice Of The Customer’ survey. The feedback given by customers helps them to improve their products and services. Keeping customers satisfied is the ultimate goal of every business and the only way to do that is to find out what it is that they like.

Rate Your Experience With Rite Aid. Leave Your Comments Below

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77 votes


  1. Valeriazlu says:

    удалите,пожалуйста! [url=].[/url]

  2. Denise Hernandez says:

    Rite aid always has good deals, employers are very helpful and they always maintain the store clean.

  3. Kara lynn says:

    Always such a nice store. Never had any problems, very quick service. The people there are always so sweet. I love the plenti card and the good deals. I enjoy going to this store.

  4. Brianna wiltrout says:

    Rite aid is awesome they have wonderful workers and wonderful service. I love rite aid because of there service and there wonderful staff. Thank you rite aid

  5. I love shopping at rite aid because they have great deals

  6. Gregory Ferdinandsen says:

    🙂 another typical Rite Aid experience

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  9. I find the staff at my Mio riteaid very helpfull. I was interested in purchasing some. vitamins but had questions and the staff member there spent quite a bit of time helping me.She answered all my questions and was very nice. Thank You and keep up the good work.

  10. Wonderful service excellent customer service

  11. JOHN MIGLIORE says:


    • I don’t understand how they won’t allow me to do the survey. The excuse is that there can only be so many per month per household, yet I have been entering more than that a month for a year. And how do they know who I am? I did not get a chance to enter that info. They are cheaters and shysters.

  12. The people in the pharmacy are very helpful. When you can find a floor person they very helpful
    also. Thank you.

  13. Carmen setser says:

    I was at the 831 k st. Store. And I usually have a so-so experience. But today was more exceptional. Avi, a cashier made sure that my coupons went through. Instead of telling me, he couldn’t help me. He has showed me to be very helpful in my visits there more than once. So I continue to frequent. Thank you Avi.

  14. It is impossible to access your store survey! Your Fort Bragg store is bright and usually well-stocked. I wish you had more than one old and decrepit handicap cart.

  15. Jerry Randall says:

    Unable to submit survey. Says code is invalid. I’ve triple checked it. Frustrating! Infuriating!

  16. Great customer service

  17. Ann Marie Honeywll says:

    What a mess, can’t seem to access correct survey spot, agree waste of time

    • I can’t believe that they won’t let me enter more than 4 times during the contest phase! I’m in there more than 4 times a month. I should be able to enter as many times as I want! I don’t go there and just buy a pack of gum. I spend on an average trip, between 15-45$. I just don’t think it’s very fair. Maybe, just maybe this trip wasn’t a very nice trip. Anyway, TY for letting me speak my mind. Maybe CVS would be interested in what I have to say!

  18. I was in store #07180 on 2/20/17 to buy a pack of Pall Mall Red I was CARDED me a 71 year old man. The last I was CARDED was in 1964 this is a lot of BS will never shop I another Rite Aid .

  19. Donna Butler says:

    Iove shopping at our community RiteAid the store number is11696 its been remodeled its so clean and stocked up and its only about 5mins from my house Thanks Rite aid for a great Store with great associayes and great pharmacist we love Rite aid in cumming Ga

  20. Juana Martinez says:

    I guess I am not the only having troubles getting to the survey, so disappointed

  21. Cannot for the life of me get to the survey. Sign at store today reminding us to do the survey, not so easy!I give up

  22. StarWarsFan says:

    We love our Rite Aid store on the island, it’s clean, recently remodeled and must have new management because finally things are stocked, and not missing. In the past my favorite makeup or shampoo would not be stocked always missing, luckily that changed.
    I have good feedback and experience but feel disappointed that I can only enter 4 times the sweepstake for the store, there is no other Rite where I live on the island so I am sad that I miss out on this opportunity. Overall, I really like Rite Aid, we have Walgreens too but I tried them and it doesn’t feel like “home” there for me.
    If I entered via mail, do I still provide cashier and survey numbers pleas advice.

  23. rita mornard says:

    Great clean store helpful friendly employees always have what i am looking for and more

  24. I would love to enter for a chance to win the $1000 but this site is utterly useless. Where do I go to enter? There is no obvious place to enter my information. After several minutes —- no more!!!

    • I love rite aid . All the employees have great customer service. I love to shop there I live in the naborhood so it so convenient. Have a great day.

    • Donna Butler says:

      Go to bottom of this page where it says conclusions i click on the place where it says Rote aid sirvey .com it took me to a page where its says english or other language hit whatever language you want and start survey

  25. I knew from the first moment I stepped into this store, the associate behind the counter was in a bad mood. I should have followed my instinct, left and gone to another Rite Aid.
    I don’t know if she was mad or not feeling well, no greeting. Then when she asked for my ID, I said jokingly, I don’t do that at any other Rite Aid. She went completely ballistic and started raising her voice about it’s company policy, I need to call and report that store. I told her I was joking. It just got worse, the manager came over and caught the last part of the conversation. I decided it was better to complete my transaction and leave. As I exited I heard her mumble something under her breath and asked what her name was, she wouldn’t say. The manager told me her name was Teresa. I will never go to the Temple City Rite Aid, located at 9450 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City, California 91780 again. I have been a customer since the old Thrifty days. If this is the way they allow their associates to act toward their customers. All I can say it isn’t professional, they need to be properly trained. I’m sorry that Teresa was having a bad day (maybe) or maybe it’s her usual demeanor.

  26. rite aid is the best store ever. my kids even say lets go to riteaids


    store #04259 register # 0619200425902581 I find Rite Aid very helpful and has very good prices on their products. I would like to enter for a chance to win $1,000.00. THANK YOU.

  28. William Bennett says:

    The store was fine, but this survey site is horrible. Been here for 5 or 6 minutes and can’t find where to enter the 16 digit code. Waste of time.

    • I know what you mean 😱
      It’s so frustrating !!
      I saw on the flyer that if you spend $30
      They send you a $15 card through the mail . I spend $42 & I have not been able to put in the inf . I ❤ the store, this is our farmacy but really 😳
      I hope someone reads this & fix it 🙏

  29. The slogan needs to be changed to
    With us, it’s NOT personal.
    I have shopped at RiteAid 3-4 times a week for the last 5 years. Each time I go I am carded by the same 2-3 clerks. I am 50yrs old and it is getting tiresome. So in the past year I drive 1/2 mile further to a different store where the clerks are allowed to use common sense! I am not getting younger!

  30. I have shopped at RiteAid 3-4 times a week for the last 5 years. Each time I go I am carded by the same 2-3 clerks. I am 50yrs old and it is getting tiresome. So in the past year I drive 1/2 mile further to a different store where the clerks are allowed to use common sense! I am not getting younger!

    • I totally agree with you on this matter. I’m over 70, unfortunately I had to stop at the Rite Aid in Temple City, California, which is not my usual store. The woman read me the riot act and wanted to know which Rite Aid I usually go to, as she was going to call Corporate to report that store. I’ll never return to Temple City again.

  31. Scin jeong kim says:

    I love shopping at Rite Aide. The stores are conviently locate inside and out. In towns finding a Rite Aide is easy because they are located in centered shopping malls. All employees are friendly and very willing to help customers find a product or answer a question. The pharmacy and especially the photo shop is very convienent, Getting good quality pictures in an hour is fantastic

    enter for a chance to win $1000!
    0214 0810 5940 4345

  32. Scin jeong kim says:

    I love shopping at Rite Aide. The stores are conviently locate inside and out. In towns finding a Rite Aide is easy because they are located in centered shopping malls. All employees are friendly and very willing to help customers find a product or answer a question. The pharmacy and especially the photo shop is very convienent, Getting good quality pictures in an hour is fantastic.

  33. I was recently in the store in lake isabella. Some of the employees were wonderful but as I went to checkout is when it all went down hill. The cashier/supervisor that helped me was rude. Her attitude and facial expression while checking me out was astonishing. She was not helpful as she was checking me out customers were asking her questions and she was ignoring them and customer in line answered her questions. So as I was leaving I managed to take down her name and would like to tell the manager there at the store but I was told to report on here first but I am not sure if I am suppose to put the womans name on here. But the store and other employees were helpful and very polite and happy. She was the only rude distasteful one. She seemed as if she didnt want to be there or hated her job. And did n I t want to be bothered by customers.

  34. The Rite Aide in Candler, NC has always provided excellent service. Keep up the great work.

  35. Gloria Colby says:

    Your Cashier in the Montpelier Vt. store Named Billi Jo is a great help she is very polite and knows her job well . Ill return to that store dew to the experance I had there dew to her kindness and politeness .Thank you for having an employee like her there.

  36. Micaela Arce says:

    I love the one I go to in Camp Hill pa because the people at the pharmacy always are smiling, sweet and patient. I also visit their minute clinic and always have a great comfortable experience with the physician. She also helps me find the meds I need and she mentions the cheaper priced ones that are just as effective if im on a fixed budget. Time wise, even if there is a wait it usually doesn’t take very long and I can feel free to roam the store because they calmly announce your name and where to go when it is your turn and they don’t butcher my name! Im always greeted upon arrival and bid a farewell when I leave. It is nice to know where the employees are if I need help and the fact that I am comfortable approaching them considering they’ve already acknowledged my existence. Very nice service. Very hospitable.

  37. dennis smith says:

    I can’t wait until walgreens takes over the riteaid store in oscoda michigan!! They have the most unsocial manager there!! She never says hello or even smiles at the customers!! She’s mean to her other associates as well especially when they are putting up stock!! I’ve heard her cuss at them!! She rarely if ever works the weekends!! The cashiers named amy,jeanne,teala are the friendly all the time!!

  38. Jo Volgamore says:

    I love shopping at Rite Aide. There is a wide variey of products from which to choose. The stores are conviently locate inside and out. In towns finding a Rite Aide is easy because they are located in centered shopping malls. Inside the store the isles are clearly marked, and the shelves are neatly laid out. All employees are friendly and very willing to help customers find a product or answer a question. The pharmacy and especially the photo shop is very convienent, Getting good quality pictures in an hour is fantastic. We also love the weekly/everyother week sales on our special items is veryconvienent.

  39. Norma Rivera says:

    ride aid
    store #01962
    284-292 connecticut
    buffalo ny 14213
    (716) 881-4007
    register #1 transaction #539922
    cashier #19626900

    enter for a chance to win $1000!
    0115 1301 9620 1229

  40. Kimbly C. Dudley says:

    The store is always sparkling clean. The staff is as helpful as they can be. I will say they need to be more people oriented, they should smile more, and a warmer attitude.

  41. Rite Aid is vastly superior to all other pharmacies IMHO

  42. rite aid is a good place to shop the sales people are great I enjoy shopping there that’s one of my favorite stores

  43. Cheryl Evenson says:

    Riteaid is a great pharmacy – I trust Riteaid Pharmacists will fill my prescriptions timely and answer any questions I may have about a prescription.

    The rest of Riteaid has a great selection of items that I use and if I am unable to find an item the staff takes me to where the product is.

    I greatly appreciate that the store is clean and well stocked.

  44. Cheryl Evenson says:

    I trust Riteaid to fill my prescriptions. The Pharmacists are very knowledgeable about each prescriptions and answers my questions about a new prescription.

    Riteaid Pharmacy provides exceptional customer service. The store is newly remodeled and set up so each customer can easily find what they need. The staff is friendly, very helpful and if you cannot find a product a clerk will take you to where it is located.

  45. Janice harmon says:

    I like rite aid for the great sale prices

  46. masuma rahman says:

    I love riteaid.very reasonable good price.

  47. Michael A. Faison says:

    Employees are always kind and friendly. This is the number one reason why I choose to shop at that location.

  48. Rite Aid has a good service and his personnel is always ready to help the clients.
    i have good experience with deferent stores.

  49. I’ve been going to rite aid ever since I moved up here. They are always helpful, pleasant, productive. They are always happy to see me.

  50. John Galbraith says:

    Rite aid. A great store. Easy going. Helpful peaple.

  51. Acela Doyal says:

    Good prices and excellent service

  52. Laquandra Singletary says:

    Rite Aid is the best! My mom been shopping there for years and they give her good coupons (: <3 Keep up the good work Rite Aid! 👍👍👍

  53. My first trip to your store. I was well pleased. The clerk help fine the items I was looking for. The price was better than expected – buy one get one free. At check out, the cashier help fill out a card form for discounts. My wife of 59 years and I will return for items needed.


  54. Loyce Folk says:

    Rite Aid has wonderful & very friendly customer service! I would recommend rite aid to everyone.

  55. I got into the survey, but it said I already reached my 4 time limit to enter the survey. I don’t go there very often, so there is no way I could have entered even once this year. Beginning to believe the survey is a scam.

  56. I got into the survey, but it said I already reached my 4 time limit to ener the survey. I don’t go there very often, so there is no way I could have entered even once this year. Beginning to believe the survey is a scam.

  57. In English, I followed the instructions & entered the Cashier number that appears on my Rite Aid receipt (36262817) and got an error message stating that said Cashier number is incorrect; the survey code is 1012 1903 6260 3790. This never happened to me before, I always enter for a chance to win. Now what do I do?

  58. Gloria Draper says:

    I wanted to commend Roxanne who helped me get my Plenti plan on board and was so
    customer oriented and considerate in my questions and needs. Went the extra mile.
    I also want to commend Dean the Pharmacist who was so helpful in answering my questions on the Flu shot and the Phenomena shots he gave me. My survey numbers are 1008-1205-3760-2050 and 1008-1305-2760-2075 on 10-08-15 Store#05376
    transactions 202805 and 202807. Cashier #53760724. Thank you

  59. I was surprised when I picked up a prescription a couple of days ago. I was picking up a medication I’d been on for over a year and was, for some reason asked to go to the end of the counter because the pharmacist wanted to talk with me. Pharmacist Cheryl came over and with a very serious and concerned look said she had noticed I wasn’t filling a medication specifically prescribed for the cancer I had as often as it was prescribed. Stunned by the earnest concern, I could only smile and almost stutter a response (I’m an RN & recognized her concerned intervention) and explained that my oncologist and I had adjusted the medication so I took it every other day instead of every day, which is what the prescription indicated. It was my personalized protocol and it was working well. … Cheryl looked surprised, but relieved, and I was appreciative that my pharmacists were paying attention to all of what I was prescribed. Thanks Cheryl. I’m even more impressed than I have been all along. … Tim

  60. I always enjoy going to the Rite-Aid store because the employees are very nice and always helpful. Also the store in Camden is always very clean, and I am satisfied with the products I buy.

    Mrs. Berry

  61. steve@maggie says:

    Olivia is a great cashier you have working for you at the store on Eisenhower and Platt in Ann Arbor Michigan she does a great job for you thanks!!

  62. steve@ maggie says:

    we are so pleased with the service we get at riteaid .thank you so much for such great hospitality.the heaven on earth is on Eisenhower and Platt in Ann Arbor Michigan THANKS!!

  63. Rebecca Kay says:

    A great place to shop

  64. Rebecca Kay says:

    Great store

  65. Melissa Groh says:

    Th e associates at this particular rite aid (10452) are extremly polite and very knowledgable about productes thst they carry. I always leave the store with a smile on my face

  66. Anthony L. Jackson says:

    Shout out to the 3735 Harrodsburg Rd. Rite Aid, whose management staff and associates still value people willing to spend their hard earned money in their business. They are helpful, courteous and friendly!!!!!!

  67. Paul Shih says:

    I will buy again. Everthing price is good for me.

  68. Paul Shih says:

    I love RITEAID. WILL COME BACK AGAIN Ilke your store.

  69. Luzina Poole says:

    I enjoy having the helpful people ask me if I’m having any thing going wrong with my medicines or getting to pick them up. they call to just check on me. All ways have a smile and remember me by name. They tell me when sells are coming up on things I buy most or on things I might like to try. They even remember my grand kids birthdays!

  70. Our Farmington Hills store on 12 Mile/Farmington has the nicest people with great service!

  71. Melissa pritchett says:

    I like shopping at ride aid it’s a very great store and the people that work there are great very friendly to people

  72. Rite-Aid is two blocks from my house so I just walk to the store and have been since we moved there years ago. The employees
    have always been very friendly and helpful to my family and me.
    During my latest visit one of the employees suggested I sign up
    for the wellness plenty program to help me save money and take advantage of some great bargains. I will surely keep shopping Rite-Aid.

  73. Evelyn Dismuke says:

    Can’t log in (

  74. jomer edrada says:

    I like shopping @ riteaid because some items are hard to find in different store but online like amazon.employees are respectfull and easy to deal with .theyre patience especially to an Asian like me.

  75. Sandra Austin says:

    Rite Aid had a sale on a L’Oreal product that I’ve had great results with. An Employee asked if he could help because I could not find it on the shelf. He helped me but apparently it had all sold out. He apologized and was very courteous. I appreciate the great customer service at my local Rite Aid.

  76. Kevin Masser says:

    Store was conveniently located close to campground.

  77. GABRIEL M. ABAD, JR says:

    The Rite Aid Drug Store has all the necessary Medicines and all employees are very exelent and coo[perative in handling; customers. … My receipt No. is 0614 2005 5350 3727 issued on June 15, 20`15 at Pasadena,

  78. Vonda Turner says:

    Was treated very good. Had a problem with transferring my wellness to Plenti, took about one and half hours, but is o.k. now.

  79. Pearl Thomas says:

    I enjoy Rite Aid. your store is my store. I always get what I need. I would like you to bring in a scooter, for people who need it.. Then they can really enjoy shopping in your store.

  80. Shantele Warren says:

    I’m love shopping at Rite Aid all the Employees are very nice to me!!!

  81. sherman lee says:

    We find Mary Esther is very friendly and helpful in store #05489.
    the service is excellent.

  82. Tim Hollister says:

    Good store I bought cards

  83. I like the dollar section at Rite Aid

  84. Daniel Conrardy says:

    Great service. Very polite and helpful

  85. Linda Winters says:

    Love my Rite Aid, its my go-to-store
    Linda W. Morro Bay

  86. D. Redic says:

    Wonderful, Exceptional Service. Always smiles and encouragement to try the great
    tasting ice cream flavors..

  87. wilma aberin says:

    I like to shop at Rite Aid.The staff are friendly. the smell of the store is good.

  88. Jon Scarborough says:

    customer surveys ????? has anyone ever been able to access them? What a scam.

  89. I always have a pleasant visit when shopping at the rite aid stores.
    I find the deals are the cheapest and you get a lot for your money.

  90. JOE GRULA says:

    UNABLE TO LOG IN TO SURVEY rxsurvey.riteaidcom/

  91. Jeffery Young says:

    Great!! Let’s enter contest

  92. Andrea My Rite Aid is very efficient and helpful. Their rapid refill is helpful as myself and my husband are many medications that are urgent.

  93. Shakuntala Bahadur says:

    Store# 05967
    CA 95014. (408) 253 – 2005
    Register #4 Transaction # 538687
    Cashier # 59678974. 4/24/15. 10:03 AM

    I am a regular customer of this store. I have written an appreciation for the services of this store.

    RITE AID ( wellness Card )
    Come one ! come all !!
    Let’s go to Rite Aid.
    A wonderful Store it is
    Someone has truly said.
    Everything you need,
    Is available there,
    Also the Pharmacy,
    To take your health care.
    Smilingly prompt service
    Really pleases you here .
    Why to go far away
    When Rite Aid is right here.
    Thanks a lot Rite Aid !
    May you prosper day by day.
    We admire your store & service,
    Almost each and every day .
    – Shakuntala Bahadur

  94. Always have fun when I go to our Rite Aid the employees are so
    friendly and helpful.

  95. Denyne Carter says:

    Its always a pleasure walking into Rite Aid its clean, smells fresh, lots of space and I’m able to take my time because of the airy atmosphere the store has and the employees are very helpful. Whenever I need a product I choose Rite Aid as my first choice.

    Thank you Rite Aid
    Ms. Carter

  96. Denyne Carter says:

    Its always a pleasure walking into Rite Aid its clean, smells fresh, lots of space and I’m able to take my time and the employees are very helpful. Whenever I need a product I choose Rite Aid as my first choice.

    Thank you Rite Aid
    Ms. Carter

  97. Denyne Carter says:

    Its always a pleasure walking into Rite Aid its clean, smells fresh, lots of space and I’m able to take my time and the employees are very helpful. Whenever I need a product I choose Rite Aid as my first choice.

    Thank you Rite Aid
    Ms. Carter

  98. FAITH A SHEPLER says:


  99. Charles Davis says:

    Exceptional service

  100. I enjoy all of the stores all of the staff very nice

  101. pravinkumar patel says:

    We satisfied the service and good discount compare to other store every time visit.

    • Caren Pheasant says:

      Rite is always so helpful. I know the pharmacy is amazing in the Enfield store. I have been going there for years.Cant say enough about the pharmacist Jason. He helped me threw a very rough time.They all are so nice.

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