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Dollar Tree is welcoming customers to give their candid feedback in the customer survey. Dollar Tree respects the opinions of their customers about their products, store presentation, and service which is why they are encouraging customers to take part and be in with a chance to win $1,000 in the daily draw or $1,500 each week. Dollar Tree store, also known as Only $1.00, wants customers to highlight their say on their experience with the company. Customer satisfaction survey is the only way that can help the company to fix all the loopholes and be a better version of itself.

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Dollar Tree has organized this customer satisfaction survey so that customers can easily provide their feedback. Here at Dollar Tree, every customer’s opinion matters as it’s like a family where everyone has a right to output their say. This Survey Soft Guides the company to look into the matters that are decreasing the standard and class of the store. This survey isn’t just company oriented as every participant that is helping the company to shape into a better form gets a chance to win $1000 in the daily draw or $1500 each week.

This customer satisfaction survey compiles basic questions that can be answered quickly covering every single matter that contributes to what the company is known for. Adding more towards the theme, questions are pretty basic that ask you about the service, experience, product quality, product variety, staff behavior, infrastructure, cleanliness and much more. These all questions help the company to work on every single sector to make your next experience worthwhile.

All you need to do is visit the survey link and answer all questions correctly as per your experience providing every single detail. Be precise and deliver your point in the best possible way so that your feedback can be utilized to boost up the cause. Make sure that you read every single question thoroughly before typing in your answer as a little reading error can void your answer’s value. Don’t get confused as questions would be super simple to understand and answer, just respond according to your experience with Dollar Tree store and at the end get a chance to win $1000 in a daily draw or $1500 each week.

Your feedback is precious for the company as they will be analyzing every single one of it to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience. Tree Store will make every single effort to make your experience better and better by fixing every single complaint you mentioned in the survey. You just need to be honest while filling in the survey form as it will be your responsibility to provide crystal clear feedback so that the company can make sure that everything stays up and right.

Watch this video for some basic information about dollartree feedback

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a national discount chain store that sells most items for one dollar or less. Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of items including; health and beauty products, food and snacks, stationery, craft supplies, automotive, electronics, pet supplies, books, frozen foods, and dairy. Originating in Virginia, Dollar Tree now boasts almost 5,000 stores across the USA and Canada.

Also known as Only $1.00, Dollar Tree is Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. The stores are supported by well-known logistics network of eleven distribution centers. Dollar Tree, Dollar Bills or Only $1.00, this store goes by these names. This store was created to compete in the low-end retail markets so that every person can afford daily needs of life. With a revenue of 22.245 billion as per 2017 Dollar Tree is leading the low-end retail market providing party stuff, seasonal décor, glassware, household cleaning supplies and absolutely everything that comes to your mind. Providing good quality products under 1 Dollar price tag is what this company excels to deliver.

It all didn’t start with the current name but similar approach. Back in 1953, K. R. Perry brought Ben Franklin variety store into the act in Virginia. Later this store’s name was changed to K&K 5&10 due to some confidential reasons. Paddling forward to 1970, K.R. Perry, Doug Perry, and Macon Brock started K&K Toys in Norfolk, Virginia. The store attracted many customers and this mall concept grew to over 130 stores on the east coast. This is the point where Only $1.00 store was born in 1986 when Doug Perry, Macon Brock, and Ray Compton started the chain with only five stores. Three were located in Virginia, one in Tennessee and the last one in Georgia. Further expansion took place of Only $1.00 alongside K&K Toys stores in enclosed malls. In 1991 the corporation decided to focus on Only $1.00 store after they sold K&K stores to Melville Corporation.

In 1993 the store name was changed to what it is in the present, Dollar Tree store. March 6, 1995, this chain went public on NASDAQ exchange at $15 a share that calculated a market cap of $225 million. After a year, Dollar Tree bought 136 stores of the chain called Dollar Bill to expand their reach real-time. Company’s first distribution center and new support center was opened in 1997 and was located in Virginia. To march their kingdom a step forward, in 1998 Dollar Tree captured 98-Cent Clearance Centres in California and Only $One stores in New York a year after. Moreover, the company inaugurated its second Distribution Centre in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Dollar Tree also captured Dollar Express store that was a Philadelphia based company in 2000 and also built a new distribution center in Stockton, California. In 2001, Dollar Tree opened two more distribution centers, one in Georgia and another in Pennsylvania. Years came and Dollar Store conquered the game and in 2006 they celebrated the 20th year of retailing and opened their 3000th store and gained 138 DEAL$ stores that were owned by SUPERVALU INC. Now the Net income of Dollar Tree is about 1.714 billion US dollars that had made this store amongst the prime.

The strategy behind all this:

It takes a lot of hard work to reach the position where you can sell items at an extremely discounted price. Workers behind the Dollar Tree have worked day and night really hard to achieve the present status. It is not easy to find the best bargains out there until and unless you are fully dedicated to what you are doing. The team behind the store find just the accurate deals so that people with financial difficulties can afford needs of life without sacrificing much.

Dollar Tree is the name that majority of people in the United States of America trust to shop affordable items for everyday needs. It’s a one-stop shop for your everyday needs, from decoration to food this store has it all to fulfill your needs within an affordable price range. From people with the financial crisis to affluent customers, Dollar Tree is the store from which they want to buy every single thing related to their everyday need. Just visit the store and you’ll feel what the hype is all about.

How To Win $1000 Daily In The survey
Dollar Tree Survey

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A recent Dollar Tree store receipt.
3. An email address and phone number.


1. Visit on your computer.
2. Choose from English, French or Spanish as your preferred language.
3. On the next page, enter the Survey Code that is printed on your store receipt.
4. Next, enter the store number, the total amount of money you spent, the date of your visit and time of your visit.
5. Then you will be asked to remember back to the day you visited Dollar Tree and you will be asked to rate your experience. You will also be asked other questions similar to ‘Would you recommend this store to friends and neighbors?’.
6. There is an area provided throughout the survey where you will be able to add extra comments such as ‘I find great bargains at Dollar Tree’ etc.
7. On completion you will be asked if you would like to enter the draw to win a $1,000 prize. If yes, simply add your contact details such as your name and address, email address and telephone number so that you can be contacted if you happen to be a lucky daily or weekly winner.

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Official survey page:
Dollar Tree website:
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Dollar Tree is a very large variety chain store who cares about their customers. Take part in the customer survey and help them make better stores for the future.

Rate Your Experience With Dollar Tree. Leave Your Comments Below

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