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Dollar Tree is welcoming customers to give their candid feedback in the customer survey. Dollar Tree respects the opinions of their customers about their products, store presentation and service which is why they are encouraging customers to take part and be in with a chance to win $1,000 in the daily draw or $1,500 each week.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a national discount chain store that sells most items for one dollar or less. Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of items including; health and beauty products, food and snacks, stationery, craft supplies, automotive, electronics, pet supplies, books, frozen foods and dairy. Originating in Virginia, Dollar Tree now boasts almost 5,000 stores across the USA and Canada.

How To Win $1000 Dailty In The survey

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Dollar Tree Survey

You will need:

1. A computer with internet access.
2. A recent Dollar Tree store receipt.
3. An email address and phone number.


1. Visit on your computer.
2. Choose from English, French or Spanish as your preferred language.
3. On the next page, enter the Survey Code that is printed on your store receipt.
4. Next, enter the store number, the total amount of money you spent, the date of your visit and time of your visit.
5. Then you will be asked to remember back to the day you visited Dollar Tree and you will be asked to rate your experience. You will also be asked other questions similar to ‘Would you recommend this store to friends and neighbors?’.
6. There is an area provided throughout the survey where you will be able to add extra comments such as ‘I find great bargains at Dollar Tree’ etc.
7. On completion you will be asked if you would like to enter the draw to win a $1,000 prize. If yes, simply add your contact details such as your name and address, email address and telephone number so that you can be contacted if you happen to be a lucky daily or weekly winner.

Useful links:

Official survey page:
Dollar Tree website:
Previous Dollar Tree survey winners:
Dollar Tree survey rules:


Dollar Tree is a very large variety chain store who cares about their customers. Take part in the customer survey and help them make better stores for the future.

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  1. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all of us you really recognize what you’re talking approximately!
    Bookmarked. Kindly additionally discuss with my web site =).
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  2. Went to the Dollar Tree on Broad Street in Elizabeth NJ
    The store seemed a lot more organized and cleaner. Finally
    Dollar Tree put someone in there at cares. Two thumbs up
    for Broad Street..

  3. I liked dollar tress because I find everything I need and even more

  4. james johnson says:

    The only problem I have with the Dollar Tree on Broad st in Mobile Alabama is the fact that they lock the doors at closing time 20 minutes to early. And the drug addicts are allowed to stand in front of the store and beg for money.

  5. Donna Ames says:

    enjoy shopping in store prices are great lots items to choose from

  6. DOLLAR TREE is the most amazing store ever everything a dollar that’s what i need if you now how much i love dollar tree i don’t now what to say but its the best thing that ever happen to me

  7. Very frustrated with your survey!
    I tried to do it and it kept freezing after I selected “english” language. I could not even complete the survey and I was not going to spend any more time trying. Three times was enough. I think you need work out any technical difficulties with your server.

    • Ya, the survey seems bogus here. It does not let you passed the “select Language”. Then freezes.

    • yes!!! survey link does not work
      is it a scam????
      if not, at least have the politness to put up a “site down” comment
      I also tried 5 times, and different times of day, and it never got past the language selection

    • Sharon Gillis says:

      I agree completely. I cannot get past English either. And why is that is anyone have same problem in French or Spanish???

  8. Attention dollar tree management, I would like to say a BIG thank you to your cashier Perlita who help me what I need . God bless mountain view dollar tree. S

  9. Hello Dollar tree management, I would like to let you know that I am one of your regular customer at dollar tree Mountain view, ca 94043 . I love to shop every morning . But recently I’m wondering what happened to the store ? Store is so messy lots of boxes on the floor shelves is empty I can’t fine what I need . I’m just lucky and happy that you have a amazing cashier Perlita that help me even though she’s so busy and her line was long but it’s worth it to wait because she run to the back and gets what I need. I hope she ( Perlita )always work morning time the front store looks so clean every time Perlita was there. She’s so kind and friendly . Your store is lucky to have a employee like her.


    Would like to place an order for a case of medicine:
    Assured Extra Strength Pain Relief / Rapid Release gel caps (500 mg.)
    acetaminophen {same as Tylenol Extra Strength}

    It is to be sent to either the Laurens or Simpsonville, South Carolina stores, Neither does thy Columbia, S.C. store have any either.
    These ASPRINS are the only thing that releaves our pain for a few hours. AMEN!

  11. I am very happy with the service thank you.

    • Steve Huet says:

      yes i’m very happy with the service but i saw the manager counting the cash in public and i hear suzanne ask if she can go on her break to the assistant manager and she said yess and the manager fired suzanne
      so please fired the manager

  12. Judi Cleckner says:

    Where is the survey. I love Dollar Tree.

  13. Janet Schell says:

    Dollar Tree has more then once been my saviour in rush situation now in several cities across Canada!
    When dollars are tight and situations warrant I need party supplies, special bagged gifts to go along with birthdays, or when needing kitchen items, helping to rebuild needed items for a displaced person starting over, Dollar Tree has been there over and above.
    At Easter it provided little Easter hats and purses and fancy hair ribbons for my 3 little nieces. Some choice treats to go along with their delighted Easter Box!
    From cities such as Kitchener, Ontario in Stanley Park Plaza, Winnipeg’s down town Dollar Tree, to Alberta’s Store!
    They are clean! Staff has always been helpful and very friendly. Even sometimes helping me to my car!
    Carry just about all the products to celebrate any occasion without taxing your pocket. Especially when on a fixed budget.
    I could go on, but will stop.
    This is the first time ever that I have entered your survey.
    Thank you.

  14. can not get into the site, it is broke, fix it NOW!

  15. Danielle says:

    I’ve been shopping at store# 4816 since it has been open. I love shopping at the dollar tree and it is convenient for me to shop there because it is on the bus line and I am a single parent. I enjoyed shopping there until the store closed that was on route 12 in Groton, Ct and the employees got transferred to store 4816. The store is always filthy, lines are always down the isle, managers are always talking to each other and taking cigarette breaks, very few employees have great customer service. The shelves are never stocked, the shipment is always lined up in boxes in the isle and blocking what the customer needs from the shelf, which is a big safety hazard. The store only has 3 shopping carts, so us customers are forced to downgrade our shopping list so that our items can fit in a shopping basket. I would like to commend some of your employees there though. I write down names when I feel like they should be commended. There are a few cashiers that I love most and their names are Herb and there are 2 Hispanic men by the names of Jose. I would also like to commend the two men that work on the floor putting the shipment out. They all seem to be very helpful and kind. Every time I visit the store, which is very often, it is these men that I look forward to seeing because of their customer service. People there seem like they hate their jobs. One person that stands out in particular is the Assistant Manager Korine. She just seems like she always wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She is not polite, or helpful. She always complains about how much work she has to do, yet I hardly see her doing any. She talks about private issues while with customers, she eats while ringing customers up and she always seems to be on a cigarette break. She is even rude to the employees. With her being a person of leadership in the store, she should lead by example and not complain or talk down about co-workers to other co-workers. She even does it in front of customers. Sorry to be so long winded, but it was time that I spoke up.

  16. positive thinking

  17. SA Miyazaki says:

    I tried to use this website and was successful in being able to get on the survey page but it did involve looking below the first screen and choice of language, clicking on possible links, etc. At one point I thought it was a matter of how fast the setup responds to one’s clicks, but eventually I made it work.

  18. edgar schlichter says:

    I am very happy with the service, thank you

  19. Your survey dosn’t go pass choosing the Language. Freezes up on that screen.

  20. Connie Rathgeber says:

    How do I enter the dollar tree give a way????

  21. Connie Rathgeber says:

    Cannot say enough good things about our young male cashier.

  22. Barbara says:

    Ok for starter I can’t bring the survey up. Now I have a complaint the cashier that waited on me was so rude she didn’t greet me with a hello nor did she make eye contact at all finish with my purchase she took the money gave me my change and never looked up to say thank you come again, have a nice day nothing she was so cold keeping a cashier like her will keep your store empty like it was she need customer service training hello???

  23. Love the dollar tree

  24. Kita Johnson says:

    Jane was so helpful I was looking for mints and she looked and they didn’t have any she was very pleasant and helpful.

  25. Sabrina Herring says:

    Does anyone actually win??? I have completed these surveys for years for every store I shop at and I have never won anything.

  26. Your link doesn’t work. So much for survey entry. By previous emails it looks like it has been going on for about 9 months. WoW – I thought the government was slow………………..

  27. Barbara Geerlings says:

    I absolutely love our Dollar Tree. I go there very often and each time there are loads of new items added. Just about everything I ever need is there so no need to go to other stores. We would be at a real loss in this town if we didn’t have the Dollar Tree store as we are not a wealthy area. Thank you for the wonderful store.

  28. Tammy Lowe-Beattie says:

    I would really like to have a chance of winning.

  29. Davey Jackson says:


  30. Cindy Cooper says:


  31. Melissa says:

    Well this is my first time doing the survey and I have one question where is the survey? All i done was filled in the my information and that was it! I just want to say that my daughter and I love shopping at Dollar Tree in Winfield Alabama. The associates are always so nice and they are always willing to help you with anything if needed! We are so glad that Dollar Tree finally came to Winfield and we are praying that they never leave.

  32. Don Malnati says:

    Every time I enter a $Tree something impossible happens. 6 eggs for a $ ! How is that possible? Oh, wait! A bottle of oil for a $ ! What ? Every car in the US should have small bottle of oil, Justin Case. And a flashlight.

    You could sell a shopping list pad for one dollar, However it must have at the top in bright fancy type that says – – Stop at Dollar Tree first to see if we have it for a few dollars less?

    Sherbet for a $, – 24 oz. And a package of hot dogs? A good size glass bottle of pickle relish for a $ ? At the registers there are three people smiling and talking to customers? Where am I ? Tell me again, please. In an expanded grocery store, plus. Really???

    Balloon hand and finger sticking straight up, (with Helium included) wow. Box of band-aids, I need a few for my grandchildren for their, Red-Badge-Of-Courage experiences.

    Let me go down each aisle one more time. This time I will pay attention and think as I shop.

    The best part, I don’t need to add nor calculate. Even a Math Phobic can count the dollars. The and brave and “cents” able Count Dollar Tree, fighting off math phobia everywhere. An Action figure, soon in on T-shirts, pillowcases, a warm cuddly doll and in film.

    You may already have a Christian section, I didn’t notice. It might be Wise to Print on the Receipt an, in-the-ballpark estimate of the amount you think they saved. At the bottom I see, “From the Dollar tree people that love you and your family. You see our love in our prices!” Other stores do exist but shop here first. Oh, by the way, I love your store.

  33. Been trying for months to enter. Today was my last attempt. Is the sweepstakes even legitimate anymore?

  34. I have tried several times to take the survey, but it won’t allowed me. once I click on the English language, I won’t go no further.

  35. I tried several times to get on this website, it only allowed me to click on the English language and that it, it wouldn’t allow me to go no further.

  36. Elvira Nielsen says:

    Have tried to enter into survey but as others have experienced, can’t get in to do survey. Appreciate your items in store but not on computer to maybe win at survey. You need to work on this portion of wanting our opinions. Survey Code: 9132 0103 8421 0101

  37. I tried to get into the survey and when I selected the language, it went to another screen stating to select the language and it froze. Tried numerous times, couldn’t get into it.
    I use to work at a dollar tree, it was my 2nd job, fun job. I also shop at dollar tree frequently. Love the store !!

  38. Carol Lokomski says:

    I agree with the others – am unable to get into the survey. I would like to, but……
    What’s up???

  39. I have tried for three days to enter this survey on-line and to no avail. When clicking on the language selection button everything stops. There is no further progress. Rather frustrating!! I noticed that others have made the same comment. It would benefit your positive customer relations to get this corrected ASAP. My survey responses were all very positive regarding my “live” experience in your stores, but that would not be the case if there were a survey regarding this on-line experience.

  40. roderiolesane says:


  41. Still cant get on your web site. I agree with other comments. Does still mean no one has won? I would love the chance to win.thank you

  42. You need to fix your web site cant get onto it.I agree with the other comments, so does that mean no one has won yet?

  43. I can’t access the survey either. Is this a company joke?

  44. mia flores says:

    I have tried to fill out survey several times, even after clicking on English language, it does not bring up survey. why advertise to fill out survey if the damn thing doesn’t work??? And your company should be interested in your Wareham store, because it needs help.

  45. KEWal kharga says:

    I visit children place retail store today,i liked the those who work in store.They helped us to found dress for baby.Realy nice price for dress.

  46. tom Jones says:

    wHERS THE SURVEY????????

  47. It would be nice to enter the survey, but the site will not allow it.

  48. shandelle budree says:

    service was every nice

  49. Live in London Ontario. Would be great to hear some Music in the Store,
    Much too quiet

  50. Joan Walske says:

    Unable to give feedback please fix tks

  51. EILEEN H says:

    Your feedback survey does not work! After i select language, I get Select language again – nothing happens

    • Your feedback survey is not working! I select language twice and NOTHING

    • Same for me too, after sellected the language, it is frozen.
      Common get it together!!!!!!!

    • OH MY GOLLLLLLEEEEE !!! Its impossible to get past the second page asking for what language a second time…. :>( Interesting as I read the comments I am not the only one. Its a shame.. because I would like to let someone know just how NICE and pleasant ALL of the employees are at my Dollar Tree in Altamonte. Shopping there is always fun cuz again… everyone that works there is terrific!

  52. Just have faith self confidence, to win $1,000 ..

  53. Tried several times to get on the survey. Each time i entered the language preference it would go to a page with the same language choice only larger. Clicked on english with no results. Did this several times without success so i am finished.Thank You.

    • DO NOT click on the colored example — scroll down to the instructions and click on the web site for the survey – then click on the language that you want -it will start from there

      • Hi Linda,

        Very wise comment, However the people that watch too much TV will never see what you wrote. . (Americans each watch 29 hours a week and growing) We have sadly become sick and stupid.

  54. Susan Triggs says:

    I have entered dollartreefeedback for years, and now am totally unable to get into the survey site.
    I have 20 receipts to log in and no matter what, I can’t get the survey to come up.
    I go around in circles with
    What’s the scoop?

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