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Loyal customers of giant food can talk to giant foods at Their survey is designed to hear from the customers first-hand so that the store experience can be made better. The management of the company is keen on building a customer experience that is based on actual customers needs. Talk to giant customer survey is designed not only for getting the information but to reward their customers as well.

About Giant food stores

The story of giant foods started way back in the early 90’s. The company has a history of more than 90 years. Giant food store has always put the customer first. The management of giant food makes sure that you buy the best products at the most affordable price every time. The chain has more than 200 stores across the United States now and countless happy customers. Talk to giant foods is their survey name, which gives them the opportunity to better their services as per the customer’s needs.

How to Win a Surprise Gift in Talk To Giant Survey

You will require the following:

  1. Working computer with an Internet connection.
  2. A recent receipt from the Giant.
  3. This receipt must not be older than 5 days.
  4. Details like date, time, bill, etc which can be located on the receipt.
  5. Understanding of English or Spanish language.
  6. Ability to recall your last experience at the store.


  1. Visit
  2. Select language from the drop-down menu.
  3. Keep your receipt handy and fill in all the information.
  4. All fields are must, so you should not leave any blanks.
  5. Click the arrow icon to begin Talk to Giant Customer Survey.
  6. At the end of the survey, you will be given a code which could be redeemed at your next visit to the store.

Useful Links:

Survey URL:
Company’s website:


Talktogiant foods ( is a small survey designed to hear from the customers themselves. It is hardly going to take 10 – 12 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you might also win a surprise gift. We advise our readers to answer all the questions honestly while trying to remember the exact experience you had at Giant.

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  1. I I ordered a FRESH turkey to be picked up today at east York giant store. When I got to the meat counter I was the only customer and the employee was working on something but saw me. Several minutes later another customer came, the employee had finished her job and went straight to the new customer and waited on her. I was obviously unhappy about that but when she did wait on me she brought me a FROZEN turkey. Then made light of that saying it won’t take long to defrost. This was a $38 turkey and I wanted a fresh one. This will be my last ordered turkey from giant.

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