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JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores are offering a 50% off coupon to customers who complete the customer feedback survey. The coupon is good for 50% off any regular priced item when customers next make a purchase. JoAnn is a large retailer of fabrics, homewares and craft supplies and they rely on the feedback of customers in order to continue supplying the best products and customer service to their customers.

About JoAnn

JoAnn Fabric & Craft Stores began in 1943 as cheese supply store adding fabrics and then a second store opening saw the removal of cheese from the inventory and hence JoAnn’s Fabrics was born. JoAnns is a very popular store both on and offline allowing customers from anywhere in the world purchase their vast array of products. Their online store offers many discounts, specials and seasonal savings for their customers. To be able to keep pace with customers’ need JoAnn Fabrics would love to hear from customers in the survey.

How To Get A 50% Coupon In The Survey

JoAnn Survey

You will need:

1. A store receipt with a survey invitation printed on the front.
2. A computer and access to the internet.
3. An email address that you have access to as the coupon code will be sent there.


1. Visit on your computer.
2. Type in your email address as this is where your coupon will be sent.
3. Next add the date and time of your visit.
4. Then enter the store number, the register number and transaction number.
5. Next rate your experiences to the questions offered on a scale of Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree.
6. Next will be some basic demographic questions about your age, income level etc.
7. Finally you will be asked for your contact details in case you wish to enter the sweepstakes to win a cash prize.

Useful links:

1. Survey website:
2. Joann Fabrics website:
3. Joann’s survey privacy policy:


Joann’s Fabrics and Craft Store is the largest supplier of fabrics, crafts, gifts and homeware products in the United States. To keep their customers happy, JoAnn’s Fabrics have setup the customer feedback survey so customers can express their views and opinions on the products they sell and the customer service received.

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  1. joyce jones says:

    Joann’s had a lot of bargains the store was neat and employees were helpful. i love going to Joann’s.

  2. very nice and neat pple were nice and helpful ..Wish we had a store here in bowling green ky

  3. Judy Smith says:

    Edwardsville Pa store always a great place to go the coupons keep me going back every week thank you for them

  4. M. Beckner says:

    The Jackson, MI store was well organized today, Sat. Nov 28. There were 8-10 staff at the cutting counter. They were calling out numbers very loudly so shoppers could hear them throughout the store.. The checkout stations were all open and moving people through fairly quickly, Very polite associates and willing to help.

  5. G Sinkowski says:

    Enjoyed the shopping experience. The store is organized and if you can’t find something the employees are always helpful.

  6. LEONORA S HURST says:

    Good Day,
    I have been going to Joann for well over 30 years. You are an excellent store. Thank you.
    There have been some times that you disappointed me but overall you come out on top to the other craft stores.

  7. connie mack says:

    My shopping experience was nice found what I wanted on sale. Sore employees were helpful and polite

  8. Great selection of products from upholstery material to yarn!


  10. K. Martin says:

    The El Cerrito Plaza Joann Store was neat and organized. The Staff were helpful helpful and courtious

  11. You had a good selections of yarns.

  12. Ivelina says:

    Nice and interesting fabrics.Smiling stuff, ready to help. My favorite store!

  13. all the ladies were helpful. a pleasure to shop. just wish there was a store closer to home.

  14. It was well clean but long lines

  15. Eligio&Judy Betancourt says:

    Caitlyn was extremely helpful,courteous and very patient with us she helped with the selection and advise on her project .
    She also helped me with putting the aps on my phone for future use,
    We are very pleased with the service and the store is very clean and well organised.
    I can see Caitlyn as one of your future store managers.
    Eligio & Judy Betancourt

  16. Our local store is very clean, & well lit. I enjoy going there & walking the aisles to see what’s
    new with different types of crafts. If I have a question, there is always an employee who will
    try to find the answer. Never had a bad experience.

  17. rebecca guthrie says:

    store was neat and clean. Tracy was very helpful with products

  18. Geraldine Bryant says:


  19. Cheryl was the cashier, she was very helpful. This happens often when I visit that store whether it is chery or someone else

  20. I’m having so much trouble getting into your survey that I’m becoming so frustrated with this survey. So I’m saying to myself is this even worth my time to try & win a $200. gift card or not??

  21. Great store. Usually can find just what I’m looking for.

  22. I usually find what I’m looking for at Joann’s.
    Great store.

  23. Elaine Burwell says:

    Shopped in your Bellevue, NE store yesterday. It was a wonderful experience with friendly and smiling clerks and check out person. I will be back soon.

  24. LIBBY KLEIN says:

    Yesterday, I had a wonderful day shopping at my local Jo-Ann, Store #0968. Crystal assisted me with all my questions and concerns and gave me fantastic suggestions.

    Alejandro, at the cash register, helped me pull up my mobil app to retrieve my coupon. He also informed me that on all regular priced items, I would be given an additional 30% off. I was impressed with his honesty and customer service abilities.

    The staff at this store is to be highly commended.

    Best regards,

    Libby Klein

  25. Nancy Ramsey says:

    Joann’s is my store with the best selection and most helpful clerks.

  26. The hudson store is clean neat and very friendly store personnel. I visit almost weekly.

  27. I went to the Joann store on Aug. 15,2015 @3:20 . I think the numbers you are looking for are 002184 01 707096 9581 I went their to buy some material to make a table cloth for a friend and your clerk was very helpful in cutting the fabric and in showing me how to cut it when I got home. She also wrote down for me the other pieces I wanted to get, but at my husband suggestion was to wait until this one was done first. Is there any way you can start having military(active, retired, vet.) discounts and/or senior discounts? Your Huntsville store is close to the red stone arsenal where there is a lot of military families and senior citizens. That will be very helpful. Thank you. Joyce Ellgen

  28. Nancy Vogt says:

    Today’s visit to the JoAnn Etc. In North Olmsted, OH, was better than most previous visits. The store had just opened and was nearly deserted so I could find staff to help…generally it is nearly impossible. If the aisles were labeled clearly you could get away with the reduced staff. And for heavens sake, move the spray paint nearer the front of the store where the person with the key is readily available. I can go next door to Home Depot and pick up the same item off the shelf, which I do now. Your stores are bigger, carry decent craft supplies, but very frustrating to shop in.

  29. Mary Ann Baskett says:

    I look forward to getting your coupons brochure in the mail. I usually buy needlework (mostly knitting and crochet) and supplies and enjoy your sales. I like your variety of yarns and crochet threads but would like to see some choices of Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo #10 crochet cotton. I use that a lot and sometimes have to shop around to your competitors to find it. I am allergic to animal hair and would like to see more equivalent yarns to wool, for example the sock yarns. Overall I like Joanne’s and think you have a good variety of pattern(s) and pattern books available. Thank you for asking for my opinion.
    Mary Ann Baskett

    • NGOC TRAM HUYNh says:


      I don’t know if my comments to you few second earlier are uploaded on your website yet. Because the typing disappears when I finished and hit the button “Post comment”.

  30. LINDA JOHNSON says:

    I love Joanns,
    The people are very helpful and courteous.
    I love how the material is displayed and how if you need anything they are there to help!
    This particular assistant was so helpful I felt very much at home, to ask her anything at all!!
    Thank you so much !!

  31. Kathy Hinkle says:

    I shopped at the Jo-Ann store in Fort Gratiot, Mi. this week and I was surprised at the quality of the Jo-Ann material. The material I needed you could see right through it.
    Never was like that before. Had to find some one to come to the cutting table then waited for the same person to come to the check out. Quality and service has gone down in this
    Jo-Ann’s. Will shop at Jo-Ann’s in Chesterfield Township and see if its any better.


  33. LaTonia Brunt says:

    I am a frequent customer at the Joann Fabric and Craft Store at 3665 North Rock Road, Wichita, KS 67226. I often buy all of my crochet supplies and yarn from that location. The store is very clean, neat, and organized, but there always seem to be shortage of staff to assist the customers. I would like to be able to communicate with the staff when I have questions or need help. Also I have been shopping at this location for an extended period of time and I am just now finding out that they have the military discount.

  34. Joan Brooks says:

    I ask a clerk & she directed me to the isle that had what I needed. The store was stocked well .

    I shopped in Joann Fabric Store, Monroeville, Pa.

  35. While visiting CA I needed a craft/sewing store. Jo-Ann of Torrance was the only one around for 40 miles. Store was clean, organized. No need for management as workers were always available and willing to assist. I went to this store at lease once a week for three months. The Ladies’ Room always needed cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing.

  36. I needed a couch cushion and the clerk was very helpful in going to get it from the storage room and cutting it for me. Even helped me with getting a 20 per cent discount. Shopped at your Roanoke, Va. store.

  37. For this particular trip, I need a specific hard-to-find item. The employee I asked was professional, super helpful, and led me right to it. THANKS for having GREAT personnel.

  38. Germaine Calawa-Hill says:

    I enjoy shopping at Jo-Ann’s. Everyone was very friendly.

  39. Oriet Diamond says:

    I happen to be an avid Jo-ann Stores fan, but I have to say what an exceptional experience I just had at the Elk River store. My husband was with me, my hopes were low that I would find enough white ribbon to make quite a number of pew bows for an upcoming wedding. DeeAnn, who, as it turns out, is the manager, found 5 rolls of the size ribbon that I was looking for. She also pointed out some gorgeous trim that happens to match the dresses perfectly and was 1/2 the clearance price. What a sweetheart! She really knows her merchandise and people skills!

  40. I’m very satisfied with this store all the time, I always find what I need on a good price, everything is so clean, neat, well organize is my favor store in Chicago.
    Even if I lost my coupon they help find it for me on my phone, everybody is so helpful and friendly.

  41. Griselda says:

    I’m just move from New Jersey and when I visit the store the staff/store r very clean, professional, organized and courteous . I high recommended This craft store

    • Brenda Gresik says:

      I love Joann’s because of the excellent stock they carry. I order online and visit the Detroit store when I am visiting my daughter. This week I had to send my husband to the store with full confidence that he would return with what I asked for. He reported that the saleslady helped him choose from several options. I have no hesitation in sending him again!

  42. Elsie Yap says:

    I love shopping at Jo-Ann’s located in Roseville because the store associates are very helpful especially when I could not find certain items. The store is very clean and well organized. I wish they would give me a raincheck on items that are not available or out of stock during the sale.

  43. The individual that helped me was very helpful and knew the answers to all of my questions. The clerk at the cash register made sure that I had every thing on the fabric slip. They were very polite.

  44. Linda Patzer says:

    I found the items right away. Service was good.


  46. I love to shop at jo aan, employees are very helpful and courteous.Iwent 3rd may, I got every thing that I want,was very happy with,the check out clerk was friendly and helpings at discount coupans,her smile made my day,thanks:).

  47. Angie K says:

    I visited Jo-Ann’s in Alpena, MI on 04-25-15 at 12:00 pm. A clerk who checked me out was very pleasant . Her friendly smile made my day. Excellent service!

  48. Rosie Sanders says:

    Linda called for help as she was measuring out 75 yards of netting. Holly went to the back room to get a bag of batting for me. Most of the girls know me, as a previous manager in the 1980’s. Always helpful!

  49. Emma Hamlin says:

    I recently visited JoAnn’s on Middlebelt and 96, on 4-23-15 at
    05:37:17pm. I found the items I was looking for with the assistance of one of the employees. She was courteous and knowledgeable of where the items were located.
    This was a very nice shopping experience.

  50. Joan Bonnell says:

    Always very helpful, even on a busy day. They had 4 cutters at the fabric station, moving as fast as they could.

  51. Theresa D. Hare says:

    nice and clean and many items to chose from

  52. Annette says:

    Nice store, has great supply of crafts

  53. Julie Johnson says:


  54. Barbara Kersey says:

    May 8, 2019
    The clerks were very friendly and helpful and Joann’s is one of my favorite stores. I got what I needed and am very happy.

  55. Ron Henry says:

    Working on a project for a restaurant that my family owns & found the folks working at the local Jo Anns to be very helpful.

  56. Carolanne Miller says:

    Very friendly service. Cutting table staff knows a lot about their stock and can offer suggestions or just chat with you about a project.
    The check-out area is set up so that cash out come speedily and tellers are good about helping you find the best online deals to apply to your order for the best deals.

  57. The store clerks were very helpful with discounts and coupons.

  58. I made a special trip to Joann’s to use the “one day 60% off” coupon–only to find that the merchandise I wanted had just been marked “40 % off”. I was disappointed, but purchased it anyway.

  59. Linda c buck says:

    I love Jo-Ann fabric and craft store. I make a lot of blankets for cancer patients. And a lot are cold. So I buy the fleece and yarn for blankets. My sister makes scarfs, and hats for the needie. I am at Jo-Ann store 2 or 3 times a sister and I.

  60. Hazel Wilson says:

    I enjoy shopping at joann but I don’t get any coupons in the mail any more. Can you tell me why.

  61. Charleen S. Coulter says:

    Greeted when entering store. Assisted finding a certain item. Helped to make best use of my coupons. Very satisfied.

  62. The store in Morganton, N. C has only been open about a year. Each time I have visited, the clerks have always been friendly and very helpful when needed. The added bonus of using coupons makes shopping here a very pleasant experience

  63. sandy Coty says:

    I shop at Midland store, 90% of time I can find what I need. I have noticed lately the customer service staff have been more friendly and helpful.

  64. JAN NOEL says:


  65. Hedwig L. Wuethrich says:

    My first shopping trip to the new Joann’s in Freeport, Il.
    What a beautiful store, and SO much eye candy. The staff was cheery and helpful. I found the Hawaiian print fabric I needed.
    Certainly, I shall return.

  66. Deloris Dunn says:

    I like the Joann’s store in Jackson, Ca. However, I think you are misrepresenting the offer for 10% discount to servicemen /women. If you use coupons you don’t get the discount so how are helping them. They should get the discount on every purchase regardless of coupons.

  67. Shirley says:

    Found all that I went for and sales staff was very pleasant

  68. antoinette says:

    sales ladies always have a smile and a greeting when I walk into store

  69. Lynn Rosier says:

    I found everything I was looking for that day. Sales team were very nice.

  70. Jean St. Aubin says:

    I really like your large selection of Red Heat yarn, and the clerks are always helpful when I need help matching material colors.

  71. The store is always neat and clean and the clerks are always very helpful and courteous. A great place to shop.

  72. The Jo-Ann store in Alpena is always clean and they are very helpful. For the most part all of the people there are pretty cheerful and very helpful.

  73. jo ann polidori says:


    • sue teats says:

      Very good merchandie and service

    • Patrice Krems says:

      The store was clean enough and most of the associates are friendly.

      However, I was very annoyed that there were only 2 people at the cutting table. The first associate was helping a person had at least 20 bolts of fabric that were being cut. The second associate was helping another person only had a few things. But then that second associate left for at least 5 minutes to help that same customer find things in the store. Eventually the first associate called for help at the cutting table as people were lining up but no one came for a long time. My number was next. In the meanwhile someone in line placed her fabric on the cutting table. When at long last the second associate who went off to help the other customer came back she didn’t call off the next number she just started helping the woman who placed her fabric at the table. I asked the woman what number she had as I had the next number so the associate started helping me. Of course that is when another associate finally showed up to help. I was extremely frustrated!!!!

      • I’ve been working for JoAnn ‘s over a year now & sadly it’s frustrating for us too! The cut counter does well when 3 team members are scheduled, but sadly that isn’t always the case. Our slow time seems to be around 3 to 4 pm, then it gets busy again by 5pm.
        I’m from a CA store, so I hope this helps you.

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