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Office Depot is encouraging customers to give their candid and valuable feedback in the customer satisfaction survey. As an added incentive those who complete the survey are issued with a $10 discount coupon which can be used the next time a purchase of $50 or more is made at an Office Depot outlet.

About Office Depot

Founded in 1986, Office Depot employs about 66,000 people, has more than 2,200 retail stores and is associated with OfficeMax, OfficeMax Grand & Toy, Viking, Ativa, and Realspace. Early February 2015 saw the announcement that office Depot will be purchased by Staples for a $6.3 billion dollar stock and assets deal. Serving thousands of customers every day from their many stores Office Depot is very enthusiastic about keeping their customers happy and wishes to hear from them about their recent online or instore purchase experience.

How To Get A Office Depot $10 Coupon In The Survey

Office Depot Survey

You will need:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A printer to print out your coupon on completion of the Office Depot survey.
3. A recent store purchase receipt with an invitation to take part in the survey.


1. Visit on your computer or smartphone or tablet.
2. Enter the survey code that you will find printed on your store receipt.
3. Next, enter the time of your visit. If you don’t recall. This is also on your receipt. Click ‘Start’.
4. The following pages will be asking you questions about your recent visit to a Office Depot store. You will be asked how many times you visited. Will you recommend Office Depot to other people you know etc.
5. On completion you will be given a $10 discount coupon which will be displayed on your screen.
6. Using a printer, print out the coupon and redeem on your next purchase.

Useful links:

1. Office Depot survey page:
2. Office Depot website:
3. Office Depot survey privacy policy:


Office Depot is one of the largest stationary and office equipment supply chain stores in the world and they care about their customers. Office Depot would like to make their stores better for everyone who visits them to make a purchase which is why they are asking customers to take part in the feedback survey.

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  1. I love the tech guy at Office Depot on Outer Loop in Louisville, Kentucky. He is simply the BEST. He is always courteous, helpful, respectable, and so very smart. My daughter and I will not have anyone but Dave to work on our computers or give advice to us. He goes beyond his duties.

  2. Mohammad R Hariri says:

    Jessie at the Irvine store provided excellent costumer service to us this afternoon. I will go back to that store from now on.

  3. Kenneth Simpson says:

    Our server at Mission #51 Natalee was Great as ever . We try to get same server every time as we have had the best service in the past from her and well believe ( if it aunt broken why fix or change . Our group enjoys a lot of wings cooked a little more than other like . BP has know problem cooking the way we want . Natalee makes sure before they come to table wing are done right and has taking then back before we have even had to complain . She makes sure you feel like your number one in her books . Always go home with a smile on my face and a happy tummy . Thanks Natalee guy’s from Hope

    • Kenneth Simpson says:

      Cannot get survey to open, but because Natalee my need support here is your ACCESS CODE 42180 200000 05121 and the date is 02/10/16 time23/22:44 . Just a little bitch, put some ink in your dam printer if you want a good response and don’t be blame your good servers, Big Boss Ha Ha
      Guy’s from Hope

  4. April Johnson says:

    I have been entering the contest for 4years now and I have never won anything. I don’t think anyone does. I believe it’s a gimmick I shop there weekly some to more. I n it’s the hoax is I’m just wasting my time. I’m so to give up!

  5. I just completed your Bostonpizza survey and when completed, they never asked me for my Survey Access Code. Did I do something wrong. Anyway it is 93134-00001-62011 just in case you need it.
    Thank you

  6. Sondra Langford says:

    I had a good experience with office depot/OfficeMax

  7. Connie Ashton says:

    When I went to Office Depot on June 30, 2019, Carlos was extremely helpful. He want the extra mile to help me get my rewards coupon printed. He also checked to be sure all my information was current. Carlos is a valuable asset to your team & I look forward to many more visits at your store. Sincerely grateful, Connie Ashton

    • Nathaniel says:

      Edward Altamirano at store 2218 was extremely helpful and proactive in getting me through the process! An awesome man!

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