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Tesco is inviting customers to take part in the tescoviews.com Guest Satisfaction survey. The survey allows customers to give their feedback to Tesco letting them know what it is they enjoyed or did not enjoy about their recent visit to a Tesco store.

About Tesco

Tesco is one of the largest and most popular supermarket chain stores around the world. Supplying fresh produce, dairy and grocery items to their customers, Tesco wants to make sure they keep their customers returning. To find what make their customers shop with Tesco the company has provided the Tescoviews.com survey so customers can tell them what it is they like and don’t like about Tesco stores. The survey will ask questions similar to; Was the Tesco staff friendly and helpful; Did you find what you were looking for? Did you think the price for the item was fair?

How To Win A £1,000 Gift Card In The tescoviews.com Survey

You will need:

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1. A computer and internet access.
2. A recent Tesco store receipt.
3. Be over 18 years of age.
4. An email address.


1. Go to the tescoviews.com website.
2. Enter the 4 digit code printed on your store receipt. See image above for where to find the code.
3. Enter the Tesco survey.
4. Answer all of the survey questions, rating each one and giving additional information in the spaces provided if you so wish.
5. On completion, enter your personal details so that you may be contacted in the event you are a lucky winner of the £1,000 Tesco Gift Card.

Useful links:

Tesco website: tesco.com
Tesco survey website: tescoviews.com
Tseco survey rules: https://tescoviews.com/tesco/desktop/rules.do


The tescoviews.com Guest Satisfaction survey allows customers to let Tesco know how they can improve their services or if they want to give a shout out to a particular staff member and let them know they have done a great job. The survey is the ideal vehicle for voicing customers opinions and also gives them the chance to win a £1,000 Tesco Gift Card.

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  1. Lowrie Deyell says:

    Good store here in Shetland, staff generally polite and very helpful.

  2. Ruth Skyler says:

    I went into the new Milton express branch yesterday. Now I am not sexist, racist or ageist but the man who served me was an elderly chap who was not very good at customer service. I have been rejected for jobs recently but my customer service is much better than his. I asked for a bag, he gave me a bag for life which should have been my choice, not his. He through my heavy shopping onto my softer shopping, he was wearing earphones, he could not hear properly and I had to speak louder than usual. He scanned my items then threw things in the adjacent basket not caring what he through on what. Very rude man, very angry customer.

  3. Gary in produce at Tesco Branksome is a credit to your store. Such a polite young man always so helpful.

  4. I just want to say that I am impressed with the competence of David the fishmonger at Tesco Pincents Lane.Newbury. Always trust him to prepare fish for me, A great guy with a brilliant smile . thanks David.

  5. I shop at the Tesco store in Craswell street Portsmouth most of the time and sometimes at their superstore near Fratton Park.The staff at both of the stores have always been friendly and very helpful when ive needed assistance with anything. My question is, to the Management or the P.R, H.R Departments. Is this just another publicity promotion and does anybody actually win anything on these so called publicity stunts that they do? I`d be very interested to know..

  6. I had my groceries delivered and was given a card about the survey by my delivery man. The survey assumed that I went to the store. Since I didn’t I can’t complete the sutvey. Badly designed survey results in a waste of time.

    • Gillian Chalk says:

      Agree survey not designed for home delivery but filled it in as if I went to store as I do occasionally when I have transport available as I am disabled

  7. S. Yeomans says:

    I do not get to Tesco very often but the last two visits have been very pleasant with staff members on both occasions being particularly helpful. Thank you.

  8. P. Teresa says:

    Soy cliente desde hace anos Muy buenas las pizzas

  9. william butcher says:

    So confusing,you say it’s so easy just add the 4 letter code and receipt !!!!!! yes that’s fine except I cant find the link to put in the 4 letter code !!!!!!!.
    and whose survey am I taking anyway yours or Amazons or 50 other retailers.!!!!!
    I like the store and the employees on the shop floor always treat me well at the till or if I have a question.
    My problem is with prices,i know you have a 50p loaf but there is one loaf it is not your brand and I forget the name right now but it is good but it is £1.25,every where else it is a £1 so I don’t buy it on principle,and your pomegranate juice was 83p or a £1 or sometimes 2 for £1.50,it was selling well sometimes when I came in it had sold out,what did your pricing management do they stopped selling it and introduced a new brand at £1.50 a carton so again I would not buy any,i always looked to see and finally months after they reduced the price to £1 as no one was buying it at £1.50,same with Tesco marmalade only 19p,pricing management thought oops we cant have that lets put it up to 33p,thats only 3 items.
    Store at Kinson.

    • I had the same today for the last 2 weeks Flora Buttery has been at a £1 for 500 grms this week it has gone up to £1.80 for the same product and this is what they do all the time also my local Tesco Metro have stopped selling most of the Everyday Value products, the flour was 49p now their ordinary four is 80p nearly twice as much and these are not branded makes, I like Tesco because they have very good staff but they are not consistent on their prices

      • I agree that most of the Everyday Value products are no longer stocked, do not the like the newer own brands as they are cheaper tasting and not very nice. Prices seem to vary during the week, some things are far too expensive, so go elsewhere. The staff are brilliant and very well trained. so on the whole I agree with Frothy.

  10. Mrs R Swift says:

    Is there any reason why I didn’t have any choice but to buy the more expensive gingernut biscuits at my local Tesco Store Barry S Wales today 10 July 2017 at 2.15 pm ?

  11. Margaret Cropper says:

    We usually shop at one of your ” big” stores at Stalybridge in Tameside, but yesterday I needed to get a few items fairly urgently and called in one of your Tesco Express little neighbourhood stores, I was amazed how well stocked it was for the size of the store and discovered the concept of the cheap “lunch offer” of a “main snack “and a drink for £3. The staff were all so young and so helpful and busy and smiling, and so proud of their highly successful thriving little empire. Well done- “great things come in small parcel”! Most sincerely
    DR. M. Cropper Tameside

  12. I want to thanks Tricia-sian for the lovely service she give to me one week ago in Yiewsley Tesco

  13. Sarah Broom says:


    I wanted to praise a member of your staff at your Tesco’s store in Frankley, Birmingham B31 5NJ.

    Her name is ‘Janet’ she is a lovely lady who always greets you with a big smile, is very helpful and brings a happy buzz to the store,even if it is early in the morning,

    I don’t feel your staff are given enough recognition for their hard work hence my comment and hope that she is rewarded or at least acknowledged for giving the great customer service that she does.,

  14. Mrs. Irene Boardman says:

    I and my husband have been a Tesco customer for as long as I can remember. We think your Frozen Oven Chips are marvelous along with your frozen dinners and most of your products. We mostly shop at your Manston, Ramsgate Branch the where we find find the staff very helpful and polite.

  15. Jill McTurk says:

    I had a great time in tesco and your stores are great!

  16. Ennette and her work coleges are so help full when I am in the the store in south road, dundee. They are credit to Tesco’s. They make you very welcome, keep it up behind the counters great bunch. scott

  17. Gary Nash says:

    I do all my food shopping at Tesco and live 200m from one of their fuel stations. Because I visit regularly I recognise and know most of the staff and vice-versa.
    This helps to make it a friendly and personal experience in these days of BIG supermarkets and business outlets.
    Sam who served me on this occasion was pleasant and helpful, which is what I experience pretty much every visit.

  18. I rate the cafe in Pembroke Dock Tesco’s extremely highly. A top class basic menu in an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

  19. Agnieszka Stawicka says:

    A very young nice man James gave me this card today, hope its lucky and i win a £1000 🙂 I shop at Tesco because i don’t have a choice. I got used to have the same choice of fruit and vegetables. I love the idea of selling Imperfect! Good luck James on your new job!

  20. G Cooper says:

    I have just visited the Tesco Supermarket in Uttoxeter which I frequently do. There are always most wonderful bargains, and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. Today I asked where the haggis was as I couldn’t find it and it is Burn’s Night next week. The girl was so helpful and then went to ask another as she couldn’t find any, and she was equally helpful too. I was very impressed as the store was very busy.
    Well done Tesco, full marks.

  21. I often shop in Tesco, l find the staff friendly and helpful, Tesco also has lots of offers, and being retired l find that very useful, especially on a Friday night when you can get some really good bargains on offers. Being a pensioner l have to watch the pennies now, and l think Tesco is helping in that way. Long may you reign.

  22. mike cusack says:

    why is it that asdas have 6 disability scooters forcustomers while your Pengam branch have only had one for 2 months and that is not working and not working for a while

    • Ray Pope says:

      Been to Ystrad Mynach store today the larger wheel chair trolley was broken, when are they going to have more than TWO for a store this size, when Sainsbury’s have a least 8. When you do a large shop the smaller trolley is NOT big enough

  23. Alison Fulton says:

    Excellent service from Karen

  24. Every week my mother in law and I shop at the Ystrad Mynach Tesco store and would like to thank Michelle for all the help she gives us, Tesco could do with a few more Michelles, nothing is too much trouble for her …..our thanks two very grateful customers .
    PS ….if the loose sprouts run out every week then wouldnt it make sence to order more ????
    two weeks runniing no sprouts ………..

  25. i have just spent two weeks selling poppies at tesco failsworth, the staff are the most friendly and helpfull, they do a tremendous amount for the community and mainly for the armed forces veterans you could not wish for a better store to shop.

  26. Wagstaffe Christine says:

    I am a little disturbed at the parking in the Sale branch of Tesco and I think it should be made more clear to drivers about the direction of cars. This is the third time now that I have had a problem with cars going the wrong way to the arrows. On this occasion I was turning to go into a lane, only to have woman coming the wrong way out of that particular lane and at a speed not suitable even if she was going the right way. How we avoided a collision I do not know. I tried to point out to her politely that she was travelling in the wrong direction only to get a mouthful of abuse. I am not sure how Tesco can correct this problem but surely there must be some way to avoid collisions in the car park. As for Tesco’s I am completely satisfied and always find the staff to be helpful and courteous. I have shopped there for years and even have a Tesco credit card. Having said that it is tempting to shop elsewhere and know that the parking is a lot safer. Please look into this problem.

  27. This was my first visit to the Leatherhead shop,in two years.
    Much improved,good stock,nice new bakery,loved it.
    I did tell the young man who helped me pack,as I had brought much more then I intended.
    Keep it up,I will be back.


  28. Mrs D Gough says:

    tried again and again but couldn’t get past the date, it just wouldn’t accept the date.

  29. leaving a feedback for Michael got to know him while shopping in store always happy to help and pass the time of day with a smile and joke or two I feel he is an asset to the store keep it up thank you michael

  30. SUSAN LEE says:

    Hi I went in to Tesco Brigg today to do my lottery but I forgot my reading glasses so I was having difficulty filling it in a very nice member of staff Julia saw me struggling she came over and asked if she could help I read out my numbers she filled the ticket in for me and asked if I did the same numbers regularly I said i did and she gave me a little repeat entry ticket what a lovely smiley lady so helpful I am 70yrs old and a bit forgetful so Julia’s help was much appreciated so thank you Julia if I win the jackpot you certainly will have a share .Julia is a credit to your company kind regards

  31. Margaret Turner says:

    I went into your Bletchley store was having trouble with my mobile phone not sure what to do I was helped and guided by Wesley and Andre they were so polite kind and helpful to me . Being an older person they were very patient and explained all I needed to know
    Once again thank you

  32. Shopping in tesco Prestatyn today, I experienced friendly helpful staff, a wide variety of choice and competitive pricing.

  33. Mr T. Tyler says:

    I really like shopping at Tesco – the staff are always helpful and friendly and as i live with my mother (who drives me crazy), it’s great because at 1am in the morning, I can walk to the 24hr Tesco store, and regain my sanity and peace of mind ! The store I go to is next to the hospital, in Ashford middlesex, – last week you had a brilliant offer for a 6-man tent (£59.95), but went yesterday to buy one and all sold out 🙁 – could you order one in for me, and make me happy 🙂 T. Ashford (mr)

  34. ellen florence says:

    i was at your local store in Wishaw lanarkshire, Scotland.i was recieving food bank stuff for Elim befriending service. the ladies that attended to me were Linda nd Hazel. they were very kind, considerate and friendly. nothing was any trouble to them. just wish all stores were as helpful as them.
    tesco card no for a chance to win £1.000 is 5133. thanks

  35. Vic Queen says:

    This competition appears to be from Spring 2015. Does this mean there is an indefinite period before a winner is announced. No mention is made on a closing date. Lack of this information reduces the inclination to participate. The survey organisers should be more open on this subject; providing a competition final entries date.

  36. Mrs Sarah Morey says:

    Always find what I want in Tesco Extra Leyland, and came across some things that were such a good offer in the cloths section that I have purchased them and put them away for next year. Staff are always nice and help full. I’ve been shopping here for years now.
    Though I do miss the large Tesco Home we once had in Preston I used to spend a fortune in there at Christmas.

  37. susan jackett says:

    I recently asked an asst called Nick in Falmouth Tesco Express store if they could stick Lactose free mature cheese as you do in your normal stores, and otherwise its hard to buy in this area. This male asst was very obliging and called the store manager who was also most helpful and agreed he’d try to oblige. 15% of the population are in fact lactose intolerant and it can cause severe malnutrition in some sufferers leading to Bone depletion and ensuing ops for break or arthritis…so for you to stock your smaller stores with lactose free will accomplish 2 things, customer satisfaction and a huge savings on the nhs bill as its only the lactose ( sugars in milky items that causes the problem!)

  38. Hi I was in the feltham store today and it was one of the most clean stop I have been in and as for the staff they was very helpful and Easy to talk to

  39. Alan Archer says:

    I must thank Amedeo, of Tesco’s Lichfield store, for the attention he gave to my recent search for skewers. When he discovered that the store had just sold the last ones, he jumped in his car and drove home to collect some he had just brought back from Italy – saving that evening’s barbecue! He refused any payment, saying that such service was just store policy. I was very impressed that an employee was so dedicated to carrying out Tesco policy.

  40. Thank you to the lady I think her name was Sarah, for showing me where the tomato sauce was.Also after reading a letter from Alex explaining why this is happening also lots of staff in blue tops to help.

  41. Bob Beniest says:

    WHY is Tesco 2p more a litre than Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s in Cardiff? AND 4p more in Bridgend. ITS about time Tesco’s Looked after us old customer’s No wonder they are down on there customers. I now go to Sainsbury’s And get points too. Bob.

  42. Donald Collin says:

    Jayna, a lady (and by that, I MEAN, Lady) who works in the Optician Department at the Tesco store in Weston Favell, Northampton, has twice dealt with complaints I have been forced to make about spectacles that have not been of a standard one would have expected of either Tesco or Brink branding. Jayna, has been a most helpful and efficient member of the Tesco team, and I, personally, ask to be served by her, even if I have to wait as she may be with other customers at the time. She has an enormous engaging attitude for such a sweet and diminutive figure. Jayna’s smile is, without doubt, a permanent feature of her character, and her countenance is one of a person who, not only knows her work thoroughly, but carries out that work to an exceptionally high standard. Nothing is too much trouble for Jayna, and she seems to relish in ensuring the fullest satisfaction of her customers, and she is an overwhelming credit to the name of Tesco.

  43. Mrs Gillian Haddow says:

    I would like to commend one of your employees, Melissa, who works at the Tesco garage in Sevenoaks, Kent. When I recently experienced difficulty with my car at the petrol pumps, she immediately came to my aid and went out of her way to rectify the situation.

    I am very grateful to her and would ask you to recognise the excellent service she offered on behalf of your organisation.

  44. I find Tesco very clean and staff helpful and friendly

  45. Been to Haslingden Tesco today, found everything I needed, staff there helpful and the check out gentleman was very helpful to a lady with difficulties, and very polite to me, it is my local Tesco store and I have never come across any dissatisfaction.

  46. B Anderson says:

    Paul, from Tesco, Reigate Avenue, Surrey, was very helpful on my visit to the store on 07/07/16. He had a friendly demeanor and went the full nine yards to assist me with my queries and directing me to the appropriate aisle to find relevant goods. Thanks Paul, your help was much appreciated.

  47. catherine wooding says:

    i enjoyed my shop today staff excellent quick thru checkout had all i neededpleasurable

  48. Lesley Thomson says:

    Love the option of different foods, the store is also set out well for easy to find foods ect. Always have a quick and pleasant experience when at checkout, very friendly helpful staff

  49. Mrs A Sutton says:

    We have been shopping at Tesco Chineham (2080) ever since we arrived from Zimbabwe in 2003, and find it a very helpful shop and their community support officer Julie is so helpful and nothing is too much for her, the tea that was put on for the Queens birthday was really special as are the coffee mornings on the last thursday of the month were you can meet and have a chat.I will continue shopping there no matter what.

  50. sheila pilkington says:

    Great store, very clean, fresh fruit and veg, meat (red tractor) usually lean and keen prises. Staff very helpful.

  51. ms betty bushel says Tesco’s is great. been shopping at Tesco’s for over 40yrs.
    Love everything about it. 100/100

  52. Leighann Bowden says:

    i’m a regular customer. staff always helpful and polite and happy to help you find what your looking for. recommends friends to shop with tesco

  53. morag campbell says:

    you can get all you need in one stop shop and the staff are all was friendly and willing too help you no mater how big or small.

  54. Zella Saxby says:

    Very helpful staff willing to help me find what I wanted.

  55. John Pearce says:

    I purchased a washing machine and had a great deal of help from Sarah 5421 in the Tesco store Culverhouse Cross. I found the use of the in house computer confusing .
    Eventually I found I was going to order 3 machines. Sarah soon sorted it out.

  56. I was in my local store in Hattersley, got everything what i needed and the Tescos staff are very friendly and considerate .

  57. Deedee says:

    On the 26/02/16 I went into tesco’s hall rd hull, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and Lorraine Stanford looked everywhere in the clothing area and found the trousers I wanted she is an absolute credit to this company I always do my shopping at this store and never ever have I had the service she give me

  58. angela blewett says:

    I use the photo dept in Tesco Fforestfach, Swansea quite frequently and Sue Roberts is always very helpful.

  59. So disappointed that we no longer sell Warburton 400gm sliced wholmeal bread. I have tried your “new” wholemeal sliced loaf and although it is quite tasty I found the “medium” slices much too thick.

  60. m parsons says:

    tesco aberdare has a serious problem in the human resources department the lack of management skills is having a significant effect on staff moral it continues to criticise long serving staff and threatening to dismiss them and make vulgar comments against them nobody should have to put up with this bullying in the workplace

  61. Harry Persaud says:

    My wife and I have been shopping/and have shopped with Tesco for over 40 years now, and it has always been exciting to visit the shops. Since 2012 we have been shopping at your Superstore in Bournemouth which is very conveniently located about a mile from our home. We wish to offer Special Thanks to Karen Miller employed at that Unit, who has always been smart pleasant and very helpful to us. But then again most of your staff are.
    Until recently Tesco has been at the top of The Ivy League of Supermarkets in the UK. We started to shop with you, before that Ivy League position, during the hey-day of the Ivy League and even now with the decline of the popularity of the organization, due to severe competition, we sadly shop less at Tesco’s these days
    During our extensive shopping days, we discovered that Tesco must have put a lot of its emphasis on staff recruiting and training. Credit to the organisation. On one occasion when I complained about a single shopping incident, I received a personal apology from your then Chief Executive, who isnow retired and residing in the Liverpool area.
    Your shops and staff are always clean and tidy, We wish to offer Special Thanks to Karen never any parking problem, your prices very favourable, so Tesco now has to face the new players in the market, and attempt to hit the Ivy League position again. We send Spec

  62. happy with service.

  63. delivery staff are always pleasant and helpful. very happy with service.

  64. excellent delivery service, pleasant always.

  65. Went to tesco at farnworth branch couldnt find a product i ask one of the women stocking up the shelves for help, she left the job she was doing and kindly shown me were it was and asked if there was anything else she could help me with.Nothing was too much trouble for her she was very kind,friendly smiley woman who very kindly went out her way to help
    my no =4256
    thanks one very happy customer.

  66. DEBORAH SMITH says:

    Went into Borehamwood store on Friday lunchtime (19 Feb), in a rush looking for a particular condiment but couldn’t find it. I came across Lynsey(I think she works on the tills), who was extremely helpful, when she couldn’t find it either she looked on the system but it seems that it isn’t stocked. She was lovely and helpful, just wanted to share this with Tesco, that they’ve got good staff

  67. Well the bad news today is that i’ve just found out that tesco clitheroe will no longer be open 24 hours through the week as from sometime in april, quite often I call into tesco clitheroe at 4am in the morning and as some of us know who are getting off to work at that time in the morning, we are not in the best of moods!! one thing is for sure as I walk out of tesco clitheroe at 4-05am my mood is a little more upbeat thanks to a very helpful and always customer friendly lady who I think her name is Adele, I do know that with all these new supermarkets popping up in clitheroe that competition for customers is as they say a war, I just hope that tesco clitheroe realize that sometimes it’s not just offers that draw your customers in, It is your front line soldiers (staff) just like Adele that keep some customs loyal.

  68. Gail jones says:

    I have not been to wrexham tesco for some time but thought I would do my weekly shop there today . Felt abit down in myself today but plodded on and so glad I went to wrexham tesco as the bargains I had were very good value and the till assistant had a natter with you and really put me in good spirits . She was very helpful with my packing and also a loverly person to speak to thk you till assistant and thankyou wrexhsm tesco for cheering me up today .will be shopping there more often from now .

  69. Wendy Gardner says:

    I shopped in Purley Tesco this evening and as usual it was clean and the shelves were well stocked and wide enough to make shopping a pleasure not an obstacle course. When I checked out, the assistant noticed that an item’s price should have been reduced and she went to a great deal of trouble on my behalf and was so helpful and pleasant. When I thanked her she said “I’m glad to help, that’s what we are here for.”
    Before I left the store I went to Customer Service and asked the assistant’s name so that I could convey to you what a pleasure it was to shop in this store and to be served by Alka Gupta.

  70. Paul Feaviour says:

    Garforth store — well laid out,friendly and helpful staff.However this store does not carry the same range of goods seen in other similar size stores, particularly Tesco’s own brand goods like coffee, de-caf coffee,and some of their “value” range goods.

  71. I Stewart says:

    The delivery people in my area are so friendly and helpful, always punctual polite and chatty .Often giving helpful feed back on products while helping unpack . Pleasure to have convenience of Tesco delivered

  72. Mary Keegan says:

    What can I say always find staff very accommodating
    & find what I want today it was a new mobile phone
    I was more than pleased with the service I received .

  73. Carol Sheldon says:

    Congratulations to Steve Bishop, Non Food Manager at the Handforth Dean Store in Cheadle, Cheshire for using his common sense and dealing with me as a very angry customer recently. Before Christmas I had purchased two £20 ToysRus Christmas vouchers from the store for children living a distance away. Last weekend I received a call to say there were two very unhappy children at the ToysRus store who had found there was no money registered on either of the cards, even though they had the receipts with them. Steve explained that this was probably a ‘glitch’ in the system and replaced the money; sent gifts for the children and provided gift vouchers and flowers for our trouble. Well done to Steve for dealing with this so efficiently. By the way…. I will probably double check my gift vouchers with Customer Services in future before I leave the store.

  74. sheilagh haydock says:

    I CAN AIWAYS FIND WHAT I NEED, goodvalue for money,every thing you need in one store

  75. Salima in middleton Tesco gave a fantastic service just want to say thanks for all your help you was star 🙂

  76. Marina Gaffney says:

    I slipped over in one of the Tesco stores
    I stepped on a security tag in the alcohol aisle…. Causing my legs to split ….. Very painful ….. And the guy stocking the shelves apologized and took the tag ….. There was no one to take the accident report so I came back to make the report a few days later and the manager refused to take my report it took about 45 minutes of crossword between us he was rude ….. I think I may have got the date wrong by one day …. But have
    I got done half way the splits hurt my knees ….. I no longer shop in that store but I do still shop at Tesco … A much better store

  77. Marina Gaffney says:

    I love Tesco it’s always been my favorite I often put my points on my pensioner mums card ….. My favorite is the Sunbury on Thames store with the upstairs I’ve spent hours walking around ….. I have made many friends with the staff there who no me by name and my children …… Food is great vegetables fresh ….. I also go to the Ashford town lane middlesex store it’s good but not as good as Sunbury on Thames …. Sadly in the Ashford store I have bought bags of ready to eat and sometimes it’s very wet inside and inedible by next day ….. I love the Tesco own make medicine which saves a lot and works great ….. I refuse to shop anywhere else …. Tesco has always been my number 1

  78. Friendly staff and good prices.

  79. p w loan says:

    we shop twice a week at tescos chester le st good range of products at competitive prices

  80. Nicola Weir says:

    Our weekly shopping trip went well as usual, with so much choice. Missing our usual check-out lady Kay in the Southend Branch, who has been in Hospital, we wish you a speedy recovery.
    Nikki and Jan

  81. Joan Ward says:

    Went to burnley tesco 2.2.16 bought underwear which is not returnable only to get home and find wrong sizes on hangers so be careful when selecting to look at lables inside garments expensive lesson learnt

  82. Patricia Ann McAuliffe says:

    Tesco Elmer;s End is a super store in every sense of the word. Parking is great. The staff are always helpful, courteous and friendly. The butchers; section, in particular, are forever keen to advise on the day’s best value as well as great offers due in the near future. A visit is always enjoyable and worthwhile.

  83. J Cook says:

    The staff at Penzance store are hell bent on pushing your goods through faster than you can pack, and there is nobody behind waiting behind you? why? then payment is requested and you are still packing! Not all staff are the same. A manager wanting to get from point a to point b will walk over you to get there. Last time I will visit this store.

  84. Tesco Battersea has ample, easy parking, friendly staff (especially the security guards), easy access for disabled, a reasonable range of products, adequate numbers of tills both self-service and cashiered, managers are usually cooperative if I have a problem, offers are usually good, the store is usually clean and bright. It’s also located in the neighbourhood but also at a main road where transportations is readily available.

  85. Lynda criddle says:

    Store all way clean and staff nice and friendly.

  86. Easy to park, no coin needed for trolley, easy to get around the isles, clean, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

  87. thaks Rob

  88. mrs k perks says:

    I have been having my shopping delivered for the past 5 years. There is rarely any errors, the delivery staff are always friendly & helpful.

  89. Angela Perry says:

    I always enjoy shopping at Skegness Tesco,looking for bargains,where Karen H is especially helpful.

  90. Margaret green says:

    I always find Tesco Staff at Holmbush St Austell Cornwall, very friendly and very helpful, noting is to much trouble for them, that is why I go there, you don’t always find this treatment in all supermarkets, Well Done Tecos

  91. goodvalue for money,every thing you need in one store

  92. m.a.walters says:

    i visited tesco wellingborough today & asked 2 young staff where can i find capers they both looked at me and said we dont know what they are i explained what they were but still no joy .
    then one of them pulled out which i though was a mobile phone bit she said it was a store finder she tapped it in and told me where to find it aisle 20 but came with me to help a great feeling as they showed concern and so helpful.

  93. Feilong YAN says:

    I am new in UK,and English is not my first language. Tesco staff(near Porslade Station) are very considerate on helping me find the products on my shopping list.

  94. Very helpful staff if there is an item I cannot find on the shop floor, check out staff are polite and customer services are always very helpful no hassle. Have all what I need and very rarely run out of items.

  95. Janet Fidler says:

    I cannot thank Steve enough at the Warfield branch. My car broke down and he went above and beyond to help me. He made phone calls and stayed with me until the breakdown people arrived and I was safely on my way. Steve you are a credit to the store and today you are ‘my hero’. Thank you!

  96. Roger Newman says:

    Glad that Tesco has turned the corner for the last quarter. Been shopping with them for a number of years and am not thinking of changing that any time soon

  97. Miss Irene Sheila Johnston says:

    I visited your Irvine Extra 24 hour store on 13th January, 2016 and as usual was suitably impressed with the service I received both on the floor and at the checkout. One young man filling the shelves came after me to tell me of a better bargain in Kleenex paper hankies than the one I had decided upon and the girl at the checkout helped me pack my bags and was so pleasant. Nothing was a bother to either the boy or the girl. I usually get Catherine Hanlon to serve me but yesterday was her day off and Catherine is always so cheery and helpful and looks after me well! Thank you Tesco staff for your Extra attention. You live up to the name of the store!

  98. Ann (in the UK) says:

    Sandhurst Tesco Café, 13/01.2016
    We bought lunch here yesterday and it was simply dreadful. We were given a small device which was to flash when the food was ready. After a 15 minute wait it did this.
    We collected the food ( ham egg and chips) only to find the chips were barely luke warm, the ham was stone cold as though it had just been unfrozen.
    We’ve eaten here before and it has been good, yesterday was awful. The young girl I spoke to about it did not seem to care.
    I spoke to Customer Services downstairs. They said there had been other complaints and they would inform Alex the Manager.
    A truly disappointing and off putting experience and not worth the £5.00 each we paid.
    receipt 3149

  99. D.Parkin says:

    Driffield, East Yorkshire Store. friendly and helpful staff, especially the American Lady on checkout.

  100. at our store, tesco express brixington, exmouth, all the staff are always helpful,always cheerful, nothing too much trouble. the store is well laid out and tidy.

  101. Star checkout operator Mandy at Chester-Le-Street store. Packed as she scanned she freely chattered to the customer in a relaxed informal manner, finally got up and packed the customers trolley for her, but not only that got another member of staff (a manager no less), to push the wheelchair out to the car park now covered with bags. What clearly must be a weekly ordeal for the customer, was made that bit easier without being patronising or condescending to a proud individual.

  102. michael says:

    our local store in bournemouth,riverside avenue is a good,clean store and has everything we need. just wish lazy parents were made to keep thier kids under control!. there were a few being allowed to run around screaming.

  103. Paul Gillausseyn says:

    I have been shopping at Tesco Reading West since the store opened have always recently I bought a new phone and topped up. The Manager was most helpful.

  104. Peter Charnley says:

    Hi. I’ve just come home from a cookery course which was funded in a big way by my local (Clitheroe) Tesco. The lady who represented Tesco (Nadine) was so lovely to chat with & ever so helpful. She did your store proud & the whole two & a bit hour course (this was week one of six) was a Wonderful experience. Thanks to Nadine & to Tesco (Clitheroe) 🙂

  105. Went to my local Tesco today to buy a pay as you go phone, the assistant was very helpful, I came away happy.

  106. Philip greenfield says:

    My tesco shop is only ten minutes from my home. I find the customer service very good as they always help me with my shopping. The prices are very good too which helps me a lot as I am a single perant and unemployed

  107. My server Barry at the Ammanford Tesco store is very friendly and helpful and he always seems to have a ready smile.

  108. George Scott says:

    don’t bother doing this survey – if you take any time to actually give constructive detail it will time you out and WASTE your time, if you re-try it will freeze you out…

    a few short complimentary contrived comments is what they want.


  109. ROGER GEORGE says:


  110. Sarahjane Fox says:

    I use Tesco in Newcastle Co Down N Ireland during the summer as I am down in Newcastle during the holiday season. Great service and great staff, always there to help.
    Today I went to Tesco in Ballygomartin and there was no difference in the way I was treated. All the staff are brilliant, well mannered and eager to assist. They make sure you are served and not standing about waiting. also very quick to help with anything you need.
    also Tesco’s products are great and they save you money which is good. I really makes your day.t’s nice when people are nice,

  111. Mrs Margaret Rayner says:

    I think they have a very good range of food and gifts, and the prizes are good, the ladies on the checkout are very pleasant and helpful.
    This is all at Maltby, S.Yorks.

  112. St Julians primary school children and midday supervisors would like to thank Tesco spytty Newport and Mike Parry for the kind donation of a Christmas tree and decorations for our dinning room . Merry Christmas xx

  113. Lesley Moore says:

    The staff at Tesco Northwich are excellent. I use the pharmacy on a regular basis and Viv and the rest of the staff are always very helpful.

  114. im living front ov mini tesco express there all staff is friendly getting most of stuff im buying from there shopping every day from there love to go there!!!

  115. Anne Govan says:

    I always pop in to tesco Sunderland both in the town and at Roker Retail Park
    and find the staff very friendly and helpfull.

  116. James Abbott says:

    I went to the Grove Wantage Expressand bought a gift card for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. The store was very convenient and the staff were most helpful. Well done Tescos, excellent service

  117. Ms Lynda McChesney says:

    I find the staff at Tesco in Yiewsley extremely friendly and helpful. I go into the Store most days for a coffee and a bit of shopping before I go to work. The staff are always very cheeful. In particular, a lady called Ila T. Shah always has an approachable and friendly nature and assists in waking me up before going to work with her delightful banter! Keep up the good work Ila.

  118. mrs E Vincent says:

    I would like to thank Miranda and Lewis! for there help today, when I was ordering my Christmas meat. E Vincent. LOWESTOFT.

  119. Excellent customer & community service from Adele & Jess from the Barry store. They provided lots of help, support and advice as I was looking for help with Barry Athletic Cricket Youth Section. This culminated in arranging a provisional date for bag packing at the store in the New Year.

  120. Ciara Rowley says:

    The staff in Ballina Tesco are very friendly and helpful.When I was pregnant they always offered to help me carry my groceries to my car.My husband recently mislaid his wallet and they were very kind and went through CCTV to see had he his wallet when at checkout.Thanks!

  121. munawar zeeshan says:


  122. maureen tidbury says:

    went to roborough Tesco today what helpful staff they are one of the staff called colin was very helpful well done colin cant wait to go back there again

  123. Jackie morgan says:

    Love shopping at tescos you get everything you need in the one shop and always use tesco,s for my fuel won’t go any where else x x

  124. john parker says:

    wow! at the end of such a long line of satisfied customers and wannabee winners I can only say I was pleased with the cheerful and efficient service thank you |

  125. I use tescos about 2 to 3 times a week the staff are polite and helpful but there is one staff who is very helpful polite and very friendly thank you dee

  126. KERRY JONES says:

    Tesco Rubery Birmingham…. no queuing …good selection of products….nice manager keeps all aspects of good customer service in check….so local… no hassel. Love Tesco.

  127. kenny ritchie says:

    Good experience on this shop. Much help from Vicki Foster

  128. Roger Bone says:

    well done Chris you were a great help Hunstanton branch

  129. Always shop at Tesco. The points you get are very useful for family outings.
    Pam was very pleasant and cheerful. Thank you Pam.

  130. Jean ingham says:

    The staff at my local store in Wakefield can’t do enough for you. All you got to do is ask. They seams to be different offers on each day I go to the shop which can be w nice surprise. I end up buying more things than I originally went for.

  131. Great service from crew at the till especially Amanda

  132. I have just started to realy use Tescos in Tilbury and fr a small store the stock most things that i need staff are always very helpful and friendly
    Thank you Kim

  133. Chris Nwoko says:

    June Hobson has been very good to me during my shopping at tescos, she is very cheerful and happy at her job with that I like shopping at tescos, also tescos prices are one of the best compared to sainsbury, due to price comparison I like doing my shopping at tescos .

  134. kim guang ho says:


  135. Mr Philip C Ims says:

    I use my local TESCO Express most days; for my newspapers and any shopping that I need. It is located very conveniently, close by, and houses a post office…….very useful.

  136. stephen lacey says:

    me and my wife patricia lacey were served at western favell store by lorna cherry she is a credit to your company she was very helpful to us finding the frozen chicken joint we were looking for and she also opened a till for us her customer servies was second to none

  137. I was served by Richard W and he was very polite and helpful.

  138. Suze Campbell says:

    Aggie at Tesco Express, Pound Hill, Crawley is always so helpful, friendly and happy to the customers in this store. An example of a good employee.

  139. Tesco on-line i usually find to give bad service, and if i give feed back i get a “cannot publish my review on the site because it doesn’t meet the requirements”. its not rude or sweary, just seems people cant give feedback if its negitive. in stores i have always had excellent service though so im not anti-tesco. just be nice if people could give honest opinions good or bad.

  140. been going to tesco c,von from day 1, pleasure shopping there. friendly and helpfull staff.
    visit the meat counter see VAL, always a welcome and a big smile .carry on staff doing a great job.

  141. D Butler says:

    Have just taken delivery of the week’s groceries. Driver Colin B very polite and pleasant as he staggered down our half dozen steps with several loaded trays. Felt sorry for him. What a great system this is: cheaper to pay the low annual delivery fee than drive to our nearest store using petrol, even at Tesco low pump prices.

  142. Kate McCaskie says:

    My Tesco in St George, Bristol, is the best – staff always very helpful and friendly, especially Hazel who goes out of her way to help others. She has great customer service skills, especially when it comes to the more awkward customer (I have seen her in ‘action’ as it were), she is professional, very polite and helpful and a total credit to Tesco. Well done Hazel!!

  143. Just popped into my tescoviews extra for a few items, came out completely satisfied . Staff very friendly and helpful, great job girls ( tesco. Knocknagoney, Hollywood N I )

  144. Roy Baldwin says:

    Very good. I would not expect anything other than that from your excellent staff.

  145. Irenepeel says:

    I go to tesco’s because the prices are quite cheap and the store is
    close to where l live. The staff are always friendly and polite.


  146. j mowatt says:

    Having tried to enter into your draw to win £1000 and also to receive the 25 points
    I could not access your website on a number of times, why is this.

    regards j. mowatt my latest shop was today at 1306 at cheshunt the four
    digit number is 2329.

  147. Kim Thorn says:

    Today i visited Tesco in Hanley Stoke on Trent
    i needed new glasses but couldn’t find a style that suited me anywhere. when i got to tesco Sam was very helpful and friendly and professional. it made my experience much less stressful and i came away happy!!
    thank you Sam! 🙂

  148. Would love to win I would get groceries

  149. Accompanied my elderly mother for an eye test at Tesco Optician Solihull B90 4EN. Was apprehensive but Karen the Assistant and Babar the Optician put both of us at ease immediately. Such good interpersonal skills and level of professionalism. Thank you Tesco, we enjoyed our visit!

  150. Janice Ackland says:

    I had my groceries delivered on the 23/10/15 by Andy Wilson 2156 who was very polite and efficient and my groceries were all to my standard, as if I had picked them myself. There was only one substitute which was of good choice. Many thanks Janice

  151. iris bucklnd says:

    I did some shopping on line with top named companies plus (a first for me) Tesco. I found Tesco to be quicker, cheaper and with the better quality goods. The phone call to confirm the collection time at my local shop was a bonus.

    In store I was dealt with quickly and efficiently and without having to ask, the purchases were placed in my trolley. For the perfect shopping experience this happy shopper says:-

  152. Sofia Parker says:

    Was served by Marilyn in Eastbourne (I think she was South African or Australian). She was extremely kind and helpful. She made sure that all my shopping was within reaching distance and she also went at a slower pace. Normally I would not comment but I was really impressed as I tend to find that some checkout staff go too fast and seem in a rush to get to the next customer.

  153. Tesco express Tinkers Bridge has such polite friendly staff, that are always very helpful.
    The Manager Richard is always hard working and works as a team with his staff which is really nice to see.

  154. christine hussey says:

    entered to win £1000

  155. George Watson says:

    I visited Bursledon Towers 2156 for my weekly shopping this morning (10/09/15) and was assisted in the self service area by a very friendly and helpful Tesco employee called Jacky. She even packed my bags for me. Very commendable.

  156. walked into local express store and the staff was very helpful and friendly as Iam disabled I visit the store quite often and I will be going again and again THANK YOU very much

  157. website is crap i did not visit the damn store so how am i supposed to know what state it was in etc

    However i would like to say that Les our delivery driver was excellent always friendly and very helpful 2639

    • Peter of Big Tesco in Oxford advised me in the big shoping .

    • Vinod sabharwal says:

      My name is Vinod Bala Sabharwal. I my 2 daughter do our shopping in Tesco stores, good for price, petrol is always 2pence less than other supermarkets. Staff friendly, ever Saturday we shop on Tesco, I needed to buy milk today went to tesco, I needed to buy lotus root tins, I asked customer service. She was so helpful, showed where the world of food as it was not my local supermarket (beggars bush) she went out of her way, I have been shopping at tesco for the last 37 years. Full marks

  158. My experience at all the Taco Bells were wonderful. I ask the servers to change the BIG BOX items from meats to beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. Each one I ask to do that, they did it with smiles, Thanks to all servers that change my odor to a VEGAN meal.

  159. Have always brought all my shopping in tescos, always find what I need at great prices.

  160. I have been visiting the Tesco Express at Robin Hood, the larger store in Shirley and the superstore near the M40 Birmingham for over 7 years and I can only say that I have no negative views about the service I have enjoyed.The staff are friendly,helpful and never sitting at their stations looking like they wish they were somewhere else!!
    Many improvements and innovations have been made to enhance the shopping experience which makes it a one stop shop…great for busy overworked mr average!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  161. Janice kidd says:

    I went to tesco at Clacton on sea the lady on the checkout was very nice and very helpful i would just like to thank her she didn’t make me feel like a customer she made me feel like a friend once again thank you for your help today carol dewitt

  162. imzaa sidat says:

    Really impressed and very happy to shop at Tesco’s always a great pleasure.

  163. Stephen says:

    I always compare prices and I have come to know that you are number one. You always sell at low.

  164. margaret says:

    yes i would like to leave a comment i am very dis satisfied the way you are treating my e mails i ask why please don t put anything on my computer except the answer i m looking for twice my comment has been rejected thank you

  165. alistair says:

    why is my e mails being knocked back i have already sent in 2 please give me head office phone number and i will solve the problem

  166. margaret says:

    i have put in 2 e mails and each time i get knocked back i ask why must i take this further i await your reply MARGARET i am asking a question i don t want to see i ve duplicated please answer my question

  167. margaret says:

    i have put in 2 e mails and each time i get knocked back i ask why must i take this further i await your reply MARGARET

  168. margaret says:


  169. WELL DONE SHELLEY at the greenock store re. help with a phone problem…polite friendly and a credit to your company

  170. margaret says:

    I shop in TESCO CUMBERNAULD EXTRA CUMBERNAULD today I had a problem and FIONA URQUART is always on hand to assist she s always friendly and helpful nothing is a problem for her she always goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied todays date 24th JULY 2015 MARGARET and ALISTAIR

  171. brilliant. as always.

  172. Sandra Greenwood says:

    I shop at Tesco because I can use the price gun as I only have so much to spend and can monitor it closely and the Tesco extra is 10 minutes down the road by car.

  173. John Camphuis says:

    A great experience as usual in my local Tesco Sunderland store.
    The assistant, Ann was helpful.

  174. Lee Foord says:

    I have been a Tesco customer for 25years+. I currently shop at Tesco Extra, Bournemouth. This is a great store, with so much choice on two floors. The staff are friendly and always willing to help, if you can’t find something they don’t point you in the right direction they stop what they are doing and escort you, that is good customer service . Well done Tesco.

  175. John Garner says:

    I frequent tesco cafe in Glossop almost daily because I find it is very well supervised, very clean with well prepared food. The staff are polite and never seem to get flustered when there are of long queues of customers. The lady who seems to be in charge runs that cafe just right.

  176. Alexandru says:

    hello i wass in tesco norbury to put petrol and to do some shoppings on 08.07.15 it wass my first visit to this shop and i found it verry clean,a verry helpful staff and funny as well in special a boy and a girl their name are Fahad and Florentina if i remember good one of them help me to find my items and the other served me on the till and also help me to understand some of the offers for the product s….it wass a realy nice experience and i will do it every time i have the chance from now on….thank you

  177. MRS SUSAN DENT says:


  178. Anne Blackman says:

    Your fruit and veg compare favourably with other stores and they are excellent value. Your fish counter is superb. I appreciate your stocking lactofree products. However I was disappointed not to find Rachels low fat yoghurt either on this visit or the last. I like your speciality loaves (e.g. the multigrain and the walnut). It would be even better to have an organic choice.

  179. Pretty hard to participate in a survey when the receipt is not legible. Should put some ink in the machine.

  180. I went to tesco in poole, I found what I wanted without any problems

  181. John Walsh says:

    Just to tell you of excellent service I had from one of your produce managers at your Old Swan/Liverpool store – a one Martin Richter, This Guy went out of way to Look for and successfully find the item I was desperate for. Well Done Tesco

    J. Walsh

  182. what a credit to tesco kelly is she always got a smile very helpfull went into tesco this morning she on the deli she usually on the cooked chicken my children like the cooked sausage they say mum we only have the sausage if the blond kelly on the cooked food counter keep up the good work kelly

  183. yeah i thought Tesco was great as well i even shopped there for my outdoor activitys.most my life but i always loved the place.i suggest somebody gets back to me ASAP ! before if have to make my video public.As im seeing posts where folk have not been notified or complaints dealt accordingly.So i will be taking this all the way if need! once i know its getting dealt with the right co.worker\director\area manager i only want to talk to somebody that can make decisions .
    best regards
    t j##=====

  184. I’m Malaysian, never live anywhere abroad before. Since we move to Bexhill, and I discovered Tesco, its makes my life so easy and to my convenience, not only for myself but for my whole family too. From house holds groceries, to foot wear and clothes, we been using Tesco ever since we got here, for 4 years now. As long as, I’m still in this country, I will continue using and support Tesco . Thank you for your service.

  185. Foyzun Miah says:

    Tesco is a brilliant, lovely shop for me and my family. I am a mother of six children from ages 1 to 15 and i always find everything i need there. Not only are the products and customer service absolutely phenomenal, they are so good that i would rather go to Tesco over my corner shop for the matter of bread and milk. I own a nursery and the shopping i do for the nursery is always from Tesco. I used to shop at Asda but after one shopping trip with Tesco, i never had the need for asda anymore. The staff are so friendly that i feel right at home. When we shop we buy a mixture of Tesco brands as well as a few other brands. All my six children are satisfied with Tesco as it provides them with everything that they could possibly need. Overall, Tesco is the best shop i know and it will defiantly stay that way for ever.

  186. Rob pearson says:

    Served by Jo, cooked meat counter. she was pleasant and very helpful.

  187. WYNDHAM says:

    We only do our top up shop at Tesco because you are the only store than sell Nescafe Blend 37 coffee you sold puff wheat for only one week and we had to go to Hereford to find out you actually sell celery hearts. We get better deals on our spending in Morisons and better deals for the next 6 weeks at Sainsbury’s for both spending and petrol so you do not have to be a genius to work our where we will be doing our main shop over the next 6 weeks. Wake up Tesco you are not only losing sales to Aldis and Lidls but to the big stores as well.

  188. Mrs Wilson says:

    Really help staff at main Scarborough store today.

  189. rebecca sprank says:

    i shop at Tesco express on penge road, i love shopping there because i feel at home

  190. Mr B Finney says:

    The store in Rotherham is first class and so easy to get to by but, love it

  191. Karnail Chana says:

    Always I find what I need at short notice atTesco

  192. ann forster says:

    Going to Tesco’s is convenient because our local Tesco’s can be accessed by car or metro it very economic it is easy to get to just a short walk from the metro station and by car the car park is under cover which is good on rainy day’s thank you for the forethought in the designing of our local Tesco’s

  193. Everything is good. The staff are lovely and cooperative especially Noman.

  194. George Wilshaw says:

    paying for petrol is but the pleasant girl on the till made it much better

  195. mrs sandra bradshaw says:

    I find the shop clean and fresh and find most of my shopping

  196. Sarah Aitken says:

    As usual a positive shopping experience at my local Tesco. Very friendly member of staff at the check out and we had a good old moan about the weather.
    Yes I was a happy shopper.

  197. David Huyton says:

    My wife and I recently went to your Tesco store at Chorley with a view to changing -upgrading our mobile phones, we are not very IT frendly so patience,explanation and guidance is much needed and appreciated. We where greeted by a very smart young man who introduced himself as Gary, I think he was the store manager,
    We believe in credit where credit is due, Gary was very helpful explained all the pros and cons in a very professional manor, he saved our photos and changed over data we believe he went that extra mile,not just for the sale, but because he generally wanted to help and guide us, we both changed our phones, signed up another two year contract and are delighted with your products.
    Gary the phone shop manager at Chorley is a credit and asset to Tesco Ltd, we don’t want to embarks this young but he really does deserve a pat on the back from your senior management .

    Well done Gary,

    Kind regards David and Cath Huyton

  198. Nice day today so went to shop.

  199. Margaret Thornton says:

    I Shop at Tesco Daily. Disappointed That You Have Discontinued Selling Goose Fat.

  200. Sharron Southall says:

    I was never a fan of Tesco until about three years ago when I thought I would give them a go by buying my Christmas turkey from them, unfortunately I was so disappointed with it that I had to go send a complaint via e-mail. To my amazement I had a very nice letter back telling me to go back into the store where they would refund my money. (Very impressed) but the best was yet to come not only did they refund my money but they gave me a £25 gift voucher. Any store who treats their customers in this way deserves their custom, needless to say since then I am 100% committed to TESCO and never go anywhere else, although I don’t spend a huge amount because there is just me I find the quality second to none and the staff are ALWAYS happy to help. Keep up the good work TESO, and thank you.

  201. B. Edwards says:

    I have been shopping at Tesco’s for many years now and have always found the staff very good and helpful like the girl on the till today her name was Ellie.

    Thank you all

  202. the store in gateshead is great apart from,parents who do not keep their kids under control,running around,screaming etc.also people outside of the store trying to sell you things you do not want,they get you again when leaving the store…

  203. carey johnson says:

    Tracy from the deli has being wonderful and been very helpful. The opticians staff are so wonderful and friendly especially Charline . Surrey Quays

  204. G. Miller says:

    #went into Tesco Extra on Saturday 11th April. Couldn’t find product I needed and found an assistant stocking shelves further away. She searched the aisle with me and went to ask colleague for help – all to no avail so I told her not to worry and would get in elsewhere. Whereupon I continued my shopping. Suddenly that assistant appeared with the product I wanted which was now in different packaging she bothered to look for me in the store. She was charming, delightful and so helpful. Her name is EWELINA. She is a credit to the store.

  205. ceinwen ackerman says:


  206. Good

  207. Malcolm Bailes says:

    Great store –Great day…

  208. I want a chance to win £1ooo tesco gift card

  209. Halah Alzubaidi says:


    • Susan Dobson says:

      We go to TESCO for the price
      The staff at FILEY are very nice
      We always go there for our shop
      Knowing full well its just ONE stop

    • mac man says:

      Zoe, who works at Tesco Express Balsall Common is an absolute credit to this company, she deserves a pat on the back and a pay rise !

    • just tried to do the survey, but the stupid website won’t accept the date i am entering!! What’s the point of asking our opinion when it is impossible to access the questions?!?!

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