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Walgreens, famously known for its pharmaceutical products if offering customers who make a purchase in store the opportunity to take part in the walgreenslistens.com customer feedback survey. On completion of the survey, which involves answering a few very easy questions, customers are offered the chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000.

About Walgreens

Walgreens is the largest drug store chain in the United States with more than 8,000 stores nationwide. Walgreens provides pharmaceutical products as well as a photo studio and other health and wellness services. Founded in 1901 by Charles Walgreen on Chicago’s south side, Walgreens grew rapidly due to the alcohol prohibition period in the 1920’s to become the successful retail chain that it is today.

How To Win $3000 In The Walgreens walgreenslistens.com Survey

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Walgreens walgreenslistens.com Survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer that is capable of accessing the internet.
2. Possess a recent Walgreens store receipt with an invitation to take part in the survey printed on it.
3. Be 18 years of age or older.
4. Able to read and write English or Spanish.


1. Visit walgreenslistens.com on your computer or smartphone.
2. Choose English or Spanish as your choice of language.
3. If you look on your store receipt you will see a survey number that is 11 digits long. Enter this in the space provided.
4. Also on the store receipt is a password, enter this in the space provided as well.
5. Then click ‘Take Survey’.
6. On the next page is some information regarding the walgreenslistens.com survey. Take the time to read this information and then proceed forward by clicking ‘Next’.
7. Over the following pages you will be asked a range of questions about your experience at a Walgreens store. You will be asked to answer these questions on a scale of 1 to 9.
8. You will be asked to answer if you would refer Walgreens to your family and friends. Mark this on a scale of 1 to 9 also.
9. Other questions you will be asked will be “what was the purpose of your visit to Walgreens?” and “did you find what you were looking for?”
10. You will also be asked some questions about the item you went to Walgreens to buy. Answer the questions explaining if you were happy or not with the product or service.
11. Some other questions will include “were you greeted in a friendly manner upon entering the store?” and if the checkout process was quick and easy.
12. Finally, when the survey is over you will be given the option of entering the monthly sweepstakes. Submit you name, address and telephone number.

Helpful Links:

Official Survey Page: Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey at walgreenslistens.com.
Survey Rules: http://mshare.net/imagegrounds/grounds/walgreens/CSAT_PROMOTION_RULES_COUPON.pdf

Postal Entry:

To enter the walgreenslistens.com survey for post send a ‘3×5? postcard with your name, postal address, email address and telephone number to: Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 9681, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-9681.

Telephone Entry:

To enter via the telephone call either of the following numbers:

1. 1800-763-0547
2. 1800-658-1584.


Once you have completed the survey and you have chosen to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000 in the walgreenslistens.com customer survey it is very important that you enter you correct name, address and telephone number. This information is used to contact you in the event that you are a lucky winner.

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  1. items are good to buy. But the survey gift card nobody received. Just for time pass and promote their business they are asking to fill the survey!

  2. Musah patrick ata says:

    Their items is what i was expecting.that gud

  3. KEVIN SIMPSON says:

    Hay it’s Kevin what the laundry heck is going on with this survey???

  4. Isso é uma sacanage não baixem o app e nem fassa nada porque é tudo furada vocês baixa o app pra ganhar pontos aí vai instalando apps e juntando pontos pra ganhar o gift card da amazon e depois que ganha ainda tem que comentar uma coisa que não tem nada aver com a loja e mesmo assim não recebe nada e tudo furada

  5. A Amazon e ótima e a melhor loja na net tem quase tudo que procura, nota 10

  6. Where’s the Costco $50 membership bonus 30sec survey?

  7. I keep going through these surveys says probably won’t send me to another survey I go through that sign up for another contest go to another survey I have 1 3 4 5 prices took me an hour and a half to two hours to win a prize and I haven’t received anything

  8. pius abang says:

    good customer service by faithly walgreens 160 jamaica center


  10. how I claim my $50?

  11. ABEJE ABERA DANA says:

    Always enjoy shopping with wale-greens. don’t forget that your bottom- line(profitability is on the hands of front-line(customer first contact employee)

  12. it nice tho

  13. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  14. Khushal Chand says:

    How to claim my gift

  15. great people and very nice place

  16. im very happy with walgreens they are very nice and very helpful and the people in the pharmacy are very helpful and very nice in new Kensington off of leechburg road im in and out in no time keep up the great job

  17. Carolyn says:

    Walgreens is the worst pharmacy ever!!! I refuse to set foot in their store again! They always screw up my meds. And this survey is a scam because it says “certificate has been revoked”.

    • You didn’t get to the real site. There are lots of ways to be tricked into accessing a fake site when you first search for the Walgreen’slistens.com site. They have never messed up my meds, but I check them carefully to make sure. Where are you, and which store did you try? I’m been using the one near my house for 10 years, they are great! And very nice people. Sorry you had a bad experience, but they are not all like that. Try another one maybe?

  18. james mcdade says:


  19. Always friendly service, dedicated personnel, and shopping lanes are marked where the product you are looking.

  20. How do I claim my gift

  21. Always friendly service

  22. Walgreens is a great in between not to much like CVS/Expensive or like Rite-Aid/Ghetto lol

    • You know Walgreens bought Rite Aid right? been in a merger for 2 years almost 3 years now. They are a good company as far as most of their benefits go and great to the customers… When it comes down to brass tacks as though and their employees to give not one iota of a fuck about their employees. The only thing they care about upstairs in their plush chairs behind their fancy desks is making sure them big wigs fat greedy pockets stay lined. They proved that in this merger with Rite Aid. Real Talk.

  23. Where my $50 gift

  24. The pharmacy and stath are nice and fr.endley and give you good advice

  25. Sweetwel says:

    Love everything I see
    only if I head money I would Buy

  26. MMB JAJEB says:


  27. Always enjoy shopping with wal-greens. All the employees are so helpful. Use their machine to develop ALL my pictures each time.

  28. Hazhar Blbas says:


  29. Kasey King says:

    Where do I collect my $50 gift card?


  31. Antonia Hernandez says:

    I have to say my Walgreens has the nicest staff. Since I live close, I go a couple times a week. Not sure if they are just used to seeing me, but I always leave having a nice laugh or just see a very friendly face every time I go.

  32. Great

  33. Cheng Gia Cuong says:

    Many many products, friendly service, fastly shipping.

  34. Where’s my $50 gift card ?

  35. samuel brach says:

    Great service

  36. I love Walgreens! I’m a very frequent shopper (3-5 times a week.

  37. How should I claim for my 50$

  38. How I get my reward

  39. nur faeza says:

    I want claim

  40. Aswin Tiarta says:

    How do I claim $50 ?

  41. Briseida Navarro says:

    como reclamo mi gift card de $50. Gracias

  42. Good service
    easy understand
    Easy seach
    Get reedem free

  43. It’s surprising me How can I get this reward $50

  44. Emmanuel says:

    how do i claim my $50


    Very help full for customers wallgreen support us in all the way of shopping for.and every product u looking for is available on this store

  46. nice one will definitely try it out and give my feed bask.. really need the rewards

  47. Very help full for customers wallgreen support us in all the way of shopping for.and every product u looking for is available on this store

  48. Always love shopping at Walgreens. My favorite item is buy one,get one free. The other day, realized one of my favorite make-up brands from England was now being carried there. Was not sure about some of the items,but the clerk,Tenelsha,was so helpful. A friend was with me and uncertain about exactly what to get and she eagerly guided her choices. She was so helpful and friendly, I could not help but think back at the other store that carried my make-up, was so different. There was no one in sight to help and the selection was not as varied. The service from the clerks to the pharmacists is always friendly and helpful. Very glad we have a Walgreens that is convenient and such
    a pleasure to shop!

  49. Yes i want please send my kohls 50gift card

  50. Jairo Ernest says:

    How do I claim it?

  51. Peter Kaufmann says:

    Gonna try my Luck and c if I am the lucky one

  52. como reclamo mi tarjeta de regalo

  53. jinaika fernandes says:

    I am disappointed with you customer services, in month of October I order Mobile device worth of £70/- I have not received it, instead I checked with the shipping reference, I received the same shipping reference with empty box in with nail care, I claimed that I have not received my mobile device, it was not action,, I lost my £70 pounds, on amazon online shopping, I was a regular online customer I ordered many things which I was happy, but now I stopped shopping on Amazon, and same I inform my friends colleagues relatives what losses I went through on amazon. I’m very disappointed in your services, ignoring customers not providing the correct item of high value.

  54. Ronaldo Bettista says:

    Unsolicited emails, obviously a scam of some description.

    • Survey Soft Guide says:

      Yes, Ronaldo. If you are receiving unsolicited emails saying you have won a prize when you have not entered a survey sweeps then it probably is some sort of scam. Please visit http://walgreenslistens.com to enter the survey.

  55. herutama says:

    Lory Sarabia CLAIMED $50.00
    Berenice Weinberg CLAIMED $50.00
    YOU? UNCLAIMED $50.00
    Joel Cobos CLAIMED $50.00
    Elvina Bargas CLAIMED $50.00

  56. JAMES RYAN says:


  57. Zahida Abbasi says:

    Good service.

  58. draiza de la cruz says:

    sus productos son de muy buena calidad

  59. Tisha Holland says:

    A week does not pass by without me shopping at Walgreens!

  60. Larry Walley says:

    It would be NICE, if your Survey form was “up and running” –when trying to enter your $3000 monthly sweepstakes!

    I went to the place where I was to select either English or Spanish, and upon clicking on the word English–NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!

    I waited 2 minutes, and I may not be able to submit my ENTRY within your 72 hour limit (from date of purchase).

    This is NOT the first time, that I have had a complaint with your company.. Mostly it has been “when you don’t have the products” that your advertising flyer indicates. And is not CONVIENENT to try to find a store clerk–to get a voucher!

  61. Lucy Gaughan says:

    My meds were cheaper at Walgreens it is worth the travel time

  62. draiza de la cruz says:

    muy buena atencion y sus productos de buena calidad

  63. i am a custemer of your product

  64. Love Walgreen’s and am so glad they still have a cosmetics counter and person who knows all about the products.


    It is wonderful, I really like visiting it, always with good offers and the customer service is wonderful, they say that Walgreens med prices are the highest I’ve ever paid, but most important is that I get a lot of good quality and brand that I like. It is close to my house and I would like to be able to visit more many more times, my family likes very much her articles.


    It is wonderful, I really like visiting it, always with good offers and the customer service is wonderful, they say that Walgreens med prices are the highest I’ve ever paid, but most important is that I get a lot of good quality and brand that I like.


    Walgreens med prices are the highest I’ve ever paid, but I get a lot of good quality and brand

  68. I love the 192 and Poinciana store, they are always friendly and they have what i need. Today the manager help me to develop a caeral roll and he was respectful and try to help me in everything I needed. Ididnt get his name but thanks, Mr. MANAGER.


  70. I have complained about you guys not wanting to fill my prescription for pain medication you guys told me I had to wait a week until you guys contact my doctor what do I suppose to do for pain eh! That’s crazy. Then you guys were out of insulting I had to wait till your truck came in a phone call I never received I was sooooo disappointed I had left you guys but after awhile bi came back please don’t disappoint me again.

  71. I need help please paying some bills please.help me if you would

  72. Gregory R Curtis says:

    I want too win so I can take of some bills please help please or send me some coupons so I can buyfood

  73. I would so love to do the survey, but this cookies issue is ridicules. Have to jump stupid hoops to do the survey shouldn’t require to allow cookies. I spend good money at Walgreens and this is the first time for me to try the survey and I’m not happy about it. You want a survey but you have to allow cookies, which shouldn’t have anything to do with it. It’s insane. So, I’m done with Walgreens, I’ll take my money else where, like Rite Aid. The don’t have all these moronic conditions to fill out a survey. To bad for the employees, very very said.

  74. I take all your surveys and I have always been extremely happy with my treatment of the employees

  75. Wlagreens has lots of great gift ideas

  76. Morag Cunningham says:

    I love Walgreens when travelling across the Canadian border to the United States.

  77. Great staff but it’s pretty expencive

  78. Hattie Fellows says:

    My doctor sent my prescription to Walgreens because CVS no longer was taking Tricare. I was glad that Walgreens honored my meds. My doctor called and told me to go and pick up my meds. The cost was very low! The pharmacist took care of me with extra care, it was my first time getting medicine from them. Thanks WALGREENS!

  79. walgreens ; es lo máximo, tiene mucha variedad de productos, puedes pasar todo el dia en la tienda, la atención es buena.



  81. Wolfgang Noack says:

    Very great idea getting full satisfied.

  82. Wolfgang Noack says:

    Fantastic.Great idea…

  83. gaye iannelli says:

    love the Neptune store and cashier

  84. Timothy Blatchley says:

    Walgreens med prices are the highest I’ve ever paid. They will not make a dime off of me ever again. $123.00 for 3 scrips I can get at WAL-MART or Target for $35.00 !! Walgreens was in buisness before Sam Walton was born. Ya think they could figure out how to buy bulk to keep the med prices down as they claim as the reason that Wal-mart can sell at a better price. So the nice young lady at the counter ( who, by the way could use a raise for her customer service skills ) was kind enough to offer a “SAVINGS” card to me for $20.00 or the same 3 scrips would have been $244.00 !!!!! Even after all that, I still was over charged by 3 times what I could have purchased them for at a competitor. The only way I can afford those prices is if I win the $3000.00 bucks for taking the survey. You have your GREED on display. Shame on you Walgreens, HealthY and HappY shouldn’t cost an armY and a leggY.

  85. Kelley was very helpful. She came and got me and others customer and took us out of line, and wrong us up in the cosmetic department.
    She is very good

  86. I travel between NY and Puerto Rico, Walgreens make so easy for my medications to be picked up at both locations. Always pleasant people working, dedicated Pharmacy associates.

  87. That’s it, that’s the third time I’ve tried to post my comment and you derailed me, I’m done playing around, this is all you be receiving from me, cause I’m going to the top people of everyone of the companies that your taking surveys for, your biased, trickery, dishonest and illegal surveys are going to be the rave of the business sector.

    • I agree!! They trick you into doing a satisfaction survey and promise rewards for doing so. The rewards are simply items they want you to purchase. Even then, I was supposed to pay $4.95 for an item selection, and it processed for $6.95. Complete ripoff!!
      Bonnie D

  88. Always friendly service, dedicated personnel, and shopping lanes are marked where the product you are looking.

  89. Bob Varble says:

    Tried to take survey – put in wrong # it kicked me out.
    My complaint is with pharmacy. I will start using CVS.
    They broke up my script, then charged copay on both transactions.
    Do I have recourse?

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