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Walgreens, famously known for its pharmaceutical products if offering customers who make a purchase in store the opportunity to take part in the walgreenslistens.com customer feedback survey. On completion of the survey, which involves answering a few very easy questions, customers are offered the chance to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000.

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Now the purpose of this survey is to make things better at Walgreens. Although Walgreens is pretty highly rated all over the US for its incomparable customer service but it feels that there is always room for improvement.

As is rightly said, nothing in this world is perfect and you have to strive continuously to get better with time, and the Walgreens firmly believe in this statement. Looking at the survey from the customer’s point of view, when you know that your suggestion counts and will surely make a difference why would you not participate in the survey.

One thing that motivates everyone is a bit of appreciation, so if your experience at the Walgreens is a really pleasant one and you share it on the survey, you can expect even better customer service the next time you are going to visit the store.


Now just keep in mind that by filling such a small survey you are not only taking part in making things better at one of the US largest drug store but it also gives you a chance to win $3000. By completing the survey you are offered a chance where you can enter the monthly sweepstakes that can earn you $3000.

So there you go, it is not just a matter of bringing about betterment to the store only, you can now win $3000 as well in the monthly sweepstakes just by answering a few simple and really easy questions. This actually shows the commitment of the store towards its customers.

The Walgreens want to make everything they do for the customers’ way better than before and it is willing to go to any extent for that. The offering of $3000 to the customers who complete the survey is an example of extreme commitment shown by Walgreens to its customers.

Another thing that is noticeable here is that your feedback is of great value for the store and it wants to make things better by taking your opinion into consideration. That is why it is not staying back in investing even $3000 a month if it can get the correct feedback from its customers.

About Walgreens

Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the United States with more than 8,000 stores nationwide.

Walgreens provides pharmaceutical products as well as a photo studio and other health and wellness services. Founded in 1901 by Charles Walgreen on Chicago’s south side, Walgreens grew rapidly due to the alcohol prohibition period in the 1920’s to become the successful retail chain that it is today.

What started in 1901 with a single store is now one of the largest drugstore chains in the US. Nobody knew back then that it would be such a huge success. But this success did not come overnight, it took a lot of devotion and hard work to make Walgreens what it is today. 11 years after the first store opened in Chicago the Walgreen operated four more stores in the South Chicago area.

Since then there was no looking back for the drugstore chain. In 1915 Walgreens opened its fifth store and four more stores were added into the chain in 1916.

In 1919, the drugstore operated with 20 stores altogether. But it was the period between 1920 till 1930 when the store touched the heights of success. At this point in time, alcohol as illegal in the country but prescription whiskey was not. That is what brought a lot of success to the Walgreens.

The Walgreens introduced malted milkshakes in 1922 and that is what led to establishing ice cream manufacturing plants. In the beginning, Walgreens only operated in the residential areas, in 1923 it decided to experiment with stores away from the residential areas.

By the mid-1920s the overall sales of Walgreens climb up to $1,200,000 with a store count of over 40. By this time the Walgreens expanded into Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The Golden Period of the 1930s

It was 1930 when the drugstore chain expanded the most, not only in the terms of store count but also with their overall sales. This was all due to the prohibition of alcohol in the country, the store would sell alcohol mainly whiskey, which they stocked under their counters.

The Walgreens kept selling whiskey, as there was no ban on selling prescription whiskey. The store count of the Walgreens reached up to 397 with sales up to $4,000,000 by 1930.


The Grey Period

Everything for the Walgreens was going like a fairytale until 1939 when Charles Walgreen Sr. the founder of the drugstore chain died. After his death, the Walgreens was took over by his son Charles R. Walgreen.

Although the overall sales of the drugstore chain were satisfactory but Charles R. Walgreen failed to expand the store as it did in the time of Charles Sr. When Walgreen Jr. retired in 1950 he was succeeded by his son Charles Cork R. Walgreen III, who actually brought a bit of modernization to the chain by introducing the use of barcode.

Even there was a time when none of the family members of the Walgreen family were a part of the higher management of the Walgreens. Then Kevin P. Walgreen was announced the Vice president of the company in 1995 and later on he was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President-Store Operations in the year 2006.

The Expansion in the 21st Century

After this small period of difficulties, the Walgreens in the 21st Century came back with a bang and started expanding more rapidly than ever. In the 21st Century, the Walgreens took over numerous drugstores such as Drugsiore.com and Kerr drugstore.

It expanded to more than 8100 stores all over the US. The drug store chain also expanded into Puerto Rico and Guam by opening its stores there. By 2009 The Walgreen was operating in more than 50 States along with the District of Columbia.

In the 21st Century, the Walgreens also purchased 100 percent shares of the Alliance Boots and the combined venture is known as Walgreens Boot Alliance, having the headquarters in Chicago. But it was 2015 when the Walgreens achieved huge success by acquiring its rival Rite Aid.

Final Word

The success of the Walgreens is not an overnight thing, but it involves a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows and a lifetime of hard work to make Walgreen Company Walgreens.

How To Win $3000 In The Walgreens walgreenslistens.com Survey

Walgreens walgreenslistens.com Survey

Watch this video and find out more about the Wallgreens survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer that is capable of accessing the internet.
2. Possess a recent Walgreens store receipt with an invitation to take part in the survey printed on it.
3. Be 18 years of age or older.
4. Able to read and write English or Spanish.


1. Visit walgreenslistens.com on your computer or smartphone.
2. Choose English or Spanish as your choice of language.
3. If you look on your store receipt you will see a survey number that is 11 digits long. Enter this in the space provided.
4. Also on the store receipt is a password, enter this in the space provided as well.
5. Then click ‘Take Survey’.
6. On the next page is some information regarding the walgreenslistens.com survey. Take the time to read this information and then proceed forward by clicking ‘Next’.
7. Over the following pages, you will be asked a range of questions about your experience at a Walgreens store. You will be asked to answer these questions on a scale of 1 to 9.
8. You will be asked to answer if you would refer Walgreens to your family and friends. Mark this on a scale of 1 to 9 also.
9. Other questions you will be asked will be “what was the purpose of your visit to Walgreens?” and “did you find what you were looking for?”
10. You will also be asked some questions about the item you went to Walgreens to buy. Answer the questions explaining if you were happy or not with the product or service.
11. Some other questions will include “were you greeted in a friendly manner upon entering the store?” and if the checkout process was quick and easy.
12. Finally, when the survey is over you will be given the option of entering the monthly sweepstakes. Submit your name, address, and telephone number.

Helpful Links:

Official Survey Page: Walgreens Customer Feedback Survey at walgreenslistens.com.
Survey Rules: http://mshare.net/imagegrounds/grounds/walgreens/CSAT_PROMOTION_RULES_COUPON.pdf

Postal Entry:

To enter the walgreenslistens.com survey for post send a ‘3×5? postcard with your name, postal address, email address, and telephone number to: Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 9681, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-9681.

Telephone Entry:

To enter via the telephone call either of the following numbers:

1. 1800-763-0547
2. 1800-658-1584.


Once you have completed the survey and you have chosen to enter the monthly sweepstakes to win $3000 in the walgreenslistens.com customer survey it is very important that you enter your correct name, address, and telephone number. This information is used to contact you in the event that you are a lucky winner.

Rate Your Experience With Walgreens. Leave Your Comments Below

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