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Marks & Spencer more commonly known as M&S is offering customers of their store the chance to win £250 by taking part in the customer survey. The survey has been designed to allow customers to express their opinions on what they like and don’t like about them. Marks & Spencer listen to their customers and what they have to say. Have you recently shopped at M&S? Is there something you would like to let them know about?

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About Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer are a UK based retail outlet selling mostly men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories, home products, and food. With beginnings in Leeds in 1884, M&S now has more than 700 stores in the UK and over 350 stores internationally. M&S prides itself on its exceptional quality and very high standards.


Marks & Spencer was founded by the two members named Michael Marks (belonged from a polish jew family that lived in the Russian Empire) and Thomas Spencer (a cashier from England who worked in Skipton). Before arriving in England, Marks was employed in the company named Barran who gave jobs to the refugees. In 1884, Marks met Issac Jowitt Dewhirst in order to find work in England. Issac lent Marks 5 pounds that he used to establish Penny Bazar on Kirkgate market in Leeds. Issac and his cashier’s second wife helped Marks to improve English. After successfully establishing a permanent stall in Leeds covered market in 1894, Marks invited Spencer to join and start the business. It wasn’t long enough that the pair moved to Birkenhead open market in 1901 where they were allocated stall number 11 and 12. The opening of Penny Bazaar went famous and the duo left the market in 1923 to gain experience in the north-west side of England.

In the Domestic Market, the pair was known as  “Marks and Sparks” or “M&S” with a reputation of selling only British-made goods. Mark and Spencer entered into a long-term partnership with British manufacturers to sell clothes and foods under the brand of “St Michael” which was introduced in 1928. This brand went popular as it accepted the return of unwanted items with full cash if the receipt was shown no matter how long ago the product was bought. By 1950, all goods from women’s clothes to school uniform started selling under the label of “St Michael”. After the death of Simon Marks in 1964, Israel Sieff (son in law of Michael Marks) took over as chairman and John Salisse became the Director. The company started to emphasize on quality products and uncompromising attitude towards customer relations by raising the slogan that “The customer is always and completely right!”. Furthermore, to improve energy efficiency in the stores thermostatically controlled refrigerators were installed in 1963.

The first international expansion attempt by Marks and Sparks was noted in 1974 when they introduced Asian food and some stores were open in Europe. The very first Asian store got inaugurated in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1960. Canadian expansion took place after 13 years of their first international expansion in 1973. Stores in Canada were not like the British one as they were small and lack a variety of goods. In the late 1990s, further implementations took place to modernize the whole customer base. Although Canada expansion sounded profitable, all shops were closed due to the loss in 1999. France expansion took place one by one from the first shop in Lyon and second in Rosny 2. This expansion was also brought to end by selling every shop in 2001 as on the whole western European operation wasn’t being successful at all. Later, a store was reopened at Champs Elysees that sold clothes and food.


The largest Marks and Spencer store is at Marble Arch that is located on Oxford Street in London. It measures around 16000 square meters of the shop floor. The second largest store is at Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port that is largest outside of London. Following the trail, the third largest shop is located at the Gemini Retail Park in Warrington.

How To Win The £250 Survey Sweepstakes
M&S Win £250 Survey

You will need:

1. To be over 18 years of age.
2. A store receipt from M&S.
3. A computer or smartphone with internet access.
4. Javascript enabled browser.
5. Basic information like Email, Survey Code – this all would be located on your receipt.
6. A couple of minutes to provide your honest feedback.


1. Visit on your computer.
2. You can view the Prize Draw Rules, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy here.
3. Click on the area indicated to start the survey.
4. To begin you will need to enter the unique code as it is printed on your M&S store receipt. The numbers are in groups of three. Example: 1234 567 891011.
5. Next enter the time and the date of your visit. This can be found printed on your store receipt. Then click ‘NEXT’.
6. The survey will now begin by asking some general questions about your visit such as which department of the store did you visit the day you went to M&S? And, Was it easy to find your way around the store? Answer the questions accurately.
7. On completion, you will be able to enter the M&S survey sweepstakes. Enter your name and address and other contact information into the area provided.

Useful links:

1. Official survey page:
2. Marks & Spencer website:
3. Sweepstakes rules:


Marks and Spencer are a highly reputable retail store throughout the world and would like to maintain that reputation by always providing what their customers want. To find out what their customers want they have set up the customer survey with the additional bonus of having the opportunity to win £250.

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